10 Video Game Characters Who Look Like Arya Stark From Game Of Thrones

In The iron Throne, Arya Stark is one of the major characters from her first episode to her very last. Of all the actors, Arya travels the farthest and does the most, with audiences getting to watch every step of her journey.

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What makes her so compelling is the combination of tropes that make up her character and the tremendous amount of development she undergoes. While she’s a distinctive character with a unique backstory, there are characters in other media that look a lot like her – and video games are no exception.

ten Dimitri takes a very dark turn

An important part of Arya Stark is that while she’s still a likeable character, her development takes her down a dark path. During The iron Throneshe goes from a wide-eyed young girl who dreams of living as a warrior queen to a ruthless assassin who orchestrates the murder of an entire house without hesitation.

Although their methods are different, it resembles Dimitri’s journey in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As the game progresses, Dimitri’s actions of revenge become darker and darker, and it’s only because the player sees him before he takes a dark turn that he remains the least friendly world.

9 Ezio Auditore spends years getting revenge on his family

Revenge is by no means an uncommon motivation in fiction. A large number of characters, both heroic and villainous, have been motivated by righting the wrongs done to them or their loved ones. Arya is driven almost entirely by revenge, eager to hunt down those who have wronged her or her family.

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In Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, these things motivate Ezio Auditore from Firenze. He spends twenty years in the second game unraveling the plot behind his family’s execution and working his way through it, then wages war on the papacy in the third game to avenge his uncle. Arya and Ezio are devoted to their surviving family members and even overcome the need for revenge. Revelations shows a wiser and calmer Ezio.

8 Clementine is a young girl who suffers from extreme trauma

Clementine is the protagonist of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series, a young girl forced to survive the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. Clementine begins the first game as a sweet and innocent child, without mischief to anyone and who relies on others to survive. However, as she loses loved ones and ages, her trauma turns her into a hardened and lonely person.

This same journey occurs with Arya. Even after leaving King’s Landing and surviving the Purge there, Arya travels through the Riverlands with a changing array of companions, all of whom either leave her or are killed. Each time she grows colder, becoming one of the The iron Thronedarker characters. She becomes so lonely that she chooses to leave the continent at the end of season 8.

7 Thane Krios is a highly ritualized assassin

Although she is a capable fighter and initially dreams of being a great warrior, Arya is better suited to be an assassin. Younger and smaller than most warriors in Westeros, she achieves great things using stealth and cunning. Similarly, Thane Krios of Mass Effect 2 can hold his own in a fight but has become prolific as an assassin rather than a soldier.

The two have great similarities in how they murder people. Thane is explicitly religious about it, offering prayers to three gods before each kill and operating by code. Arya also has a ritual element to her killings, spending years reciting a prayer made up of people she wants to kill before sleeping.

6 Zevran is the most unscrupulous hero in the game

Zevran Arainai is a companion of Dragon Age: Origins, a thug who respects some of the worst notions of the class. While on the side of heroes, and potentially deeply loyal to the Guardian and his other companions, Zevran has even fewer qualms than some more openly evil companions.

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Always happy to suggest the use of poison or other dirty tactics, Zevran unsettles other companions with his pragmatism. Likewise, while Arya is on the side of good in The iron Throne, she is the most pragmatic of her siblings and indeed of the entire North-Targaryen alliance.

5 Lara Croft develops steel over time

A common trope in fiction is that a character becomes tougher and colder as a result of the trauma they have suffered. While the Lara Croft of the original grave robber games is suggested to be a somewhat ruthless hero from the beginning, the rebooted series (from 2013 grave robber) shows the player what she looked like before becoming a morally obscure archaeologist.

Lara Croft starts out pretty ordinary but the horrific circumstances of grave robber and The Rise of the Tomb Raider turn her into a much darker person. At time Shadow of the Tomb RaiderLara acts with far fewer moral concerns and is driven to achieve her goals no matter what, mirroring Arya in later seasons of The iron Throne.

4 Mira adopts a ruthless front out of fear

A major theme of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is that things are often deeper than they appear, with many of the player’s companions revealing a hidden side to them once they open up to exile. One of the biggest revelations comes from Mira, who for much of The Sith Lords appears to be a cold, no-nonsense bounty hunter with only the slightest hints of a soft side.

If the player gets to know Mira, she reveals that her ruthless pragmatism is a facade. In reality, she is a frightened orphan who grew up in criminal environments. This parallels Arya, who only engages in dangerous behavior after several terrifying encounters where she is powerless. In Season 8, Arya still proves to be not above fear.

3 Jason Brody sinks deeper and never resurfaces

Arya’s turn to cruelty is well documented. Beginning by ordering assassinations for her own benefit, she goes so far as to kill Walder Frey’s sons and feed them to her. She also threatens to kill and replace Sansa to maintain the appearance of a feud between the sisters.

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There are parallels with Jason Brody in Far Cry 3. An ordinary college student thrust into a terrifying life-or-death situation, Brody grows increasingly ruthless over time, even torturing his own brother to avoid blowing his cover. Unlike Arya who overcomes her darker side, Jason Brody never does. The best ending to his game has him admitting he’s a freak.

2 Atreus is told of his coldness by a father figure

A complex relationship in The iron Throne is the one between Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane, the Dog. Initially, Sandor is a high-profile name on Arya’s kill list, while all he cares about is ransoming her to those close to her. They develop a relationship after several life-or-death scrapes, with Sandor eventually admitting that he is her guardian.

When they reunite, the attention is more evident and Sandor tells Arya about a suicidal vendetta. In God of War (2018), Atreus has little relationship with Kratos due to years of distance. He takes a dark turn when he learns he is a god, torturing opponents and shooting his father. At a critical moment, however, Kratos is able to talk to his son and change him for the better.

1 Ellie Williams throws almost everything for revenge

The Last of Us: Part 2 is a game about hate and revenge. After Abby Anderson kills Joel to avenge her father, Ellie embarks on a quest to hunt her down. This quest sees her suffer and results in the death and injury of many of her friends and loved ones.

The game’s third act is largely driven by Ellie throwing away her peaceful life with Dina in hopes of revenge, only to have her turn away at the last second. This also happens to Arya Stark in Season 8, who travels to King’s Landing to kill Cersei instead of staying with her siblings. In the end, Arya leaves without wasting her life in a futile effort for revenge.

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