10 Video Game Characters That Could Easily Be Played By Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves has played a multitude of roles over the years, starting with comedies such as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure before branching out into romantic dramas, action films and sci-fi blockbusters. He is currently enjoying new success as John Wick, one of the finest action heroes of the modern film age.

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He recently lent his likeness and voice to the video game Cyberpunk 2077, but Johnny Silverhand isn’t the only character he could play well. If certain video game franchises were ever adapted to the big screen, Keanu Reeves could certainly fill a number of key roles, and make them his own.


Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed)

Split image of Ezio and Keanu Reeves

In many ways, Ezio Auditore shares a lot with one of Keanu Reeves’ most powerful characters, John Wick. Both are cool, calm, and collected assassins who are capable of being pushed over the edge by the right set of circumstances. Both are extremely deadly characters who won’t hesitate to kill.

However, both also possess a code of honor, at least when it comes to the circle of assassins. Reeves would be an interesting choice for a live-action Assassin’s Creed adaptation, and his Ezio should siphon off a lot of John Wick, without duplicating the character in his entirety.

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Shared image of Solid Snake and Keanu Reeves

He may be missing the deep voice of the iconic Solid metal gear voice actor David Hayter, but Keanu Reeves could certainly put in a solid performance (no pun intended) as the franchise’s most popular hero. Solid Snake doesn’t say much, at least until he gets to know his comrades, but he still maintains a rough and cautious exterior.

Reeves plays many characters with the exact same traits, making him an easy choice. Her version of Snake would be different from the character fans know and love, but she would still follow the same pattern. Plus, he would look natural in a stealth suit, with a SOCOM gun on his hip.

Vincent Valentin (Final Fantasy VII)

Shared image of Vincent Valentine and Keanu Reeves

Final Fantasy VII is loaded with some of the most imaginative characters in gaming, and Reeves has room to slip into a character for a big-screen film adaptation. Should such a project ever get the green light, Reeves could (and should) play Vincent Valentine.

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Vincent is a very secretive and steely character, whom Reeves has no trouble portraying. Unfortunately, he’s currently a bit old to play the character, which means he’d probably have been in perfect shape in his thirties. Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing “what-if” to think of Reeves dressing up as Valentine in a starring role.

Corvo Attano (Dishonored)

Shared image of Corvo and Keanu Reeves

Corvo Attano’s character was relatively mute in the first Dishonored game, a stealth action title where players don’t need to kill the bad guy. However, the sequel actually gave him a voice, face, and personality that fleshed him out as an actual character, as opposed to an extension of the player.

Reeves bears the physical characteristics of Corvo, with a relatively similar voice. Plus, he’s played assassin roles before, so he just has to swap weapons for blades and other traditional weapons. His experience on the set of Matrix movies should cover that.

John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

Shared image of John Marston and Keanu Reeves

John Marston is a somewhat lively character in Red Dead Redemption, but Reeves could still channel a little more energy into summoning a great performance. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if he could also speak in a southern drawl, though Reeves’ past attempts to fake accents haven’t exactly gone over well.

Nonetheless, Reeves has a classic cowboy look, especially in this current chapter of his life. Give him a cowboy hat and a six-gun, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t sell himself as a rugged outlaw with a swinging moral pendulum.

Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)

Shared image of Leon Kennedy and Keanu Reeves

The Leon Kennedy portrayed in the resident Evil The games started off as relatively young and inexperienced, despite having a natural talent for handling a crisis situation. Reeves’ take on Kennedy would certainly showcase his more stoic aspects, making him one of the best resident Evil characters from across the franchise.

Kennedy tends to watch every situation before he moves, and he thinks quickly. He doesn’t panic, but reacts with quick reflexes and precise focus, which Reeves demonstrated with characters like John Wick. Seeing him mow down bio-horrors with a host of destructive weaponry would be a highlight.

Alucard (Castlevania)

Shared image of Alucard and Keanu Reeves

Alucard was described as rather pretty in Netflix’s animated adaptation of Castlevania, but the source material hints at an old and altered soul. Reeves specializes in playing characters who have been tested and survived to tell the tale. Additionally, his natural low-key personality allows him to cast tired eyes into the characters he plays.

With a few hair extensions and a bit of make-up in the same vein as the elves of the the Lord of the Rings movies, Reeves could easily turn into the dark, deranged son of the fearsome Count Dracula. He would have no problem handling the action scenes, and he would be able to do so with a sort of gothic grace befitting a supernatural being.

The Prince (Prince of Persia)

Shared image of Prince of Persia and Keanu Reeves

The titular Prince of Persia has already been adapted for the big screen in one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s most forgettable movie roles. However, Keanu Reeves could also take this character for a spin and make his mark with a performance that mimics the prince’s dark turn in the classic. The inner warrior after.

He already looks the part, but if he added some muscle and brushed up on his martial arts skills, he’d be a perfect fit. It’s hard to imagine Reeves pulling off the more jovial and optimistic Prince, but he could certainly paint him as a stone cold anti-hero.

Sam Gideon (Defeat)

Shared image of Vanquish and Keanu Reeves

Every once in a while, Keanu Reeves takes on a role that requires him to push the envelope and project a ton of energy. His low-key personality can make this difficult at times, especially if he feels like he’s trying to compensate by overdoing it. In the case of a game like win, however that would be a plus.

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Sam Gideon is the chain-smoking special ops soldier who walks around in battle-hardened armor to take down some of the most jaw-dropping enemies imaginable. A big screen adaptation of win would be pure action from start to finish, and it would be easy to see Reeves filling Gideon’s boots, while leaving his wild side for the audience to enjoy.

Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)

Shared image of Adam Jensen and Keanu Reeves

Of all the video game characters, Adam Jensen is perhaps the perfect digital representation of Keanu Reeves. Although the performances differ slightly, there is no doubt that Reeves could put himself in the shoes of Deus Ex’s cyborg super soldier, and make it his own.

He already has experience in cyberpunk films with Johnny Mnemonic and The matrix, one of his Reeves’ best films according to Letterboxd, which would have groomed him for the role. Seeing Reeves take down the bad guys with advanced cybernetic upgrades would be a highlight and one of Reeves’ most stunning performances to date.

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