10 Video Game Characters With Exactly The Same Powers


Video games all share a similar goal: to be engaging experiences. Each game accomplishes this differently, but one of the easiest ways is to give players an arsenal of tools to complete challenges or give them superpowers to complete tasks they otherwise couldn’t. Combined with equal challenge, giving players a large arsenal of tools will make anyone feel powerful.

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With tens of thousands of games in existence, not every game can have a unique gimmick or power for players. Those who do are generally valued for their originality, but those who copy other ideas are rarely mentioned. Here are 10 video game characters who have the same powers or abilities.

ten Master Chief and Locke (Halo)

They may be from the same game, but Chief and Locke are different types of Spartans. Master Chief is an older Spartan-II, while Locke is a newer Spartan-IV.

Despite this, both characters share the same abilities when players control one of them in Halo 5. They can each slide, cover each other with objects, and slam the ground into the air. It seems odd that different generations share the same abilities, even though Master Chief couldn’t do many of those things in another episode.


9 Nomad and Sam Fisher (Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell)

Sam Fisher is one of the most iconic stealth characters in gaming, which is something Ghost Recognition don’t focus on. However, people who have played either game will notice a great similarity.

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Both games let you mark and run targets in quick succession. Burst Cell Conviction It was the first time Sam could do that, and wild lands This is the first time that players in this game can do the same using their team. The icons and animations are also somewhat similar, which isn’t too over the top considering both games were made by Ubisoft.

8 Max Payne and John Marston (Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption)

Western movies and video games typically portray protagonists with quick wits and equally sharp reflexes, knocking down opponents with a flick of the wrist.

Turns out NYPD crack Max Payne can do the same thing as John Marston of Red Dead Redemption. Both have the ability to slow down time and take their time to line up their shots. Marston can line up shots before executing them quickly in red death, while Max slows time overall to do the same thing but also dodge incoming bullets. Functionally, it’s the same thing. In execution, both are equally stunning to behold.

seven Doomslayer and Daniel Garner (DOOM 2016 and Painkiller)

Slaying Hell’s demons is a well-known pastime of the Doomslayer, the protagonist of the 2016 reboot of LOSS. He gets stronger by killing demons, gaining health and ammo for each kill.

It turns out that Daniel Garner, the protagonist of the fantastic Pain killer, is not very different. Daniel is instructed by Sammael – an angel from heaven – to kill Lucifer’s lieutenants. Players spend most of the game killing demons and absorbing their souls to gain health and eventually turn into a demon as a bonus. This bonus works the same way as the Berserk bonus in LOSS, allowing players to instantly kill enemies for a short time.

6 Domasia “Tommy” Tawodi and Chell (Prey 2006 and Portal)

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These two characters don’t have innate powers like the other members of this list, but they both use the same mechanism through the levels: portals.

Tommy spends most of his time in the 2006s Prey navigate an alien spaceship, filled with ever-changing portals and gravity. Rest Portal may not be in an alien ship, but she is in an equally alien lab run by an AI, using her Portal Gun to complete each experiment to ultimately escape.

5 Batman and Rico Rodriguez (Batman Arkham Knight and Just Cause)

What do a superhero and a crazy mercenary have in common? They both love grappling hooks, both for traversal and combat.

batman arkham knight allows players to use the Batclaw to dash across rooftops at high speed or close ranged enemies in battle. In just cause, Rico can use the hook to pass through buildings, jump on cars, pull enemies towards him, or even destroy buildings with it. One may use it more generously than the other, but there’s no denying that a simple grappling hook is a key gadget for both of these characters.

4 Jack and Gordon Freeman (Bioshock and Half-Life)

Dystopian settings are prone to powerful protagonists, whether from interesting gadgets or superpowers. It turns out that Jack from Bioshock and Gordon Freeman of half life have a lot in common.

Plasmids in Bioshock give players, for lack of a better term, magic. They can shoot lightning bolts, throw fireballs, and use telekinesis. Gordan Freeman, though not a lightning throwing scientist, is well versed in physics with his trusty Gravity Gun seen in Half Life 2. Who knew barrels could kill so well?

3 Revan and the Exile (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

These two do the same thing for different purposes. Revan was a catalyst for the Force itself, being an all-powerful Force-wielder of both the light side and the dark side. Exile influenced others by being a hole in the force, escaping from everything.

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Mechanically, this meant that both characters could influence their companions in Knights of the Old Republic become Jedi or Sith. Story-wise, this holds a lot of weight on your character’s past and actions, especially in KOTOR 1. Although their abilities are opposite, they functionally did the same thing in both games by allowing players to quickly learn new Force powers and influence others. In addition, both were amnesiacs.

2 Ezio and Steve from Minecraft (Assassin’s Creed and Minecraft)

Assassin’s Creed is a game about traversing a large city, assassinating targets in ways that are both visible and grand. Minecraft is a game based on the exploration and creativity of the players.

Both games also allow players to fall into hay bales, negating most, if not all, fall damage. Players can fall from watchtowers tens of meters high while surviving the fall, while players from Minecraft can build hay bales to fall into to take significantly less fall damage. Turns out assassins and builders have some things in common.

1 Wolverine and Call of Duty protagonists (X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Call of Duty)

The game derived from the film of the same name, X-Men Origins: Wolverine allows players to control the iconic hero, hack and slash enemies while regenerating all damage taken.

Whether intentional or coincidental, almost all the protagonists of Call of Duty-excluding WW2 and the first episode – can regenerate their health at unrealistic rates in the middle of a battle. Soldiers may not have claws protruding from their knuckles, but they can take a tank blast as well as Wolverine.

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