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Have you ever played a game when you hear a new character speak and they click. “I know that voice! You say. Claudia Black is the epitome of instantly recognizable voice acting talent in the gaming world.

Playing multiple characters in a huge array of TV shows and movies, Claudia has shifted her talent as a deep, resonant voice actor to video games. Her first voiceover appearance came in Farscape: The Game in 2002 (reprising her role as an actress from Aeryn Sun on the original TV show).

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Over the next two decades, Claudia Black appeared in several hit AAA titles. From the voices of characters alongside John Goodman and Nolan North in Rage, to the role of a certain well-known mage in the Dragon Age series…

Tess Everis – Destiny Series

The merchant Tess Everis in Destiny and Destiny 2 voiced by Claudia Black

In Destiny and Destiny 2, you will find the voice of Claudia Black through the character of Tess Everis, an Awoken merchant who runs the Eververse Trading Company. Added as an update to the online-only Destiny game on October 13, 2015, Tess is an NPC who sells emotes in exchange for Silver in-game currency.

Although this is another relatively small part, Claudia Black plays Tess alongside other notable voice actors, including John DiMaggio (who plays Banshee-44) and Peter Dinklage (who originally voiced the NPC Ghost before being replaced by Nolan North).


Hélène – Crisis

Helena Rosenthal in Crysis voiced by Claudia Black

In Crysis, a 2007 FPS game based in the fictional Lingshan Islands off the coast of the Philippines, players don nanosuits built by the US military to take down a race of evil organisms known as Ceph. Helena Rosenthal, voiced by Claudia Black, is the daughter of the doctor who is sounding the alarm that the islands are apparently being overrun by North Koreans.

The rest of the game follows Helena and your characters’ attempts to thwart the Ceph and endure the alien assault. They eventually escape the islands after launching a nuclear missile attack to bring down the Ceph.

Marwen – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Queen Marwen in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor voiced by Claudia Black

Queen Marwen was a relatively minor role in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, released in 2014, but Claudia Black’s voice-over skills made the role even more impactful. Chief of the tribes of Núrn, a kingdom of sea raiders south of Mordor, players encounter the queen who looks deteriorated in a very weakened state.

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It turns out later that Marwen was possessed by Saruman and forced to comply. It is implied that Marwen and her daughter Lithariel met a grisly end after an attack from the Black Hand of Sauron later in the game.

Cydaea – Diablo 3

Cydaea mistress of pain in Diablo 3 voiced by Claudia Black

In this 2012 hack-and-slash action RPG, Claudia Black lends her alluring voice to Cydaea, taking the form of a giant mutant spider. Cydaea is best known for her boss fight in the Tower of the Cursed during the third act of Diablo 3, taunting players while swinging a spider’s web above them..

Originally referred to as the “Mistress of Pain,” the character was actually removed during game development, but was added back to the game after positive reviews from fans. And to think that we almost missed out on this incredible performance!

Whitney Chang – The Amazing Spider-Man

Whitney Chang and Spiderman in The Amazing Spider-Man game

Claudia Black entered the Marvel Universe in 2012 with her role as Whitney Chang, a New York investigative journalist who enlists Spiderman’s help in taking down Oscorp.. Together, they work to investigate Oscorp’s unusual and suspicious activity in the city and save the day in true Marvel form.

From uncovering the controversial science experiments undertaken inside Oscorp to flirting with Spiderman every step of the way, we love Claudia Black’s personal touch on the usual ‘journalist’ trope found in many other stories of the genre.

Audrey “Mac” MaCallum – Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Audrey Mac MaCallum in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare voiced by Claudia Black

Anyone who has played Infinite Warfare will be able to recognize Claudia Black’s voice in the blink of an eye. She voices the role of Mac in this Activision FPS 2016 game, an ally and chief engineer of the central spacecraft Retribution.

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Set in space with weightless gameplay mechanics, players join the Retribution team to survive through thick and thin against the story’s main antagonist, Rear Admiral Salen Kotch (voiced by the Game of Thrones Kit Harington). Mac sacrifices herself in a robotic ambush to save the rest of the surviving crew members.

Admiral Daro’Xen Vas Moreh – Mass Effect Series

Admiral Daro'Xen Vas Moreh in Mass Effect 2 and 3 voiced by Claudia Black

Having originally voiced Morrigan for Dragon Age: Origins a year earlier, Claudia Black was no stranger to Bioware when she lent her voice to Admiral Daro’Xen for Mass Effect 2 in 2010. As a cold member, calculating and seemingly unemotional of the Quarian admiralty. Board, players will encounter her in Mass Effect 2 and 3.

As if one character wasn’t enough, Claudia Black also voices two other characters from the Mass Effect franchise.: Matriarch Aethyta, the bartender of the Eternity lounge on Illium, as well as an anonymous envoy of Queen Rachni.

Samantha Byrne – Gears Of War Series

Samantha Byrne in Gears of War 3 and 4 voiced by Claudia Black

Appearing as Samantha “Sam” Bryne, Claudia Black appears in both Gears of War 3 in 2011 and Gears of War 4 in 2016. During her brash and powerful vocal performance, Claudia transforms Sam’s Aussie accent to the max and packs a punch with general curses and chatter fans love to this day.

Sam Byrne forms one of the Delta Squads in Gears of War 3, which typically joins players in 4-player co-op missions to fight the Lambents to save humanity. She returns in the fourth installment of the series (in a full-fledged relationship with comrade Damon Baird) to witness a raid on the Swarm.

Chloe Frazer – Uncharted Series

Chloe Frazer in Uncharted voiced by Claudia Black

Chloe Frazer plays a badass romantic interest in Nathan Drake, the main protagonist of Uncharted voiced by Nolan North, and in Uncharted 2 and 3 (and briefly touched on in Uncharted 4 from events leading up to the game’s main story) . She is also the main protagonist of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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Hailed by fans for her wit, independence, and sneaky nature, Chloe Frazer serves as a foil to Nathan and his romantic rival Elena Fisher. She is also praised by fans for her flirtatious demeanor and impulsive sexuality.

Morrigan – Dragon Age Series

Morrigan in Dragon Age Inquisition voiced by Claudia Black

As big Dragon Age fans, we had to keep our favorite until the end. Morrigan is a staple and highly regarded character in the Dragon Age series, first appearing in Dragon Age Origins in 2009 as a mysterious mage in the Wildlands of Korcari and daughter of Flemeth, the “Witch of the Wildlands”, and returning in Dragon Age Inquisition in 2014.

According to Activision lead writer David Gaider, during the development of Dragon Age Origins Morrigan was originally supposed to have a Persian accent, but after a few disastrous auditions the idea was dropped. Players and fans alike are quietly relieved that this wasn’t the case (with plenty of memes to prove it), or we would have missed a fantastic character in Morrigan and Claudia Black’s vocal performance.

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