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There is a very special art to swearing. Anyone can drop an F-bomb every two words, but it’s no fun. A true master of curses knows the best curses to deliver at the right time and the best way to deliver them. A single well-timed curse can be the most fun thing in the world, provided you’re not averse to that sort of thing.

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Throughout video game history, there has been no shortage of rude people. Some just like to curse, using it as part of their regular lexicon for fun, while others curse so much they’ve really stopped noticing they’re doing it.


ten Detective Isaac Washington – House of the Dead: Overkill

Here’s a fun fact: The House of the Dead: Overkill features around 202 uses of curse words throughout its script. The vast majority of these curses come from the game’s deuteragonist, Detective Isaac Washington, onlysetting a true world record at the time.

Isaac drops F-bombs at the same rate most people stop for breath in a sentence and regularly threatens to rip his enemies’ private parts off. He refers to his partner, G, as a “f-er mother” more than he uses her real name – although, as G notes at the end of the story, he never referred to director Clement Darling, a literal mother f-er, by the term, ironically enough.

9 Mr. Torgue – Borderlands Series

Mr. Torgue never does anything halfway. As a die-hard fan of all things explosive, dangerous, and extremely manly, he’s got a hell of a lot going for him. In fact, he’s so prone to swearing that the Torgue company’s board of directors had him surgically attached a digital censor to his vocal cords. The censorship beeps that sound every time he swears are no way to game, he is Actually make those noises.

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Despite all he swears and how loudly he does it, Mr. Torgue is actually a very pleasant person. To him, yelling and swearing are the same things as a normal inner voice, and he’ll use them to tell you how much he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Loudly.

8 Brok – God of War (2018)

Brok is one of the finest smiths in all of Midgard, having crafted both the Leviathan ax and Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, alongside his brother, Sindri. He’s also one of the rudest individuals in Midgard, and given that he shares a postcode with the likes of Baldur, that’s saying something.

Brok casually drops F-bombs in both calm and intense moments, and he has a whole repertoire of colorful metaphors and exclamations for any given situation, almost all of which contain a reference to the nether regions of the gods. Based on some of Brok’s accidental dialogue, apparently these colorful references all come from his various jaunts through the Nine Realms.

seven Zed – Lollipop Chainsaw

As the Dark Purveyor representing the punk rock genre, Zed isn’t shy about shouting curses at the top of his lungs whenever interest strikes him. In fact, the curse is so central to Zed’s identity that it actually forms the foundation of his fighting style.

Zed can channel dark energy into his voice, manifesting his howling profanity as magical projectiles. As he shouts less than polite words at Juliette, the words appear in front of him and launch outward into a wall of moaning madness. The first time Juliette cuts his head off with her chainsaw, he describes how much he really enjoyed it (albeit in a much less polite way).

6 Kaine – Replicant NieR

Kainé was ostracized by the local villagers from a young age, which led her to adopt a rude and self-contained attitude. This was compounded by a tendency for flippant swearing inherited from her grandmother, as well as the constant whispering of the Shadow, Tyrann, who possesses the left side of her body.

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All of these factors together gave Kainé a fondness for swearing, especially F-bombs, “whores”, and general references to private parts. Although it took some getting used to, Nier and Emil gradually discovered that Kaine’s curse was an endearing trait.

5 Travis Touchdown – No More Heroes Series

Travis is a generally rude person, to put it politely. He’s a massive pervert and a shameless murderer, and he doesn’t care who knows. As such, there’s no shortage of charming language in both cutscenes and regular gameplay, including, of course, plenty of F-bombs.

You can usually gauge Travis’ mood by how much he curses. When he swore a lot, he was either furious or very excited. Conversely, when he stops swearing altogether, he is much darker and more serious. Obviously, the latter does not happen much.

4 General Victor Sarrano – Bulletstorm

To call General Sarrano a morally bankrupt individual would be the understatement of the century. As a huge fan of the life and times of Julius Caesar, Sarrano’s dream is to bring the entire galaxy under martial law, with him at the helm. Based on his affinity for the military, he molds himself into a stereotypical drill sergeant, with a colorful repertoire of curses and insults.

Just about every sentence from Sarrano’s mouth includes at least one of the following: a typical curse word, a reference to guns or heavy prescriptions, and at least an allusion to sex or genitals. It’s almost impressive how he manages to stay so rude in almost every situation.

Krunk is probably the oldest droid in the entire resistance movement, and when you combine that with the fact that he’s probably their only half-competent mechanic, it goes without saying that he has a lot going for him. It is for this reason that he is almost perpetually unhappy, which manifests itself in copious swearing.

The very first thing Glitch hears when first repaired and reactivated is Krunk swearing a storm. Of the first four sentences spoken by Krunk in the game, three of them contain F-bombs, each punctuated by an automatic censorship beep.

2 Cid Highwind – Final Fantasy 7

Knowledge is a burden, and no one understands it like Cid. He is undoubtedly one of the smartest men in the entire world, but being beholden to men like Palmer proves endlessly frustrating. It’s for this reason that Cid has a generally short fuse, and when that fuse runs out, he tends to start cursing anyone nearby.

Amusingly, in the original Final Fantasy 7, Cid’s curses appeared in his text boxes as a nondescript jumble of text characters. While there’s no way to see exactly what he was seeing, you could make an educated guess based on the context.

1 The conductor – A hat in time

The curse, in general, does not transcend cultural barriers. That’s why when Hat Kid first meets the bandleader at Dead Bird Studios, she doesn’t realize how dirty his mouth is as he walks around calling everyone a “pick- neck”. Through Hat Kid, it sounds like gibberish to us, but to the birds, it’s actually a pretty nasty thing to call someone.

DJ Grooves later explains that the bandleader has a somewhat old-fashioned attitude when it comes to film production standards and doesn’t hesitate to curse everyone on set at the slightest provocation. Everyone tolerates him because his movies are pretty good.

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