10 Famous Video Game Characters Who Slowly Disappeared

Fame doesn’t last forever. Eventually the spark dies out and you are forgotten. It’s unfair, but it can happen to anyone, even video game icons.

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Gambling in pop culture is still relatively new. But despite this, not all iconic characters are destined to exist forever. While it may seem that some franchises are stationary monoliths, some of them aren’t meant to be long term. Whether due to creative decisions or legal issues, certain franchises and characters are slowly disappearing from the game.


Toadsworth – Super Mario Bros.

Toadsworth in Super Mario Bros.

With a series as large as mario, of course, some characters will occasionally slip through the cracks. Some may end up taking a long sabbatical, like Pauline. Some can disappear after an appearance, like Wart. And some may appear just intermittently enough to never be considered gone, like Birdo.

But Toadsworth, Princess Peach’s former servant, doesn’t match any of these. During the 2000s, after his debut in Super Mario Sun, he made consistent appearances. He was even playable in some of the sports titles. But sadly, his last appearance in a game that wasn’t a remake was in 2013.

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Jill Valentine

the resident Evil the show loses characters all the time. That’s partly because of its nature as a zombie franchise. But because it also rotates the protagonist characters every resident Evil game, some are not always in the spotlight. Resident Evil 1 protagonist, Jill Valentine, is probably the most notable victim.

Jill and fellow lead Claire Redfield haven’t appeared on the show much outside of remakes. While these remakes are recent and help keep the characters relevant, the main series continues. As Chris Redfield continues to appear, his partner and sister have been left behind. Considering they were female PS1 icons, fans hope to see them again soon.

Almost All Supporting Characters – Sonic The Hedgehog

Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog

Since Sonic Adventurethe sonic the hedgehog The series had been criticized for its large cast of supporting characters. Almost all of the major entries in 2 then introduced a new supporting character. But around the mid-2000s, the number of playable characters and additional game mechanics increased. But there is an overcorrection.

Now Sonic titles often get the opposite review. Typically, the only playable character is Sonic himself. Although Tails usually appears, he usually plays a small role. The only supporting character to be consistently important is Eggman. Fans hope that will change in the next one Sonic borders.

Ms. Pac-Man – Pac Man

This is certainly the most unfortunate disappearance on this list. Gaming icon Ms. Pac-Man hasn’t appeared in Pac-media since the 2000s. In fact, new female Pac characters have appeared in her place. This is the result of a complex legal web of ownership.

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Long story short, the original programmers of Ms. Pac-Man wanted to be paid every time she was used. They then sold his character rights to AtGames. Unfortunately, it seems that Pac man had the closest thing to a divorce a game character could have.

Mega Man X – Mega Man

In 2018, Mega Man 11 has been freed. This followed a severe drought in Mega Man titles, and fans of Capcom’s former mascot were thrilled to see the franchise return. After all, there are plenty of subseries that fans wanted to come back to. But now, years later, and this classic series title is the only recent release.

Of all the Mega Men fans had come to expect to see X’s games. X was often seen as a wonderful refinement of the formula. But not again mega man the titles of one of the series have been released. Even previous game builds are starting to slow down, causing fans to worry that they’re headed for another drought.

Muffet – Undertale

Muffet in Undertale gameplay

Subtitle was a video game full of charming characters and things to find. Its sequel, Delfarune, features most of them in small but fun roles. But of all the major named characters, one is missing. Muffet, the shopkeeper at the spider bake sale, is nowhere to be found.

Most of the characters in Subtitle were recast in domestic roles, so you’d expect to see the character who already had one. Like Deltarune comes out sporadically, there’s always a chance we’ll see her again in the future. It’s also possible that it wasn’t included because it was made by a Kickstarter backer, not the developers. Whatever the reason, fans hope she won’t be left behind.

Mr. Resetti – Animal Crossing

animal crossing figure of mr resetti

Iconic doesn’t always mean beloved. Sometimes the characters are recognized because they are painful. Sonny Resetti from animal crossing series is one of those moles. It would appear and chastise the player for not saving their game before shutting it down.

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Resetti was a deterrent against backup tactics. But since recent games incorporated auto-save mechanisms, Mr. Resetti became obsolete. In the new title, New Horizons, he was almost completely absent before the new patch brought him back as a guest on the island. It’s very unusual to see a video game character lose their job due to automation.

Demitri – Darkstalkers

Demetri from Darkstalkers

Technically the entire cast of Capcom’s old ’90s fighting game series, dark stalkers, could fit here. Although the series doesn’t appear to be returning, the protagonist, Morrigan, has popped up all over the place. But despite being the show’s most popular character, Morrigan wasn’t originally intended to be the protagonist. Instead, the vampires Demitri and Donovan were meant to be the leads.

Morrigan ended up becoming the protagonist of the last and greatest episode of the series, Darkstalkers 3. It seems that the developers ended up preferring her to the vampire princes. Although Demitri is the reason for the show’s plot, Morrigan is the one who always appears in crossovers, spinoffs, and costumes. Maybe one day fans will see a Dark Stalkers 4 that brings everyone back to the fore.

Warcraft Ogre – Warcraft

Ogres in Warcraft

Importance drift doesn’t just happen to single characters. In the case of Warcraft‘s Ogres, it happened to a whole species. In Warcraft II, they were the second most important race in the Horde. In Warcraft III, they were downgraded to neutral characters.

But that wasn’t the worst for the ogres. In World of Warcraft, a black dragon destroys their homeland. This greatly reduced the number of Ogre NPCs in the world. Even now, years later wow‘s life, they are the only ones not playable Warcraft II race.

Rayman – Rayman

Rayman goes through one of the original levels

Sometimes franchises slowly disappear. The last match of the Rayman The series is from the early 2010s. Ubisoft’s limbless mascot may have been their poster child at one point, but they don’t seem keen on using it anymore.

In the mid-2000s, the series morphed into Rabbids lateral series. Fans feared that it would exceed Rayman, and unfortunately, they seem to have survived him. With series creator Michel Ancel leaving in 2020, it seems unlikely that fans will see more of the mascot. Some things don’t last forever, which is why preserving and re-releasing old games is so important.

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