10 iconic video game characters introduced in the past decade

Over the past decades, many interesting stories have been told through video games with amazing characters. However, the technology of the past decade has allowed developers to create even more realistic characters and worlds.

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There are iconic video game characters in every game console, and with so many people to meet, it’s hard to live all of their stories. Here are the ten most interesting characters introduced over the past decade that have helped shape modern video games.

ten Goose (Untitled Goose Game)

That’s right: the unnamed goose from Untitled Goose Game is one of the most iconic characters created between 2010 and 2019. Let’s face it: his random horns and trickster behavior could only lead to mass affection. (and missing sun hats).

Even though the “character” is created by the actions of the player, Goose has a personality of his own and is a personality of mischief and intolerance of autocratic rules. It spoke to a lot of people and that’s what makes an iconic character.


9 Joel Miller (The Last of Us)

the last of us joel
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Joel Miller was first introduced in The Last Of Us, a post-apocalyptic video game. Joel is a tough survivor in a world plagued by monsters, including evil humans and real monsters.

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Although Joel is a rough-and-tumble character, he opens up over the course of the story and shows how much he can take care of others, including the young girl he travels with, Ellie. Overall, we will always remember Joel as one of the most interesting survivors of post-apocalyptic entertainment.

8 Sam Porter (Death Stranding)


Death Stranding’s Sam Porter is still a fresh character on most players’ minds, but that doesn’t change the impact he’s had on a lot of people. One of the reasons Sam Porter is such an iconic protagonist is because he’s played by famous actor Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus does a terrific job portraying post-apocalyptic delivery boy Sam Porter and brings him to life in a way that wouldn’t be possible without a recognizable face. Death Stranding is a moving story as well, which makes your bond with Sam Porter even stronger as you play through the main story.

7 Arthur Morgan (RDR2)

John Marston is the cowboy protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, and he returned for the second game as one of the two protagonists. However, Arthur Morgan was also introduced as a new protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2, and he’s arguably an even better character than John Marston due to his down-to-earth personality and combat skills.

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Sometimes a serious-toned protagonist is more entertaining than a traditionally charismatic personality, and Arthur Morgan clearly is, which is why he has risen to the top of popular video game characters of the past decades.

6 Chloé Price (Life is Strange)


There are many characters in the Life Is Strange franchise who are memorable, but certainly the most iconic of them is Chloe Price. Max’s best friend, Chloe, is a young woman who went through a lot of hardship after her friend left, and you’ll learn a lot about her during the original game’s main story and prequel.

Not everyone likes Chloe’s unique personality at first, but most players eventually get used to her character. Chloe can seem gloomy at times, but she has a big heart.

5 Sans (Undertale)

Undertale RPG Sans and House Split Image

Undertale is one of the many games released over the past decade that has proven that a single developer or a few developers can make one of the most popular video games ever. In Undertale, you explore a land of unique characters and villains who will quickly grab your attention.

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Sans is Undertale’s main antagonist, but unlike the other villains, he’s pretty likeable. What sets Sans apart is his dialogue, which is both funny and important in moving the story forward. Along with a few other characters from Undertale, Sans is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters of the 2010s.

4 Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Horizon Zero Dawn Metal Flower Location Set One Metal Flower Two Rost and Aloy's Home

Another protagonist originally released as a PlayStation exclusive, Aloy, is the main character in the game Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is one of the best protagonists of the last decade, among whom there is a lot to choose from, mainly due to his willful nature and ability to act with force in difficult situations.

Aloy is a machine hunter and the clone of an engineer, which makes his profession and his history more than fascinating. Even though Horizon Zero Dawn is a masterpiece in its own right, Aloy makes it even better, which is why his face is recognizable by almost everyone in the PlayStation community.

3 Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)


Although Nick Valentine was not a member of any of the main factions in Fallout 4, he is still one of the most important characters in Fallout 4. You meet Nick Valentine during the main questline, and he becomes quickly one of your greatest allies, functioning as a companion.

Nick Valentine is a mid-generation synth, which is why he looks like second-generation synths but also has a normal human personality. Nick Valentine was such a popular character that part of the Far Harbor DLC main story revolves around him if you choose to travel with him to Far Harbor.

If you’ve played Fallout 4, you will never forget Nick Valentine and you might recognize him even if you haven’t played Fallout 4, because he’s such a popular character in video game groups.

2 Wheatley (Portal 2)


The original portal was a brilliant game with an interesting robot villain and unique puzzles involving a portal gun. So when Portal 2 came out, it only made sense that so many people were eager to play it. Although the GLaDOS character has returned, Portal 2 also introduced a new robotic character in the form of Wheatley.

Wheatley is initially on your side at the start of Portal 2, and he seems like the perfect travel companion with his hilarious comments and helpful insights. However, halfway through the story you’re introduced to its dark side, and you’ll be forced to team up with GLaDOS to save both of you from a life-threatening situation.

Wheatley is a fantastic villain, and his unique humor has made him a fan favorite character among Portal’s fanbase.

1 Isabelle (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

Although more and more people fell in love with the studious Isabelle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she made her debut in New Leaf in 2012. Canonically the Shih Tzu breed, Isabelle quickly captured the hearts of every player with her unofficial nature and its killer style. Do you know of any other video game characters who wear Gucci?

Its ubiquity has increased logarithmically with its introduction to other video game titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, and more. She is sure to be a staple for years to come in pop culture.

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