10 video game characters who share a birthday with famous people


Birthdays are a way to remember someone while they are still alive or honor them after they pass away. Novels rarely, if ever, indicate a character’s birthday. It would interrupt the course of history. With the introduction of video games, more and more writers are taking care to include the moment someone is born so that their life takes place in an active world, not a metaphysically timeless world. While some people may not hear it during a play session, features like character biographies usually specify it.

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It is quite possible that these dates of birth correspond to a person born in the story. The vast majority of the time they’re unlikely pairs, but there’s always a hint of similarity waiting for you.

Later in this piece there will be a Danganronpa 2 spoiler, so keep that in mind.

Lara Croft and Jimmy Hoffa – February 14

Whenever a mystery is involved, Lara Croft is on the case. Jimmy Hoffa mysteriously disappeared in 1975 and was pronounced dead in 1982. The pandemonium in which his remains are located continues to this day, and they are generally believed to be in a Jersey landfill somewhere.

Lara has also been shown not to stay within the borders. Traveling to Paris, Bolivia, the South Pacific and more, she wouldn’t turn her nose at such an opportunity. Either way, the writers could still take a fictitious license that Hoffa was the holder of an incredible Italian artifact. Didn’t stop them in others Grave robber Games.


JC Denton and Kurt Russell – March 17

The protagonist gushing axiom of Deus Ex has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. His mug has featured on almost every social media app, as well as praise for the game‘s actual history. Plus, most people have probably seen at least one Kurt Russell movie in their lifetime, than this. either Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Escape from New York, or The Thing.

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A fairly small coincidence is that they are both 5’11. And yes: “We thought they would be bigger.

Aloy and Dorothea Dix – April 4

Both Aloy and Dorothea Dix have shown their appreciation for the humanity that resides within each person. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy was forced to learn that without a birth mother, her situation was less favorable than others. Dix observed that people with mental health issues were not being treated properly and wanted to change that. These challenges made them fight for what they believe in, not on empty platitudes, but because it saved lives.

In a way, their religious upbringing influenced these beliefs. Because the matriarchs disputed Aloy’s unnatural birth, she wanted to do things her own way. Dix’s fundamentalist father abused her while her mother suffered from an illness that caused her to flee at a very young age.

Nagito Komaeda and Ferruccio Lamborghini – April 28

A sort of reversal of one another, Nagito of Dangonronpa 2 was born rich while Lamborghini was born in humble circumstances. Intelligence pushed Lamborghini far, as he was fascinated by machines and saw an immediate effect through his undertakings. Nagito has had many ups and downs that have defined the trajectory of his entire life. Lamborghini died a rich man with many accomplishments. Nagito died suddenly in Dangonronpa 2.

It is interesting that on the official Lamborghini website they draw attention to the fact that he was a Taurus – strong and determined. A lot of people interpret astrological qualities in a way, but for Nagito, his luck was finally cut short.

Chrom and André 3000 – May 27

Chrom and Andre 3000 are both strong advocates for justice in different senses. They just aren’t afraid to speak their mind; in André 3000’s case, prejudice and racism; and, in Chrom’s case, tyranny. Ultimately, these two are quite genuine in their actions.

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They both started young too. In their twenties, they were ready to take on the world, and that didn’t stop them from accomplishing some pretty amazing things.

Sonya Blade and Edward Snowden – June 21

Part of what makes the military and government so strict is the emphasis on tradition. What happens when you go against this tradition in order to expose certain evils is usually unfavorable. In fiction it sounds exciting, but in reality every day is a battle for your life or your privacy.

While Sonia sticks to her missions throughout the series, Snowden has left the CIA in order to fight for collective liberation. During their lifetimes, the two found themselves in rough waters. The bottom line is that if they don’t, no one else will.

Ryu and Ernest Hemingway – July 21

Masters of their trade, Ryu and Hemingway channel their lived experiences through their professed art. They are nomads, worldly, and not without serious trauma. There’s a lot to be said for the influence these two had on video games and literature, respectively.

According to street fighter Wiki, Ryu was born in 1964, 3 years after Hemingway’s death. One wonders what kind of books Ryu is drawn to in his adult life.

Cloud Strife and Hulk Hogan – August 11

If Cloud weighed around 100 pounds heavier and had a tendency to drop Shinra soldiers’ legs, perhaps it would be possible to see a resemblance here. Really, Cloud prefers to fight with a sword, but Hogan would probably swing it a few times before deciding it wasn’t for him.

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Hogan and Cloud are both icons. You talk about wrestling, people think of Hulk Hogan. You mention Final Fantasy, heck even the spiky-haired anime boys, people think of Cloud. People are entitled to their other favorites, but it is undeniable.

Ann and Anne Hathaway – November 12

It’s a little tenuous to relate to people by similar names, but these two women managed to put on “masks”. Hathaway found a structure in taking action. Now she is remembered for being Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and Fantine in Les Misérables.

In Persona 5, Ann awakens her character as she is trapped in Kamoshida’s lair. It shows the authority and the determination not to be what someone else says she is. The motivation behind Ann’s transformation is admirable.

Bayonetta and Jake Gyllenhaal – December 19

Some people are judged primarily on their appearance. Both Bayonetta and Gyllenhaal are subjects of it, appearing on lists as “sexy” and “flirty”. Of course, Bayonetta welcomes that as part of her charm and character, and Gyllenhaal embodies much more than that through her films.

They also have rich family histories. The Gyllenhaal family have their own noble coat of arms and Bayonetta’s mother was a witch of Umbra – a very powerful profession indeed.

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