10 most memorable video game characters inspired by rats


If you like to follow the Chinese zodiac, you probably already know that 2020 is the year of the rat. Rats have long been a part of video games, and many RPGs use creatures as their starting enemies. Other games like Dishonored take control of a horde of rats to turn it into a deadly weapon.

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To celebrate the rat, we’ve been scouring the internet to find out more about some of the most popular rats in gaming culture. The rats we’ve listed below have many different roles, ranging from annoying obstacle to human. business with an unhealthy obsession with chairs.

ten Rattata

Rattata is one of the very first Pokémon you come across in the Pokemon series. Rattata has been the center of memes, jokes, and comedy throughout the history of the series. Many fans will be referring to a young trainer named Joey who is obsessed with the species. The Pokémon even got an Alolan form in Sun Moon. Rattata also has an evolved form named Ratticate which the Pokémon evolves to a level 20.

This Generation 1 Pokémon might not be as popular as Pikachu, but almost anyone who’s played the series will recognize this purple (or black) rat.


9 Tic

Twitch is a playable champion in League of Legends who uses a crossbow to attack his opponents. Twitch came out in 2009 and has a secondary assassin class. A lot of his attacks revolve around using Venom or Poison Attacks to lower his opponents, HP. When battling Twitch, players may find it best to protect themselves up close to avoid being caught from a distance.

In the lore of the game, Twitch is a plague rat who revel in living a dirty lifestyle. Twitch regularly pokes fun at thoughts of bringing humanity down and searches for strange treasures.

8 Freya Crescent

Freya Crescent is a character in Final Fantasy IX. Freya is a dragon knight in quest of Sir Frantley. It can be found and added to your party when you reach Burma. The intelligent knight has fallen in love with Frantley and wants to reconnect with him in the hopes of developing a blossoming romance.

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In battles, Freya uses a spear to take out enemies from a safe distance and can use high jumps to easily evade enemy attacks. Freya has been praised by many fans of Final Fantasy IX and is considered one of the strongest members of the game.

seven Slade

Slade is one of the party members in Brilliant Force II who is forced into combat by the other protagonists. In the game, Slade is tasked with plunging the world into chaos by stealing the Jewel of Light and Evil that helps keep the evil Zeon sealed. After being found by the main party, they urge it to join them in their demand to restore the world to its equilibrium state.

He is part of the thief and ninja classes; he uses daggers and swords to bring down his enemies. He can also learn elemental spells to deal damage to his opponents from a distance.

6 Royal Rat Authority

If you haven’t had enough punishment while playing Dark Souls II, then have we got the boss for you. Royal Rat Authority can be found by entering through the fog gate near the Ordeal’s End bonfire. When you enter, the boss won’t try to attack you, but once the smaller rats become aware of your presence, he’ll jump into the arena to start the battle.

Royal Rat Authority can strike you with the toxic condition, which can quickly deplete your health. The boss will come at you with swings, and you should be prepared to dodge quite often in order to win this Dark Souls battle.

5 Daroach

Daroach is the main antagonist of Kirby: Squeak Squad. His goal in the game is to obtain a treasure that will provide him and his gang with infinite power. Unfortunately, once Daroach finally opens the treasure chest containing this legendary power, he becomes possessed by Dark Nebula. Daroach is saved by Kirby and ends up giving up his quest for power afterwards.

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In Kirby Star Allies, Daroach appears in the Second Wave of Friends as a playable character who can help Kirby as he travels through space.

4 skewers

Skeevers are one of the most basic enemies you will encounter in the Old scrolls Skyrim. Skeevers infest several parts of Skyrim and are considered by locals to be pests. They can often be found in large groups where they will work together to attack the player. Skeevers can also wear an Ataxia which makes lockpicking and pickpocketing more difficult for the player.

Despite the hatred for Skeevers, the player’s child can bring one home and ask to be kept as a pet in the Hearthfire expansion.

3 Rat

Simply called rats, these creatures in Zelda can be a nuisance in dungeons that drives many players crazy. The Enemy first appeared in Link to the Past and has been featured in almost every title since. Depending on what title you’re playing, rats can be simple enemies that spawn from nests, or even carry the little keys you need to get through the dungeon.

If you play The awakening of the wind, then rats are able to grab flower bombs and run into you, causing them to explode. Rats are also becoming a problem in Twilight Princess because they can hang on to it Wolf Link, making it impossible to cross the levels.

2 Ratooey

Ratooey is a species of rats in Paper Mario: The thousand-year-old door. In the game, you will meet two main characters of Ratooey named Lumpy and Businessman. Lumpy can be found in Rogueport, where Mario can donate coins to help fund his oil hunt in Dry Dry Desert from the first game in the series.

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A businessman can first be found aboard the Excess Express, where he lost his business briefcase. Later in the game, he’s part of a side quest that sends Mario all over the game world to count chairs.

1 Ghost rats

In Persona 5, you will have to go through a cruise ship as one of the last levels. In order for the Phantom Thieves to progress through certain parts of the ship, however, they must transform into Phantom Rats. In rat form, Thieves continue to identify props like the Joker Mask so that players can tell them apart.

While in rat form, Phantom Thieves cannot fight and must be very careful of enemy encounters. The rat transformations gave the palace a surprising challenge that many players had to learn to safely overcome.

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