10 Best Star Wars Video Game Characters Who Never Appeared In Live-Action

Cal Kestis is set to return for the next sequel to Jedi Fallen Order, jedi survivor. Portrayed by Cameron Monaghan, Cal is the latest in a long line of formidable star wars video game characters.

It’s a testament to the franchise that so many of these characters have become popular despite never appearing in the movies. LucasArt’s decades of pre-Disney games have given fans many great characters and many more are on their way through the plethora of games coming to Disney Canon. But which of these characters resonated the most with fans?


ten Same Version

Iden Versio was the protagonist of EA’s single-player campaign Battlefront 2. She and her future husband Del Meeko were part of the Empire’s Inferno team, though they later defected to the Rebellion. Iden was present at the battles of Yavin, Endor, Jakku, and Starkiller Base.

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Iden is a fascinating character due to her journey from Imperial officer to Rebel officer. The daughter of an Imperial Admiral, she has long believed in the Empire’s quest to bring order to the galaxy. After Endor however, she grew increasingly disillusioned and eventually defected after the Empire targeted her homeworld. A really good character arc for a video game character.

9 Calo North

One of the greatest and toughest bounty hunters of all time, Calo Nord was an antagonist in Knights of the Old Republic. He was seen working first for Davik Kang and then for Darth Malak who hired him to kill the player character. Expect Nord to return in the next remake.

Fans could tell what a badass Calo Nord was from his first introduction, the unforgettable 1-2-3 scene. His intimidating presence looms as a threat throughout the game, crescendoing into the showdown on Tatooine. His cold, expressionless demeanor and sharp instincts made him a memorable character.

8 Kreia

Kreia was a mentor and close ally to the player character in Knights of the Old Republic 2, the two characters formed a unique bond by force. Kreia had trained both Darth Revan and Darth Malak as well as Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus who served as antagonists in KOTOR 2.

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Kreia continued the trend of deep characters in the KOTOR series. Having spent time as a Jedi and a Sith, she eventually exposed both factions and the force itself. She opposed the tendency of Force users to become overly dependent on the Force and wished to destroy the Force itself. Kreia’s unique relationship with the force has made her one of the most unique characters in the franchise.

seven Dash rendered

Rendar debuted simultaneously in the video game, comic book and multimedia project novel Shadows of the Empire. The story took place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and saw Dash assist the Rebels on Hoth and in the fight against Black Sun and the Empire, in a level game inspired by a scene from the movies.

Fans quickly liked him for his similarities to Han Solo, though he was less keen on helping the Rebels without compensation. He also had a large ship called the Outrider, which won over fans of the Millennium Falcon. Adding to his mystique was the game’s secret ending which revealed he had faked his own death.

6 Darth Malak

The antagonist of Knights of the Old Republic, Malak helped Darth Revan betray the Jedi Order and form a Sith Empire. Malak then betrayed Raven and became Emperor, though he was ultimately defeated by Revan himself.

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As an antagonist of the greatest star wars game ever, Malak’s iconic status is unquestionable. Having lost his jawbone to Revan’s lightsaber, he wore a metal prosthesis that gave him a distinctive look. His unique, menacing voice had an electronic reverberation of the prosthesis. In the story, there was a ruthlessly satisfying villain, razing the planetary city of Taris.

5 Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis was a young Padawan who survived Order 66 and went into hiding before the events of Jedi Fallen Order. He fought both the Second Sister and Darth Vader in his quest for the Jedi Holocron. Cal should return in the sequel jedi survivorabout which there are already many theories.

Fans loved Cal for his loyalty and principles. He sacrificed his own anonymity to save his friend Prauf and he also chose to destroy the Holocron to protect galaxy-force sensitive children. He was also popular for his relationship with BB-1, a cute little droid who never left him.

4 star killer

Galen Marek was Darth Vader’s secret apprentice in The Unleashed Force, in a scenario completely separate from star wars movies. He was assigned to hunt down the surviving Jedi. He was later betrayed by Vader and was a key figure in forming the Rebel Alliance.

What made Starkiller so popular was that he was essentially what Luke would have become if he had fallen to the dark side, according to game producer Haden Blackman. Exceptionally powerful, it gave players the chance to experience all the power of the Force at their fingertips.

3 HK-47

HK-47 was an assassin droid built by Dark Raven and appeared in both Knights of the Old Republic Games. He found Raven in KOTOR and came into the possession of Meetra Surik in the sequel.

HK would praise the player for their actions on the dark side and are appreciated for their terrific dialogue that shows off their honestly brutal programming. For this reason, fans have often suggested that A thug the K-2SO character is inspired by HK-47. The character has even won several gaming awards and appeared in expanded material.

2 Kyle Katarn

Katarn debuted as a playable character in Dark Forces in 1995 and has appeared in all subsequent games in the jedi knight series. In a now-retconned adventure, he stole the Death Star plans shortly before the events of Star Wars A New Hope.

But it’s Katarn’s journey that is truly memorable for fans. He goes from stormtrooper to mercenary to rebel and discovers he is force-sensitive along the way. Thanks to Katarn, players had their first 3D experience as a Jedi. He eventually helped Luke rebuild the Jedi Order.

1 Darth Revan

Undoubtedly the most emblematic star wars video game character ever. Player characters spend the entire Knights of the Old Republic hear about the mysterious figure of Darth Revan. Then, to the surprise of many players, the playable character was revealed to actually be Revan who had suffered from memory loss.

It remains the most shocking and iconic twist in gaming history. And while countless star wars works have attempted to match the famous “I am your father” twist, none have succeeded more than KOTOR. Revan also has one of the best star wars masks aside from Vader and has long been canon due to an appearance of force ghosts in The Clone Wars.

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