16 Popular Fat Video Game Characters

Have you ever thought about those big video game characters? I mean, their obese weight and somewhat sluggish gameplay may excite some and annoy others.

But overall, these characters have a comedic nature meant to entertain players of their respective games. This list contains big characters from popular video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, etc.

In this article, I have selected some popular video games with their famous fat characters for your reading pleasure.

Let’s find out about them individually, shall we?

King Hippo (Mike Tyson Punch-Out!!)

First on this list of big video game characters is King Hippo. In Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! King Hippo is the most outstanding person in the World Video Boxing Association, being the main person who does not have a paddle exchange.

His protection is invulnerable until he opens his mouth. Hippo discovers his only flaw when his mouth is touched: his excessively massive trunks start to collapse and he has to keep pulling them up while trying to fight off Little Mac’s body punches.

Remarkably, King Hippo has no potential star chance and in that sense needs to be hit with regular punches. Anyway, when Little Mac lands on King Hippo, he doesn’t get up.

CJ (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Second, on this list of big video game characters is CJ. To add to the “authenticity” of GTA: San Andreas, eating unwanted measures of unhealthy foods caused the player character CJ to have the ability to increase his weight with episodes of eating significantly.

It can hamper gameplay, players’ running speed, climbing skills, and driving pace. Luckily, however, CJ can recover his build by consuming fewer calories and exercising.

Dr Salvador (Resident Evil 4)

Donning an empty potato sack and wielding a massive chainsaw, Dr. Salvador approaching you means death in no time. Assuming he has figured out how to approach you, your head will undoubtedly come into quick contact with the ground.

Lazy but versatile, it takes a few shotgun blasts to take him down. Due to his large size, Dr. Salvador is one of the big characters in video games.

Fat Chocobo (Final Fantasy III)

One of the repetitive characters in the Final Fantasy series, the fat Chocobo, is an important ally. Presenting himself as a regular Chocobo aside from his colossal size, he stored players’ belongings by eating them.

In Final Fantasy IX, he figured out how to have it crafted, becoming the leader of all the Chocobo. Congratulations. For being a heavy and useful storage gadget and massive obliteration weapon, the Fat Chocobo earns a spot on this list of big video game characters.

Bo Rai Cho (Mortal Kombat: Mortal Alliance)

He’s the drunk master we first met in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. He taught Liu Kang everything he knew.

Bo Rai Cho can pull off some really great moves, such as throwing the objects in his alcohol-extended belly at his rivals, delivering deadly farts to his enemies, and crushing opponents with his weight.

Due to his slightly obese stature, Bo Rai Cho earns a spot on this list of fat video game characters.

Kirby (Kirby’s Dream Land)

This video game hero, whose body is so round it encompasses a perfect circle, will eat just about anything that isn’t secure. He truly gains his unique powers by consuming his rivals. For having a hunger that must be attributed to a dark opening in his stomach, Kirby is one of the big characters in video games.

Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Being Sonic’s most despised enemy, the great specialist invested too much energy in the lab and didn’t have enough leisure. When it comes to getting anywhere, Robotnik seems to use his legs when fundamental.

He likes to use his robots to do most errands, such as getting the TV remote after it falls off the lounge chair.

After a few liposuction surgeries and eating less junk food, Robotnik figured out how to get the look he always wanted. Such unhealthy eating habits make him one of the big characters in video games.

Wario (Mega MicroGame$)

Wario is indeed one of the fattest characters in video games. First off, appearing as the main antagonist of Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins, this hulking, mannered, insatiable Wario has many characteristics that make him radically different from other video game heroes and are key to explaining why he is so important.

His hobbies include overeating desserts, cakes, and garlic, watching TV, resting, nose picking, and brainstorming plans to earn big bucks with the least amount of effort.

Instead of becoming a television network executive, he started his video game company, where he got his companions to create mini-games without pay.

Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

The big boss of the Legend of Zelda establishment, the mighty Ganondorf, holds one of the top positions on this list, which is inferred from the incredible awesomeness shown through his various appearances. In his underlying appearance, he is a remarkably robust person in his pig-like build.

Yet after multiple efforts to defeat Hyrule that ended in disappointment, Ganon stuck with his human frame, hit the exercise center, and transformed into the sorcerous, muscular boss we see him kill in the game. After the last confrontation, Ganondorf was locked up in the sacred domain.

