10 Cutest Video Game Characters


The invention of cute characters in the game is one of the best things that could have happened to the world. He creates experiences that, even when full of violence and action, have moments of respite. Sometimes the aesthetic of an entire game is all about being cute, and then players get cuteness overload in the best possible way. Whatever the reason a cute character might appear in a game, players love them.

Here is a list of some of the cutest characters that have appeared in games. It’s not based on how good the game they appear in, but rather how adorable they are, based on a totally real adorable scale of adoration.


ten 10/10 Tom Nook

Tom Nook is Animal Crossing’s most underrated character. He never had his rightful place in Smash Bros despite being a staple in Animal Crossing since its inception. Yes, he is the owner of the game and has a store, but he is also reasonable in his prices. Besides that, he is an adorable little raccoon dog.

It’s canon that he’s just a misunderstood man and not some evil capitalist trying to ruin everyone’s day. Perhaps through this, players will see his calmer benevolent nature like in newer titles.

9 9/10 The Lamb

The Lamb works as such a great contrast to the hyper-demonic Cult of the Lamb game. The contrast in the visuals of the game is what sets it apart. Watching the main protagonist of the game being a cute little lamb committing heinous acts adds something special to the game that simply cannot be explained unless experienced.

Players will want to see all of the different ritual acts the Lamb can perform. The lamb also looks adorable slicing through cultists with the various weapons introduced by the game.

8 8/10 Paolomu

Monster Hunter: World monsters won’t make players think twice about killing them. It’s all the monsters except the adorable Paolumu. The Paolumu is a cute bat-like creature that has a coat of white fur that covers part of its body.

The best thing about the Paolumu is that when it inhales air, it turns its throat and face into a big bubble of fury. The art style is unique. It’s so cute that players will feel a little bad trying to attack it from the sky.

seven 7/10 Toad

Toad has been adorable since his first appearance in 1985. As the Mario franchise has grown, so has Toad’s appearance. He even made his own game called Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The Treasure Stalking Toad variation is probably one of Toad’s cutest iterations because its big, bright light looks so comfortable on its big head.

Toad will likely continue to have many appearances over time. Hopefully players will continue to see a slew of games that feature it.

6 6/10 Honey

Honey in the Katamari series is one of the cutest Little Prince cousins ​​players can find. She has a super interesting design with a face that looks out of this world. Although the proportions are weird and distorted, everything that goes into its design makes it enjoyable to play.

The pastel pink variation it has is probably one of its best iterations as the color palette the artists used to create it is gorgeous.

5 5/10 Kirby

Kirby is one of the greatest creations in video games. That’s because he’s an adorable pink orb with feet way too big for the rest of his proportions. His ability to win parts of other characters’ appearances has also always been well done. That’s a lot of different cute Kirby combos.

Few other protagonists look so adorable digesting and stealing the powers of their enemies. Kirby deserves some sort of reward for pulling that one off.

4 4/10 Moogs

Moogles are always small and cute, no matter how powerful. They serve so many different purposes in the Final Fantasy series as well as Kingdom Hearts. Whenever a player encounters one, it’s a treat to see because there’s nothing in the game quite like it.

Their peculiar appearances always attract players’ attention. It’s probably not possible to find a single one that isn’t adorable in any of the games it appears in.

3 3/10 Pipelup

Piplup is one of the cutest starter Pokémon ever introduced. This water-type Pokemon looks a lot like a baby penguin. The cutest thing about Piplup is that the developers somehow created a baby penguin-type Pokémon that is cuter than a real baby penguin.

Having Piplup on the team is always nice, and it’s a Pokemon that I’m sure many players chose never to evolve because of their love for its design.

2 2/10 Le Chao Cheese

In a game full of fast-paced action and killer robots, Cheese the Chao comes out of nowhere to throw in some adorable flair. He’s not the only character in the Sonic franchise who is lovable. However, this character is the cutest of all its other contestants.

Cheese the Chao is small, cuddly, and often a deadly weapon. Part of what makes him so adorable is that his tiny body is usually used as a weapon by his best friend Cream the Rabbit in Sonic.

1 1/10 Sackboy

Sackboy has so much history behind it that it’s hard not to give it the top spot. The LittleBigPlanet game it belongs to helped Sony and created a new way to play platforms by creating a community game. This is all great and all, but what makes Sackboy even better is the player’s ability to make him express different emotions.

Players can make it sad, angry or overjoyed and every emotion is hyper-expressed making it a joy to behold. Players can also adorably smack each other in the most nonchalant and aggressively cute way. Overall, the design and what players can do with it is wonderful.

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