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Henry Cavill is not only a top actor, but he is known to be very passionate about several aspects of the so-called “geek culture”. Cavill’s most famous role is Superman in the DCEU, but he owes his fame in recent years to another of pop culture’s beloved characters, Geralt of Rivia, in Netflix’s mega-hit, the witcher.

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Still, the world of video games is vast and still sprawling, and many other roles would suit Cavill just fine. Indeed, the “King of the Nerds,” as Cavill fans affectionately know him, would excel in these roles, and knowing Cavill, he would be more than willing to play them.


Johnny Cage – Mortal Kombat

MK Johnny Cage Cosplay Posing

mortal combat premiered last year, receiving mixed critical and commercial reception. Still, the IP proved its strength, and fans campaigned hard for a sequel.

One of the show’s most famous characters, Johnny Cage, was notoriously absent from the film, leading many to believe the studio was saving him for the sequel. Popular fan casts include Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans, but Cavill could be the perfect crossover casting hit. Johnny is a role that mixes comedy with intense action, allowing Cavill to display more of the humor he showcased in The man from UNCLE

Chris Redfield – Resident Evil

Chris Redfield stands alone in Resident Evil 6

Arguably one of the best-known characters in modern gaming, Chris Redfield is a cornerstone of the resident Evil series. He is a member of the Racoon City STARS team and a founding member of the BSAA.

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The kinematics resident Evil The franchise is most often associated with Mila Jovovich’s Alice, a character absent from video games. The recent attempt to restart the franchise, Welcome to Racoon City, flopped in every possible way, meaning the series is destined for another live-action adaptation sooner or later. Having an actor named like Cavill in the role would inject some much-needed dignity into the show, and with previous live-action versions of Redfield being all but forgettable, he would have the choice of making the character his own.

Nier – NieR Gestalt

Replicant father looks serious in NieR Gestalt

A spin-off from Drakengard series, Deny occurs thousands of years in the future. It follows the protagonist as he attempts to find a cure for his daughter – or younger sister, depending on the version – a girl named Yonah.

There might be superficial similarities between Nier and Cavill’s other popular video game character, Geralt of Rivia; after all, they are both white-haired men looking to protect their daughter. They also fight several monsters throughout the story, strengthening the connection. Hollywood likes a sure thing, and monster-fighting Cavill is already a certified formula for success.

Dante – Dante’s Inferno

The divine comedy, Dante Alighieri’s seminal work, remains influential to this day. Its relevance cannot be underestimated, having inspired a myriad of books, films and even video games. 2010s Dante’s Inferno is one of the most underrated games of the past decade, a thrilling and visually stunning adventure that successfully brings Dante’s world to life. There are many unfortunate similarities with other games, mainly God of the warbut Dante’s Inferno still stands on its own.

Cavill would be a great fit for the titular character, an updated version of Dante who becomes a Templar Knight for gaming purposes. The live-action adaptation would require a substantial budget to successfully bring Dante’s Inferno to life, but it would be worth it. the penalty.

Sam Fisher – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s novels, which focused on espionage and military themes, spawned some of the most successful franchises, including the Jack Ryan and John Clark series.

Clancy’s most famous video game franchise is Burst cell, one of the best stealth action games. It focuses on Sam Fisher, a highly skilled agent working for a black-ops sub-division within the NSA. For more than a decade, plans for a Burst cell the adaptation did exist, with Tom Hardy attached to the lead role. Still, nothing is certain, and Cavill would be a perfect option should Hardy back out of the project.

Richter Belmont – Castlevania

Richter holding his chain in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate cross whip extension with sunset background

Because Castlevania focuses on the Belmont clan, it has featured many protagonists throughout its history. As the very first protagonist, Simon might be the series’ most recognizable character other than Dracula. However, Richter gained new notoriety through his participation in the Super Smash Bros.. franchise.

The Castlevania the series’ popularity is at an all-time high thanks to Netflix’s anime adaptation. As one of the streamer’s biggest stars – thanks to hits like the witcher and Enola Holmes— Cavill has only said positive things about Netflix, hinting that their working relationship will likely continue. If Netflix ever wanted to bring Castlevania in live action, Cavill would be a no-brainer for the role of Richter.

Kratos – God of War

god of war kratos bad father dialogue mod

It seems fans see nearly every Hollywood actor as the perfect choice for Kratos, and any actor would be lucky to land the role. Possibly the best gaming figure in recent memory, Kratos can be incredibly likeable while being reprehensible and cruel, giving him a complex and nuanced characterization that few other video game characters have.

Cavill meets all the physical requirements to play a compelling Kratos: tall, imposing, and seemingly capable of beating anyone who crosses his path. The role of Kratos would be the perfect opportunity for Cavill to show off his acting skills, pushing himself further than ever.

Kaidan Alenko – Mass Effect

Kaidan in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect The franchise focuses on a distant future where humanity and several other extraterrestrial civilizations have explored and colonized most of the Milky Way. It’s an ambitious, bold, and often thought-provoking series that seems perfect for an equally dazzling live-action adaptation.

Cavill has previously expressed interest in playing a role in the live action Mass Effect, so there are chances that he participates in one way or another. He’d be great in many roles, but how can you not see him as the swoon-worthy Kaidan Alenko? Kaidan is hugely popular, in and out of the franchise, so having the king of the nerds playing him would be a match made in gaming heaven.

Cullen Rutherford – Dragon Age

Cullen looks serious in Dragon Age: Inquisition

fans of the dragon age franchise knows that Cullen Stanton Rutherford is the video game world‘s boyfriend. Sweet, loving, slightly stubborn, and far too shy for his own good, Cullen is a constant presence throughout the series but plays his most important role in Inquisition.

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Cavill seems like a no-brainer to bring Commander Cullen to life. Granted, he would need to dye his hair blonde, but if he can pull off Geralt’s trademark white hair, he can look good in anything. Cavill’s naturally stoic and charming personality would also be ideal for the Templar, who has captured the hearts of millions.

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze – Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection Best order to play Ezio Collection Cover games

The Assassin’s Creed The franchise has had several iconic protagonists, but Ezio Auditore da Firenze remains the best. Ezio is an Italian nobleman and assassin who is the protagonist of the early games in the series. The Italian Renaissance games were arguably the most successful in blending the branding concept of the series with real-life events, making them the most obvious choice for a live-action adaptation.

Cavill is one of Hollywood’s top action actors, known for his commitment to training and stunt work. His physique would suit the assassin perfectly, while his charming and intimidating personality is perfect for the loyal and brash Ezio.

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