10 video game characters taller than Lady Dimitrescu


With the launch of Resident Evil: Village in the coming months, fans are finding creative ways to pass the time until its release. The recent Resident Evil Showcase celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic gaming franchise gave a better look at the European castle and village that players will soon be able to explore.

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Capcom even managed to reveal the height of everyone’s favorite evil giantess Lady Dimitrescu. She stands 9’6 ” tall, instantly making her one of the greatest video game characters in recent memory. Although a giant by humanoid standards, she could be intimidated by these 10 video game giants. One is literally a giant!

ten Metroid’s Kraid (9’8 “)

metroid nasty kraid

The world of Metroid games is full of weird and disgusting aliens of all shapes and sizes. One of the biggest enemies Samus has to take down is a reptilian alien with 3 eyes. Fans will definitely remember the character called Kraid.

This big, disgusting green beast stands at a height of 9’8 “; that makes him slightly taller than Lady Dimitrescu but only a few inches. That means she probably wouldn’t need the jumpsuit or clothes. weapons that Samus must give to Kraid fair fight whether on Earth or in space somewhere.


9 Pokemon Centiskorch (9’10 “)

pokemon centiskorch

Pokémon can come in different heights, with most final evolutionary shapes being two to three times the size of their base shape. Centiskorch is a Bug and Fire type from the Galar region who made his introduction to the series via Pokemon Sword & Shield, the first main entries in the franchise to release on Nintendo Switch.

The Radiator Pokemon, as it is called, is 9’10 “in length. It is not known how Lady Dimitrescu would fare against a giant insect like this, but it would not be surprising if it became her pet. company.

8 General Raam from Gears Of Wars (10 ‘)

gears of war general raam

Gears of War is a video game franchise centered around extremely muscular humans facing off against a threat seeking to take control of their Earth-like planet. When it came to a pretty physically imposing villain, the game had to feature something or someone of great stature.

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General Raam was the solution, and although the games had bigger beasts, Raam was just tall enough at 10 feet to be terrifying both physically and intellectually. Human Gears and the government struggled to try to come up with a strategy to take him down.

Giant elder scrolls skyrim

At this point in gaming culture, most avid gamers are familiar with the memes surrounding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its battles between mammoths and giants. The giants of the game were fierce adversaries that players avoided at all costs early in the game.

But after 50 hours, it wasn’t too difficult a task to take down the 11-foot-tall giants. They move rather slowly, which seems to be the main advantage Lady Dimitrescu would have over them. She’s not that fast herself, but she moves at a more human pace than them.

6 Nameless King of Dark Souls 3 (12 ‘)

dark souls 3 nameless king

When someone is seen as a king, they are automatically given that societal stature that describes them as a larger than life character. The Dark Souls 3 boss known as the “Nameless King” embodies this in a rather physical display of his power.

Many players consider him to be the toughest boss in the game. A big reason for this is due to his combination of speed and size. Not only does he go into battle on the back of a drake, he’s 12 feet tall. This makes him even more intimidating than his looks already do.

5 Ridley from Metroid / Smash Bros. (13 ‘)

metroid ridley

The second Metroid villain to make the list just happens to be the franchise’s most iconic and beloved antagonist: Ridley. This character was fortunate enough to join the Super Smash Bros. roster. where the general public could appreciate the size and gravity that this flying ptera creature brings.

The cunning god of death is 13 feet tall, which in itself is frightening. But that doesn’t take into account its wingspan or the length of its beak and head. It’s hard to imagine Lady Dimitrescu having a chance against him.

4 Ornstein from Dark Souls (17 ‘)

dark souls ornstein

Of the many Dark Souls bosses who could make this list, it seems most fitting that Ornstein be the one making the cut. He and Smough are relatively the same height, so just consider Smough to be on this list as well.

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Ornstein was one of Gwyn’s Knights and half of the most iconic fights in franchise history. The knight stands at around 17 ‘and, with her lightning speed and precision, would likely dismantle the tall female vampire known as Lady Dimitrescu residing in a castle of horrors and nightmares.

3 Shadow Of The Colossus Phalanx (554 ‘)

shadow of the flying colossus

Since Lady Dimitrescu dramatically conquered the internet, now is the time to cover the video game characters that eclipse her in comparison. The first of this group is the Colossus Phalanx from Shadow of the Colossus.

Although this hovering creature is very tall and measures around 554 feet long, it turns out to be the most peaceful and docile thing on this list. Each of its wings measures well over 60 feet, which means it could bring down Lady Dimitrescu simply by accident if it flew too close to the ground.

2 Cronos from God Of War (1600 ‘)

chronos god of war

The original trilogy and the new soft reboot of God of War are known to include moments of breathtaking scale when it comes to the characters featured in the game. The greatest titan featured in the series is Cronos who stood at around 1600 ‘and made Kratos look like an ant in comparison.

Just looking for a screenshot will show how insignificant Lady Dimitrescu would be next to Cronos. Kratos himself is standing just behind her at 7 ‘, but the image above makes it very clear that an extra meter wouldn’t make much of a difference.

1 Riftworm from Gears Of War (42,000 ‘)

rift worm war gears

It wouldn’t be an appropriate size list if a massive creature wasn’t highlighted. Riftworms were the only reason Locusts appeared in the Gears of War series. They created the Hollow by making paths with their bodies that were 800 meters wide. In terms of length, these terrifying nightmare beasts were between 8-10 miles long and a mile and a half wide.

By converting that to feet, these false gods reached a length of 42,000 feet. Lady Dimitrescu is a tall woman, but if she lived on Sera, she could easily have been accidentally swallowed just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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