Bearing in mind that it took many years, Ganondorf developed the type of beard usually associated with Scandinavian lumberjacks.

When he made his long-awaited return in the Wind Waker, the distinctions between human Ganondorf and his pig-like structure were considerably less clear.

His rippling muscles have been superseded by something different that deflects, and he’s taken to wearing huge loose robes to hide his figure.

However, Ganondorf had erased long periods of severe dieting and exercise routines, showing that he had lost none of his fighting ability. Ganondorf’s excellent fighting abilities and obese size make him one of the big characters in video games.

Chang Koehan (King of Fighters series)

This South Korean character is 7’5″ tall and usually weighs between 448 and 668 pounds. He is a serial criminal and a taekwondo student. He likes to use his iron ball to erase things. He hates centipedes and perilous drilling. He loves to eat fully roasted cows and play table tennis.

King Krool (Donkey Kong Series)

“Krudd”, Kommander K. Rool, Kaptain K. Rool, Doctor Baron K. Roolenstein, King Krusha K. Rool, K. Blockhead and King Scaleface, this male Kremling Kritter hails from Crocodile Isle.

He currently lives in Mobile Island Fortress. King K. Rool is the deranged antagonist of the Donkey Kong games.

He is the malevolent leader of the Kremling Race and the Kremling Krew, who continually threaten the Kongs, and he is also Donkey and Diddy Kong’s main rival. His tall stature makes him one of the fattest characters in video games.

Wong Who (final fight series)

Wong is a fat Asian character with a black hat haircut and a Fu Manchu mustache. He wears a casual white button-up shirt with suspenders and green jeans. He has a huge tiger tattoo on his back.

Born in the United States on March 8, he prefers Farage and sweet foods and hates nonsense. He weighs 471 pounds and is 6’3″ tall. He has black eyes and is blood type O. He is one of the big video game characters.

Bob (Tekken series)

Bob is a famous hand-to-hand combat marvel from the United States. A once handsome and slender competitor, Bob competed in various competitions and was adored by fans and the spotlight.

Bob’s only flaw with unlimited speed was his lack of strength, causing him to suffer tremendously when battling against bigger and bigger opponents than himself.

Not entirely determined to win, Bob decided to increase his weight by stuffing himself, ensuring he wouldn’t lose his speed all the time.

After effectively transforming, Bob unexpectedly returned to a new martial arts competition as the ideal blend of speed and weight.

The group, in any case, didn’t appreciate this and saw his continued appearance as a sorry excuse for his former self.

Not to be impacted by such gossip, Bob quickly entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to step back into the spotlight and demonstrate that his mix would be preeminent. He is one of the big video game characters.

Rufus (street fighter)

He is an overweight American kung fu warrior and a self-proclaimed opponent of Ken Masters, regardless of his opponent’s misunderstanding with him. He weighs 408 pounds and is 6’5″ tall. He has blue eyes and light hair.

He was born on July 30 and had blood type O. He loves bikes and his sweetheart Candy but can’t stand Ken. He fights with karate and kung fu. He is one of the big video game characters.

E.Honda (Street Fighter)

Edmond Honda is an extraordinarily heavy but powerful Japanese man, apparently in his late thirties to mid-forties. He has dark chonmage hair and just wears a white and light blue mawashi with a crimson fundoshi underneath.

This Japanese, born on November 3, 1960, has earth-colored eyes and black hair. He is blood type A, weighs 302 pounds and is 6’1″ tall. He fights using Japanese sumo wrestling.

He loves traditional Japanese soups, showers and sandwiches. He hates chocolate candies and rice vermicelli. He is a sumo grappler, cook, and nabe expert and is one of the big video game characters.

Pig Josh (Red Dead Revolver)

Pig Josh was a master of destruction during the Civil War. He was on Perry’s carnival train, astounding people with his ability to handle Dynamite.

In time, he became a criminal, using his expertise with TNT to annihilate and kill people instead of astounding them with tricky stunts and stunts.

Along these lines, a necessary banner of him has been hung inside Brimstone Jail for any man bold enough to approach Josh. Because of his strength, he deserves a place in this list of big video game characters.


These fat video game characters are some of the characters you’ve played with if you’re a fan of any of the games listed above. If you’ve never used one before, it would be fun to try them out, wouldn’t it?

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