10 Popular Fighting Game Characters You Didn’t Know Were Actually Low Level


Fighting games are filled with many beloved character designs that are synonymous with video games as a whole. From Mortal combat ninjas at street fighter warriors of the world, there are several iconic characters that are synonymous with the fighting game genre.

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However, popularity doesn’t always equate to quality, and many of these popular characters are deceptively weak when it comes to playing competitively in their respective games. The designers don’t play favorites, and sometimes the game mechanics just don’t treat these amazing characters well.

ten Roy – Super Smash Bros. Melee

roy face closeup super smash bros scrum

Despite Roy’s attractive design and flashy fire attacks, he’s sadly one of the worst characters players can access in Melee. A strictly worse alternative to Marth is not only Roy’s reach worse, but his damage is also worse, as Marth’s sword reward is a player’s spacing with high damage and knockback, while l Roy’s sword is riddled with sour dots.


9 Heihachi – Soul Calibur II

heihachi soul caliber 2

Heihachi is one of the most recognizable characters in the Tekken series, appearing in each entry. Heihachi even appeared as one of three guest characters in Soul Calibur II, available for gamers playing the PS2 version of the game. Despite its strength in Tekken, its usefulness in Soul Calibur is quite limited.

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Much of his weakness comes from being a martial artist in a gun-based fighting game, which means almost every other character on the roster surpasses him.

8 Frieza – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Frieza Fighterz

In the context of Dragon ball z, Freeza is one of the most all-round villains in the series. Unfortunately, this strength does not translate very well in the context of Dragon ball fighterz in which he is one of the weaker characters in the game when it comes to playing at a competitive level.

While the character’s main draw is his zoning potential, there are several characters who offer much superior zoning to his team without having so many glaring shortcomings.

seven Joker – Injustice

joker injustice

Few of the villains in DC have as much stamina and popularity as the Joker. As much as we love the character, melee combat has never been the character’s selling point, so it’s not the biggest surprise that the character sits at the bottom of Injusticethe list of levels of.

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While many of the strongest characters in the game have frankly abusive tools like incredible projectiles, teleports, and character-specific powers, Joker lacks a lot of what makes a character strong in the game. Injustice.

6 Zelda – Super Smash Bros. Melee

zelda melee

Zelda is an interesting case, right from the start Melee, she was actually seen as a somewhat strong, high-level character. However, as the game’s meta evolved, it continually dropped from the lighted level until it landed quite close to the bottom. Lacking in combo and killing potential while still being light enough that multiple characters can combine and kill her easily, Zelda is far from the best choice players have when selecting their character.

chun li mvc2 art

The “first lady of fighting games, ” One would be hard-pressed to find a more iconic female fighting game character than Chun Li. While she has appeared in several games, Chun Li’s viability has dramatically increased and decreased over the course of her appearances.

While she has been notoriously strong in games like Street Fighter III: Third Strike, she is quite weak in several matches within the Marvel vs. Capcom series including Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in which she is one of the less useful characters on the list, lacking any useful aids or combo potential.

4 Ganondorf – Super Smash Bros. Series

ganondorf smash

Despite being an incredibly popular character and the main antagonist of the The legend of Zelda franchise, Ganondorf’s competitive history in the Super Smash Bros. the series was lacking. One of the lower level characters in the two Fight and Ultimate, Ganondorf is a slow, heavy hitter who is more concerned with hitting a few punches at the right time and punishing his opponent’s missteps rather than pulling off combos.

Unfortunately, while this can help new players learn the mechanics of the game, during a high-level game where players are much less likely to stumble, this type of game loses some of its viability.

3 Zangief – Street Fighter V

zangief sfv

Zangief is one of the most iconic and popular grapplers in fighting game history. Sadly, grapplers historically haven’t been the highest level characters in fighting games, often finding themselves somewhat low on their respective level rosters. This often still tends to be the case, even in more balanced modern fighting games such as Street Fighter V in which Zangief’s lack of mobility and flexibility tends to hamper him at the highest levels of play.

ryu and chun li

the Marvel vs. Capcom The series is characterized by excess, with the characters being able to perform extended combos while dealing significant damage with exaggerated super moves. This gives the strongest characters the ones who can perform the most absurd attacks, while the “fairer” characters tend to be the weakest.

While street fighter‘s Ryu is a straightforward and easy to learn character, his simplicity is his biggest flaw, leaving him with far fewer options than the other characters in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

1 Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat XI

Shao Kahn and Sindel - Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn Trivia

Shado Kahn is easily one of the most notorious fighting game villains of all time, known for taunting players in the middle of a fight, eating up countless neighborhoods in arcades in the 90s. While generally an unplayable boss, he is a playable member of Mortal Kombat XIthe list of. Despite this, he’s sadly quite underwhelming, lacking many of the tools needed to be a high-level character in the game’s competitive play.

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