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The purpose of armor, of course, is to protect your body. You strap a large piece of metal to your chest, so nothing can stab or shoot you. But what happens when you want to remove the armor and the armor…is not okay?

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A good number of characters in the game, temporarily or permanently, have found themselves trapped in some form of armor or suit. They may still be mobile, but their bodies – or even their souls – are completely constrained to these metal shells. Generally speaking, it’s not a very pleasant way to live. We feel for these examples.


ten Ghost People – Fallout: New Vegas

Prior to the Great War of the Fallout universe, workers at the Sierra Madre Casino and Resort were accidentally exposed to a gas leak that would eventually form the corrosive red cloud that covers the area. To protect them, they were given specially designed hazmat suits and masks, but their shoddy construction would relegate them to a fate worse than death.

When the Cloud descended on the Sierra Madre, its corrosive chemicals caused the clasps of the hazmat suits to rust, while fragments of it crawled into the suits through the gaskets and mask. This resulted in the Ghost People, a race of mysterious, immortal mutants who were hermetically sealed in their suits. Forcing the suit open, such as by dismemberment, releases pockets of pressurized gas, killing them instantly.

9 Big Daddies – BioShock Series

Originally, the “Big Daddies” of BioShock were just regular members of Rapture’s maintenance staff. Because Rapture was at the bottom of the ocean, maintenance crews needed heavy wetsuits to re-rive Rapture’s windows or drill through ocean rock. When the Little Sister program was launched, these costumes were repurposed to create their loyal lifelong protectors.

A protective-grade Big Daddy is created through a combination of harsh splicing and invasive surgical procedures, all to physically graft the skin and organs of a suit’s occupant onto the suit’s interior liners. It’s unclear why they chose to make this a permanent process, but we can make an educated guess – since most of the Big Daddies were convicts, their creators probably didn’t want them to talk to anyone of their origin.

8 Quarians – Mass Effect Series

Technically speaking, the Quarian race from the Mass Effect series aren’t “trapped” in their environmental suits, at least not in the literal sense. They can take off their costume whenever they want. It’s just that due to their species’ naturally weak immune system, it would almost immediately lead to debilitating illness, followed by death.

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Quarians can never remove their costumes unless it is for a very a good reason, such as a medical procedure. Even then, they must undergo a long trial of vaccines and antibiotics just to offset the risk of sudden viral death. Sooner or later, however, the suit must always return, even on a Quarian-owned ship. The proliferation of microorganisms in space is just too thorough.

seven Hakumen – BlazBlue Series

As the leader of the Six Heroes, Hakumen is a public icon – recognized, respected and feared just about everywhere in the world. However, no one has ever seen Hakumen’s face beneath the steel-white sheen of his armor. It turned out that it was because he didn’t have a face under there.

Hakumen’s armor is an ancient artifact known as the Susanoo unit. To wear the Susanoo unit, you must let go of your physical body and bind your soul directly to it. Only a supernatural entity like Yuuki Terumi can come and go from the armor at will. A human soul like Hakumen’s is stuck there for life; the only way out is death.

6 Springtrap – Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

In the tradition of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, inventor-turned-serial-killer William Afton murdered five children at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and hid their bodies inside the pizzeria’s animatronics. Several years later, after numerous run-ins with the animatronics, possessed by the children’s vengeful spirits, Afton returned to the pizzeria and attempted to dismantle them.

However, Afton was cornered by the spirits and attempted to hide in the old Springlock Bonnie costume. It worked for a while, but when the springs came loose he was crushed into the suit. Many years later, Afton’s corpse, still crushed in the suit, was recovered and used in the Fazbear Fright attraction, where he came to life with malevolent intent as Springtrap.

5 Goofy Egret – Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner

Zone of the enders the 2nd runner jehuti

When Goof discovers the Jehuty abandoned during a mining expedition, he has no choice but to requisition it to defend himself from the BAHRAM army. After several long encounters, he is forced into a conflict with Nohman and Anubis, which he ultimately loses.

After being shot several times in the back, Dingo was transported back to Jehuty, where his body was integrated into the orbital frame’s life support systems. At this point, Goofy can no longer leave Jehuty or remove his pilot suit, as his systems are literally the only thing keeping him alive. Nor can he go against the orders of UNSF spy Ken Marinaris, lest she cut off his life support remotely.

4 Y-17 Trauma Harness – Fallout: New Vegas

If we had a nickel for every instance of armor-based body horror in Fallout: New Vegas, we’d have two nickels. Not many, but it’s weird that it happened twice. Of course, unlike the Ghost People and others, the Y-17 Trauma Override harnesses that litter the Big MT facility work as they’re supposed to.

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The idea behind these special suits is that if a fighter wearing one were seriously injured, the suit would take over their motor functions and bring them back to base for medical attention. Unfortunately, someone forgot to Position a base in the suits’ programming, causing them to wander aimlessly and shoot people while their occupants slowly died. That’s why Big MT is full of skeletons wearing space suits.

3 The Enduring Will – Kingdom Hearts Series

In the climax of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Terra confronts Master Xehanort atop the tallest mountain in the Keyblade Graveyard. Blind with rage at Xehanort’s deceptions, Terra lets darkness flood her heart, giving Xehanort the perfect opportunity to send her own heart into Terra’s body to commandeer it.

It seems to work perfectly at first, with Xehanort having complete control over Terra’s heart and body. However, there was one part missing: Terra’s spirit. With his last ounce of spirit, Terra’s will animates his abandoned Keyblade Armor to oppose Xehanort, though sadly, he would ultimately fail to reclaim his body. The armor remained in the graveyard for many years afterward, quietly awaiting a chance for revenge.

2 Pawl – Pawl: dead end

In Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet, Clank and their friend Al are kidnapped by Gleeman Vox to participate in the illegal gladiator game show, DreadZone. When Ratchet wakes up in his containment block, he is already fully clad in a set of DreadZone armor, including the program’s signature explosive obedience collar.

If Ratchet is able to remove his DreadZone armor independent of his explosive collar, he never does. More than likely, aside from the helmet, the armor is an integral part of the necklace – meaning it was meant to stay until Ratchet could defeat Vox and escape the show.

1 “Simon Jarett” – SOMA

In SOMA, modern-day man Simon Jarett undergoes an experimental brain scan to search for potential help with a medical problem. The scan is going well, and he’s presumably going on with his life. Many, many years later, however, this scan of his mind comes to life as an entity in its own right, with a huge void in his memory.

Due to a computer glitch, Simon’s old scan was uploaded into an AI-enabled scuba diving suit, giving him control as if it were his own body. The costumed body isn’t even his; a woman died there and her automated systems synchronized her program with her brain. Technically, Simon can leave this costume by copying himself into another costume, but it’s up to chance if he’s the one perceiving this change or just staying where he is.

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