10 Video Game Characters Who Can Be Both Heroes And Villains

Since two professors were announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple in May, there was speculation among fans that each game’s teacher might have an antagonistic role in the opposing game.

The concept isn’t new, as many characters can play a heroic role in one game and a villainous role in another. Often the same deck will even have different paths on which a given character’s alignment differs. Regardless of what qualifies them as defectors, these characters are all interesting to examine on a moral level.



Catherine is one of the two female protagonists of Catherineand one of the three main love interests of Catherine: The whole body. His supernatural powers allow him to get away with a lot of questionable acts in the games.

Katherine is a game best known for its ability to have both “bad endings” with Catherine and Katherine and good endings. The different courses make the game a very visual game inspired by the novel. The girls can go so far as to kill Vincent or even marry him, depending on the route. It all depends on whether the player plays his cards right.

Cole MacGrath

Cole MacGrath is one of the protagonists of the Infamous series. He gained the power of electrokenesis in an explosion and embarks on an adventure that tests his morality.

Through Infamous and Infamous 2, Cole experiences many opportunities to shape his morality. Decisions made by the player will move Cole towards good or evil. Depending on Cole’s morality change, his lightning bolt will also change color. A good Cole will have white/blue lightning, while a bad Cole will have red/black lightning.


Xander is one of the two main heads of the families of Fire Emblem: Fates. Prince Nohrian is a powerful force to be reckoned with, but his morality changes significantly depending on the game.

In Fire Emblem: Conquest Xander is a loving older brother in his family who does his best to save people while obeying his father’s orders. However, in Birthright Xander is a monstrous and vengeful prince who follows his father’s orders without question. Xander even kills his sister Elise in BirthrightSomething Conquest Xander would never think of doing it.


Maxie is the leader of Team Magma, a group dedicated to the earth. It works like Pokémon Ruby main antagonist and one of the villains Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon is an incredibly beloved series, and few games are as beloved as Ruby and Sapphire. Fans usually remember Maxie’s role in Ruby but may not remember that he was also in Sapphire. However, in Sapphire, Maxie and Team Magma aren’t villains. They’re just trying to stop Archie and Team Aqua, and even help the player.


Archie is the fearless leader of Team Aqua, a team devoted to the sea. However, the extremism (or lack thereof) of their devotion depends on the game the player has chosen.

Archie is a scary boss battle that can end challenges like Nuzlockes in a flash with his Sharpedo. However, the iconic villain is actually just a villain in Sapphire. Unlike his counterpart Maxie, Archie is a supporting cast member in Ruby who does his best to help the player take down Maxie and Team Magma.


Byleth is the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and a minor antagonist in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. In the latter game, they can also be a recruitable ally.

Byleth is interesting because their morality is variable in both games, while they are the protagonist and antagonist in the other. This gives Byleth a unique position in fiction. They can be a good protagonist, a bad protagonist, a bad antagonist, or a good antagonist. He’s one of the most customizable characters in any video game, from his looks to his morals.

Alternate Dim/Ringabel

Two of the main characters of A brave omission are actually the same person from two different dimensions. One is the Dark Knight Alternis Dim, the other is the beloved hero of light Ringabel.

Through A brave omission, more and more versions of Alternis are discovered. It turns out that character alignment can change drastically depending on dimension, with some Alternsis helping or hurting more than others. Only one thing remains consistent through all the Ringbals and Alternis: their love for Edea.

star killer

Starkiller is The Force UnleashedDarth Vader’s protagonist and Darth Vader’s apprentice. Starkiller starts out as a sith no matter what, but has options he can take towards the endgame.

The Force Unleashed is one of the best star wars games there, and Starkiller is a big part of the game’s narrative success. At the end of the game, Starkiller is presented with two options. First, they can join the light side by aiding Vader and defeating Emperor Palpatine. Or, they can choose the dark side by helping Palpatine kill Vader.


Dimitri is the leader of the Blue Lions and one of the best characters in the fire emblem series. He is best known for his intense rivalry with (and eventual hatred for) his relative Edelgard.

Dimitri is one of the best characters of both Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and his original game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Both games’ multi-route options give Dimitri the option to align himself with the protagonist or follow a much darker route. Depending on the route, Dimitri can be either the player’s most reliable ally or his most dangerous opponent.

Skyrim player character

The Skyrim protagonist is one of the most customizable characters in any game. Players can do just about anything they want with their character, including warping their morality and alignment.

Although not as obvious as in some other games, some questlines in Skyrim are certainly of dubious morality and can send the player character down a slippery slope. games like Infamous may have large dazzling displays that tell the player they are moral or immoral, but Skyrim players will have to decide this for themselves based on their actions.

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