10 Video Game Characters Too Angry To Die


There is usually a defining trait behind the motivations of many video game characters to carry out their quest/aspirations for world domination/desire to cause untold destruction, and in the case of many of them, it is anger.

We’re talking about consuming everything, fire burning in your eyes (sometimes literally), serpents seething in your stomach with anger here. The kind that gets people dismembering other people, tearing them half apart (also, sometimes literally) and drives that character to exact revenge on others.

In the case of some truly angry video game characters, they are so consumed by their rage that they have transcended death itself, fought their way out of the underworld, and back into the world, even more annoyed than they were nearly killed.

Here is the list of 10 of those very, very angry characters who are so overwhelmed with frustration and anger that they just can’t be killed anymore, just because they refuse to.

In fact, it’s in their enemies’ interest not to kill them, because they’ll only come back MORE pissed off!

There aren’t many people who scare the hearts of the demon horde (or whatever demons have in place of hearts), but Doom Guy is one of them.

Well known for his penchant for tearing everything up, this whirlwind of fury is only happy if he’s constantly surrounded by a barrage of blood, cuts, eyeballs, and entrails.

He’s always been angry enough to face any demon that comes his way, but in the game’s most recent reboots, Doom and Doom: Eternal, he’s never been such a force to be reckoned with. .

Every second Doom Guy roams Earth, Hell, or anything in between, he can move with astonishing speed, slicing demons to pieces with his chainsaw while blasting another in the face with a super shotgun before flying off with a grappling hook directly into another demon’s face before gouging out his eyeball.

You need to have a significant amount of internal anger to function like the Doom Guy does.

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