10 Best Video Game Characters Who Went From Friend To Villain

General Shepherd’s betrayal was one of the most iconic scenes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. His friend to the in-game villain arc, which is currently being remastered, added interest to the story and surprised players. These twists between friends and villains make games more emotional and can lead to some iconic moments.

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Fans tend to like these dynamics because it keeps them on their toes when deciding who they can trust. It also leads to more investment in the story and raises the stakes. That’s exactly what these friends-to-villains characters do.


ten Micah Bell

Micah Bell was never a likable character in Red Dead Redemption and Dutch’s crew members found him aggressive. Throughout the first part of the game, he helps the crew on their missions, serving as a hitman. However, finding out he was an informant for the Pinkertons revealed him as the villain.

Players have expressed their hatred of Micah and that’s not a bad thing. Having a character who is universally hated not for bad writing but rather for his actions shows that players are invested in the story. This is something that the authors of RDR are great at. By being an unlikable character when the twist occurs, the response is even more emotional, giving players the same sense of betrayal as the characters.

9 Liu Kang

Liu Kang is considered a moral figure in mortal combat. However, he becomes the villain in Mortal Kombat: Deception. Although it is not entirely his fault, he is resurrected without his spirit and kills many innocent people. It changed the way fans saw him.

Much of this Liu Kang story arc was due to changes in the writing teams during the game’s development. He was always seen as a moral character and true to his beliefs and deciding to take him on path to becoming an undead killing machine has upset many fans. Many saw this as poor writing and were upset that the studio decided to go this route.

8 Dr. Monty

Introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Dr. Monty tells the characters that he is on their side. He’s been behind the scenes sending characters power-ups and perks from Call of Duty Zombies. However, they soon realize that Dr. Monty was planning to betray them and erase them from existence.

Discover it in the final map of black ops 3 definitely adds a twist. Players weren’t expecting to find out he was the bad guy and it came as a surprise. The zombie plot is very convoluted, but many see Dr. Monty as a well-written villain due to how he hid his true plans until the end.

seven 9S

At the beginning of NieR: Automata, 9S is an optimistic android. He shows how much he cares for him by sacrificing his memory to save 2B. However, the loss of 2B sends him on a spiral to become an antagonist. This stacks into a final battle in which players can choose to fight against him leading to his demise.

What makes 9S such a great villain is how players feel about him and watch him go from optimism to obscurity. This makes the emotional impact of its destruction more intense. 9S’s writing is well done and many resent the character, even if he has slowly become an antagonist. Many consider 9S to be the best-written character in the Deny series.

6 Connor

Connor is an android from Cyberlife Industries in Detroit: Become Human. He serves alongside Detective Anderson and the two form a strong bond. However, player choices can lead to Connor’s betrayal. It may even end the peaceful uprising of the androids. Some endings go so far as to cause the death of other main characters.

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This betrayal adds twists to the game and all the endings have a strong emotional impact. The way Connor starts out as a very one-dimensional character and ends up with a wide variety of motives and understandings of the world is one reason Detroit: Become Human is so loved by fans and why Connor is considered such a good character.

5 Vincent Moretti

Output, manufacturers of It takes two, is an amazing game and Vincent’s ending has an impact on the story. Leo and Vincent spend a lot of time getting to know each other and working out their plan. Things seem to look up for the two when Leo discovers the truth that Vincent has been an undercover agent the whole time. This leads to player choice that will decide who gets to live and sends the story with emotional impact.

Output has many positive reviews thanks to its history. By waiting for the end to reveal the twist, the impact of the revelation is only magnified. Then leaving the heartbreaking decision of who lives to the player adds weight to the story. This makes it a very memorable game and that’s why Output Is so awesome.

4 Cortana

Cortana has been the Master Chief’s AI companion since the first Halo. As he finished the fight, she was there by his side. That’s why his move to villain statues caught fans off guard. Due to Rampant, a condition affecting all AIs in which their systems begin to fail after 7 years, Cortana betrays John 117 and becomes a threat he must deal with.

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Cortana’s twist on becoming the villain has drawn mixed reactions from the game’s fans. Many find it hard to believe that an ally like Cortana would switch sides the way she did. Others blame Bungie’s move to 343 developing the game. Others see the twist as a natural story progression and like how it affected how characters interact within the main series.

3 general shepherd

General Shepherd is considered an emblematic character of Call of Duty. His tough attitude makes him look like a mean Call of Duty first military general. However, the twist to reveal that he was plotting against Price the whole time makes the story of modern warfare 2 so much the better. His performance of Ghost and Roach will always be a heartbreaking scene for fans.

General Shepherd’s betrayal has been considered one of the best written moments of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and made fans hate the character. The betrayal made players regret ever helping Shepherd and added to the overall story. It changed the formula of good versus evil, adding gray areas. It also highlighted what makes soldiers good and showed that those who make the ultimate sacrifice will live on in history.

2 Wheatley

Wheatley went down in video game history as one of the most iconic characters in the Gate franchise. His clumsy personality made him a very likeable companion. That’s why when he turns on Chell, it’s a good twist. Watching him become an evil Aperture Labs controller makes Portal 2 a great game while making players wonder who they can trust.

fans of the Gate love of the Wheatley franchise and how he became a villain in the story. This added to the development of her character and that of GLaDOS. Not only are players questioning Wheatley’s motives, but also GLaDOS’ motives, making players feel bad for the AI. Knowing that protocols beyond her control cause her to act the way she does means there can be redemption for the villain.

1 The traveler

The Traveler has always been a mysterious being in the Fate universe. He goes from system to system giving his Light to the species and then letting them fight the Darkness. However, mankind saw him as a being of good. When it was discovered that The Traveler had given his Light to the Hive, humanity’s sworn enemy, betrayal stung.

Many fans enjoyed the new DLC of Fate because of this twist. This added an element of morality to the story and made the player’s connection to the Light more complex. When questioning the motivations of the supposedly “good” side, one must ask what is the right path. It adds depth to a story and makes the player reflect on the actions taken before and if they were the right ones.

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