10 Video Game Characters More Versatile Than Mario


Everyone knows and loves the green plumber who jumps on a pipe and wears a red hat and blue overalls. Whether rescuing a princess or using one of her many power-ups, Mario is a man of many talents and the king of adaptability. However, the legendary Super Mario isn’t the only video game character with a resume of practical skills.

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Some of the most popular and even newer characters deserve praise for their ability to adapt to different environments and situations. It takes years of training for someone to learn new traits, but for video game characters, it just takes an upgrade or a bit of trial and error.

10/10 The stray cat quickly adapts to an underground city

The Third Party Action Game 2022 Wander took the world by storm. It’s not every day that players jump onto buildings and run through bacteria-infested tunnels as an orange tabby. Cats have earned a reputation for being versatile creatures.

The nameless character in Wander wears the title well by adapting quickly to their new environment. After their harrowing fall into the dark underground civilization, the cat plods on and perseveres. Showing skills like climbing, jumping, and using a robot carrying a flashlight, the tabby frees the others and returns home.

9/10 Albert Wesker adapts to the prototype of the T virus

Albert Wesker might be one of the most hated villains in the game resident Evil franchise, but he’s one of the most compelling for a variety of reasons. The intelligent double agent was gifted enough that his physical strength increased after taking on a strain of the T-Virus. He survived several matches, easily escaping death and getting rid of anyone who got in his way.

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Players can agree that taking on Wesker, who casually throws down a few liners and takes balls like they’re rocks, is a challenge. No matter what is thrown at him, Wesker finds a way to survive. In resident evil 5Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar are the ones who took down the almost invincible man.

Hyrule’s Hylian hero, Link, remains one of pop culture’s most recognized characters. The pointy-eared blonde shows great skill with every iteration of Zelda games, but his most notable can be attributed to his skills in weaponry and mastery of puzzles.

While Link is great at climbing, running, and jumping through various environments, Link is best at wielding the Master Sword and Fairy Bow. Of course, he’s not just a skilled fighter and puzzle solver. He is also musically inclined, using the ocarina flute to play specific tunes.

7/10 Geralt is more emotionally and physically fit than most wizards

Many consider Geralt of Rivia to be one of the most skilled fighters among wizards, but he also seems more in tune with his personal emotions than most. Even though the Witcher-ification process of mutant soldiers nearly strips them of their humanity to make them better fighters, Geralt holds a minor semblance of his past.

Geralt’s adaptability to the different landscapes of the world and his ability to fight a multitude of enemies are an integral part of his character. However, his paternal care for Ciri and his personal attachment to Yennefer and Triss make him truly multi-layered.

6/10 Lara Croft always escapes near-death situations

Not always as respected as she should be, Lara Croft has proven her talents in a multitude of scenarios and environments. While she’s best in her natural environment of robbing tombs and solving puzzles in life or death situations, she’s equally adept at hand-to-hand combat and wielding a weapon in the event of an attack. need.

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The newest additions to Croft’s Adventures in The Rise of the Tomb Raider and even Shadow of the Tomb Raider are some of the best examples of his adaptability, physical strength and mental endurance. No matter the obstacle, Croft will dig in, find the solution and execute it.

5/10 Crash Bandicoot navigates varied environments with relative ease

Perhaps one of the most popular games of the 90s, Crash Bandicoot features the titular character in a multitude of conditions across numerous levels. Players can take Crash (or Coco) through levels that increase the challenge throughout the games. However, some levels are just plain hard.

Not only does the bandicoot jump over boxes, mobs, and platforms, but it also jumps through gaps of water, fire, and more just to grab a few crystals and make it to the end alive. Curiously, he is also good at scuba diving. While Aku Aku is useful against enemies, Crash prefers spinning, slamming, and jumping as a form of defense.

4/10 Ellie quickly learned how to survive after the apocalypse

The last of us brings players into a terrifying post-apocalyptic environment to follow Joel and Ellie through hordes of hostile humans and creepy clickers. A teenager in the first game, others want to use Ellie for her immunity.

Despite his grim situation, Joel’s job of escorting Ellie to Firefly turns into a family bond. Ellie even manages to crack a few jokes here and there. For someone so young, her ability to handle difficult world circumstances, as well as keeping herself and Joel alive, makes her an all-around candidate.

3/10 Kratos is always using new upgrades to defeat enemies

In God of the war, Kratos is a dedicated warrior who struggles to defeat the most powerful gods and mythological creatures. Even though he has a smaller stature than the giant beasts, his heightened abilities allow him to take down larger enemies.

Throughout the God of the war games, the “Ghost of Sparta” gradually learns new skills and unlocks different powers to destroy his enemies. Kratos’ most significant tweak comes in the latest addition to God of the warwhen he has a son, Atreus, to work with.

2/10 Nathan Drake can get out of the toughest situations

Although he’s too often compared to Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake has single-handedly earned the title of multi-talented treasure hunter. Unexplored gives the quick-witted fortune seeker a rich story to showcase their skills to the fullest.

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From pickpocketing as a Catholic orphan to navigating islands filled with grand puzzles and mercenaries, he never fails to make it out alive. Both in the water and out, through snow-capped mountains and suspended trains, Nate is good at thinking on his feet to survive and save a few artifacts along the way.

1/10 Spyro learns new tricks to get through difficult levels

The beloved purple dragon, spyro, is small but mighty in every game. The kid-friendly games aren’t particularly unique in gameplay, but they keep the titular character lovable until the end.

Like most games, Spyro starts with basic skills like running and jumping to move through more manageable levels and gradually learns new skills to overcome those with difficult obstacles. After getting all the abilities to hold fire, slide longer, and jump higher, Spyro can go back and run through previous levels to complete at 100%.

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