10 Game Characters I Wish I Could Embroider With

There have been a lot of video game characters that a lot of people probably wish they had some sort of bromance with. Being able to kick back, have a drink, and completely get together with your favorite characters is something everyone obviously wants at some point.

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Nobody wants to get too wild and have some sort of over the top bro-down, but just a nice get-together to chat about life, experiences and maybe swap some daily routine advice would be great. There really are few moments that would be greater than meeting your favorite gaming character only to have them call you their brother forever.


ten cloud conflict

It might seem strange to want to mate with someone as reserved and generally dark as Cloud, but that’s exactly why it would be necessary. Some might call Cloud a reluctant brother, the kind of person who wouldn’t admit the lifestyle.

It might take a little cajoling, but eventually he could come out of his shell to share stories of his adventures, details about his girlfriends, and come to terms with his own struggles. Plus, with the size of his sword, Cloud is bound to have some tips for lifting it.

9 Kratos

Every group of friends needs one that brings a different level of intensity to everything you do. The intensity that Kratos could bring to the simplest of games, or just watching two teams in it, would be unmatched.

Everyone in the room would be excited to the highest level with Kratos hollering at anything in his path. Sure, it can be terrifying, but it’s probably something someone could get used to after a little while. After all, brothers don’t hurt brothers.

Sure, Link might hardly ever talk, but that wouldn’t stop him from being a good brother; it might actually make him one of the best brothers ever. It’s often the quiet ones who are the liveliest, and Link has proven to be a capable athlete.

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He might just be quiet because most people would try to talk about sports in general instead of things like horse riding and sumo wrestling. Real Brothers don’t toe the line in any sport, so learning a bit about battling the Gorons might be one way to get Link talking.

seven nathan drake

Usually party life is the kind of person who is ready to do anything at any time. That almost perfectly describes Nathan Drake, a man who constantly ends up throwing himself from enormous heights with little forethought.

His arrogant nature would probably make him a show-off too, so there would never be a dull moment to end up with Nathan Drake. Hopefully he would leave all the bad guys away so the bro-down doesn’t end in a car chase.

6 Geralt

You might think a witcher would be a terrible person to be around, since he mostly seems to have a gruff exterior. You could even say that Geralt has his eye on the ball most of the time, but it is precisely this thing that is looked upon fondly by the brothers.

It’s true. Geralt is the kind of guy who believes in the concept of the grind-set. He works constantly at all hours of the day to earn a little extra coin, which makes him a person who deserves to get some tips.

5 Leon Kennedy

Most people have at least one person in their group of friends who they would describe as the father of the group. Leon Kennedy is almost certainly that man. I’m not talking about Resident Evil 2 Leon, it’s Resident Evil 4 and beyond Leon.

Besides keeping the peace and making sure everyone present is safe, Leon would probably be the guy in the corner delivering corny jokes over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with a classic dad joke and it sounds like the kind of vibe Leon would bring to a bro-down.

4 Barret Wallace

I don’t know many people who wouldn’t want to be best friends with Barret. He literally has a massive weapon on his arm, something a lot of people would be in awe of. If he gets his hands dirty from time to time, he also takes the time to take care of little Marleen.

While it might be awful to experience at first, seeing an excited Barret fire his gun in the air when his team is making a big play is something that would probably make most people smile and shake their heads and say, “Classic Barret “.

3 Johnny Cage

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the most violent brothers of all time, Johnny Cage. It would be a little weird hanging out with a guy who can literally kick someone in half, but his A-list celebrity style probably makes him great at a party.

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Anyone who doesn’t believe that Johnny Cage is the kind of guy to run around a party banging his fist to the music might be lying to themselves. The acting and fighting stories he could tell would probably help make him the most interesting guy in the room.

2 Ren Amamiya (Joker)

A gentleman thief and a perfect ladies’ man? Who wouldn’t want to go after Ren Amamiya? Although his personality is really whatever you choose, he is at the very least an interesting person who can form strong bonds of friendship.

He would obviously be the unassuming brother of the group, but he would also be the brains. There’s no need to make plans when Ren has already set everything in motion without you even knowing it. Best of all, Ren is the kind of person who would bring friends to make the bro-down even better.

1 Lilith

One of the most famous Borderlands characters is Lilith, the ever-feisty mermaid. It’s hard to deny how much she would add to your brother’s group dynamic.

Not only would she get along easily in a room full of brothers, but she’d probably be the most interesting one there. Tons of great stories and the ability to drop by for a drink makes Lilith one of the best siblings anyone could ask for.

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