10 Video Game Characters With Guns, Ranked By Firepower


Guns are one of the oldest tropes in video games, and for good reason. The fact that a character forgoes a manipulator in favor of a more powerful weapon that they cannot be separated from tells the player that this game will be about one thing and one thing only: shooting stuff.

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Even though other playstyles are present, having a weapon always present on screen and integrated into a character’s design demonstrates that the player must always be ready to hit that fire button and have the character execute their commands. will be very, very good at it. However, not all weapon users are created equal. Some pack more firepower than others, and some make players wonder why they bothered with the gun arm in the first place.

ten E-102 Gamma is sweet, but no potency

e102gamma Sonic the Hedgehog

Doctor Eggman/Robotnik invented this weapon-launching enemy robot from the Sonic frankness, but he turned against him to release the animals he was holding captive. He was the first robot character to be fully playable in a Sonic game, quite a feat for a series with a strong stance on the natural versus artificial argument.

Its origin lies in the games really needing a character with ranged abilities, but the designers felt it was inappropriate to give Sonic himself a weapon. E-102 was a fun inclusion in the Sonic franchise, but he doesn’t bring much power to the table compared to other Gunners.

9 Mul-T opts for quantity over quality

MULT Chance of Rain 2 with Fire Wisps in the Air

One of the first characters to unlock in the sequel to the indie action game Chance of rain 2, MUL-T is a versatile robot that trades brute force for versatility.

He can switch between different modes with his primary weapon, either a fast-firing nail gun, slow-firing rebar launcher, explosive scrap launcher, or jigsaw that deals damage and pulls the bot forward. ‘before. MUL-T is not a pure battery power, but this little robot can get the job done no matter what it asks.

8 X-COM Sectoids have been improved, but are still cannon fodder

XCOM Sectoids

The sectoids of the XCOM Streaks are grunt enemies in the first game, looking like classic depictions of gray aliens or little green men. Even in their earliest form, these little monsters can pack a punch with their arm-mounted weapons.

Things only get more dangerous in X-COM 2 as the sectoids combine with human DNA to create a hybrid creature that is more menacing, more telepathically capable, and more dangerous with its gun-arm. These creatures rank lower on the list partly because they’re early to mid-level enemies in games, and partly because their arm cannons barely qualify as “firearms.”

seven Mii Gunner joins the battle but struggles to keep up

Smash Bros Mii Outfits

This gun-wielding character can be almost anything the player imagines, including himself. One of three Mii fighters available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the Mii Gunner brings intense heat and variety to battle.

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This blank canvas is an opportunity for players to create their own ridiculous fighter and for developers to include costumed versions of characters who can’t be full-fledged fighters, including Sans de Subtitle, Genon of Super Mario RPG, and the tails of Sonic.

6 Barret Wallace is a super dad with a super strong arm

Barrett Wallace FF7 remake

This cyber-punk has a Gatling-style gun mounted to his arm which he uses in his battle to save the planet through the various slices of the world. Final Fantasy VII meta-franchise.

In the 2020 remake of this classic Square-Enix RPG, Barret’s firepower is rendered in beautiful detail for a whole new generation of gamers and consoles. Barret credits the philosophy that the best defense is a strong offense, and he will bring all the balls within reach to defend those he loves.

5 Clawitzer can sink a ship, no tech required

Pokemon Clawitzer

Clawitzer is a Pokemon introduced in the Gen 6 games, and it brings some serious natural firepower. Inspired by the pistol shrimp, Clawitzer is able to fire powerful compressed water cannonballs by snapping his claw.

In Pokemon Shield, Clawitzer’s Pokedex entry reads “Clawitzer’s right arm is a cannon that launches projectiles into seawater. Shots from a Clawitzer’s cannon arm can sink an oil tanker.” Real-life pistol shrimp use their powerful claws to stun their prey, but Clawitzer aims much higher.

4 Super Battle Droids (Republic Commando version) can solo a clone squad

Star Wars Republic Commando Super Battle Droid

The battle droids of star wars aren’t known for their strength or combat prowess, and in the movies, the super variant is no different. But in the 2005 game Republic Commando (remastered for Switch and PS4 in 2021), that’s a whole different story. These hulking and sinister figures are one of the toughest droid enemies in the game, requiring teamwork, special equipment, and quite a bit of luck to defeat them.

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If Delta Squad isn’t careful, they may find themselves mowed down by just one of these walking tanks. They have a few weaknesses that can be exploited to make them easier to take down, but Commandos will have to try their luck under a hail of laser fire.

3 Mega Man has a powerful gun arm that is also upgradable

Megaman shoots bullets at a snake

The titular android of the mega man series, this blue robot wields a cannon known as the Mega Buster on its left arm. The arm-mounted weaponry that fires blasts of colored light is enough to take out anyone who might stand in its way.

Possessing both a rapid-fire mode and a reloadable attack that deals more damage, Mega Man’s Mega Buster has a variety of upgrades obtainable in any game he appears in. He uses it wisely to defeat all manner of less friendly others. robots. Although they pose a threat, they all inevitably fall before the power of the Mega Buster

2 Magmortar can annihilate all but the toughest metals

Pokémon Magmortar and Magmar

Magmortar is the evolved form of Magmar, everyone’s favorite fire duck Pokémon. After evolving, Magmortar is ditching its hands in favor of cannons capable of launching fireballs over 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit, according to its Diamond and Pearl Pokédex entries.

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It’s a miracle that any Pokémon can withstand the insane firepower offered by this beast, especially since 3,600 degrees is hot enough for platinum, titanium, and a solid majority of the rest of the periodic table. . Anyone who thought it was a good idea to give one to a ten-year-old needs to look at their priorities.

1 Fallout’s Sentrybots Are A Late Game Opponent With Even More Powerful Variants

Fallout Sentry Bot with level screen

The most powerful robots found in the wastelands of the capital of Fallout 3, these behemoths are equipped with Gatling lasers, miniguns, rocket launchers and grenades. They are one of the toughest enemies to face in the game, and Fallout 4 improved the game with the even more powerful Siege breaker and Annihilator variants.

While the player can disable their combat inhibitors, these monstrosities can still be used to their advantage. Sentrybots represent some of the most powerful characters wielding weapons instead of hands, and they demonstrate the heights that can be reached when sacrificing any option but violence.

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