3 game characters confirmed so far (and 6 supposed to appear)


It’s hard to predict which video game franchise will break out and become a huge hit. But after the first release of the now legendary Unexplored series in 2007, it was obvious that this was going to be something special. With four games in the main franchise and a few spinoffs, it’s become a pop culture phenomenon with the next step on the way.

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Unexplored is set to cement that status with a 2022 live-action feature film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. Despite the film’s release getting closer, very few details have been announced. This includes the characters in the movie, or even who plays Antonio Banderas.

9 RUMOR: Charlie Cutter

The world of Unexplored is full of Nathan Drake’s peers, other treasure hunters who are often after the same targets as him. In some cases, very little is known about their history other than the fact that they have a prior association with the franchise’s main protagonist. One of these treasure hunters is Charlie Cutter, an old friend of Nathan and Sullivan who has worked both with and against them in the past.

In Uncharted 3: The Drake Illusion, Charlie is one of the main antagonists of the game. At least until he switches sides and starts helping Nathan and his allies. There’s no word on his status in the upcoming film but it would be interesting to see him in the film.

8 RUMOR: Gabriel Romain

Unlike Charlie Cutter, there’s no confusion on Gabriel Roman’s side of the line. Known as a crime lord and treasure hunter, Roman is one of the most nefarious villains in all of gaming. Sully made the mistake of getting a loan from him years before the story began. It’s something that came back to haunt him years later when Roman’s main rogue, Atoq Navarro, arrived.

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Roman is the main antagonist of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and is one of the best villains in the franchise. With Atoq by his side, he would make a great addition to the film, potentially as the main villain. His prior connection to Sully could help flesh out the world

7 CONFIRMED: Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer

Make a movie based on Unexplored franchise without Chloe Frazer would make about as much sense as doing it without Nathan Drake. An accomplished treasure hunter and thief, she is in high demand by various members of the underworld. At the same time, she’s also proven to be a key ally to Nathan, Sully, and even Charlie Cutter.

Chloe was one of the antagonists in the second game, then became an ally in the third and fourth. She was also the main protagonist of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Sophia Ali has been cast as this integral character, but whether Chloe is good, bad, or somewhere in between remains to be seen.

6 RUMOR: Atoq Navarro

Gabriel Roman is said to have saved Atoq Navarro from the streets as a child. The exact details of this situation have never really been discussed. What is known is that Navarro became Roman’s right-hand man, leading his team of mercenaries on missions around the world. His almost encyclopedic knowledge of Inca mythology and history has been the key to several treasure hunts.

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Atoq made his debut alongside Roman in Drake’s Fortune. Although the movie doesn’t necessarily have to be based on the first game, the team of Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro still proved to be compelling. They would make a great wicked combo for Drake and Sully.

5 RUMOR: Nadine Ross

There are some redemption stories in the world of Unexplored, a big one being Nadine Ross. When she debuted in The end of a thief, Nadine was the leader of a paramilitary organization called Shoreline. They embarked on the treasure hunt and ran into Nathan and Sully during game four. Although not elaborated upon, Sully’s previous relationship with Shoreline has been brought up, though it may have predated Nadine’s tenure.

By the end of the match, Nadine was close to being an ally and in The lost legacy had become a full-fledged business partner for Chloe. She could be a great supporting character for the movie, even if she’s only briefly introduced as a version of the next entry in the film franchise.

4 CONFIRMED: Mark Wahlberg as Victor “Sully” Sullivan

Few people have had as much of an impact on Nathan Drake’s life as Victor Sullivan. He played the role of a business partner, ally, friend, and even his main father figure. Without a doubt, Nathan Drake wouldn’t be the man he is today without Sully, for better or for worse. Their bond began when Nathan was a young orphan, trying to find his place in the world. At the same time, Nathan’s brother Sam trusts Sully much less.

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Mark Wahlberg was cast to play Sully in the film. It would have been impossible to make even a reasonable film adaptation of the game franchise without this character. That’s how important Sully is to the overall story.

3 RUMOR: Sam Drake

After their mother died, Sam and Nathan’s unnamed father turned the children over to the state. Sam was 10 when this happened and Nathan was only 5. After becoming a petty criminal, Sam was kicked out of the orphanage where they lived. The brothers eventually became treasure hunters, with Sam appearing to die during an early adventure.

The end of a thief shown that this was not the case. Sam survived, eventually returning to Nathan’s life. He played a huge role in this game as well as The lost legacy. It’s hard to imagine Sam not playing a role in the upcoming film, even if it’s just a superficial role.

2 RUMOR: Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher has been part of this game franchise since the very beginning. Making her TV personality debut with a show about secret history research in the first game, Elena rode a shotgun with Nathan in Drake’s Fortune for the discovery of the coffin of Sir Francis Drake. She would eventually marry Nathan, with the two having a daughter named Cassie, after Sam and Nathan’s mother.

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There has been no official word at this point on whether or not she will appear in the film. It would make sense, though, because she’s a great character and that adds an interesting point of view. Elena is one of the few main characters who is not a career treasure hunter.

1 CONFIRMED: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

This one is, of course, a no-brainer. Nathan Drake is the main protagonist of almost every game in the franchise. And even when he’s not the center of attention, his presence weighs heavily on the story. Although he may not be the only character in the games, Unexplored is primarily the story of Nathan Drake, his adventures and his growth as a person. Well, except for The lost legacyof course, which focuses on Nadine and Chloe.

The MCU’s current Spider-Man, Tom Holland, has been cast as the now-iconic character. The success of this film will depend heavily on its chemistry with Mark Wahlberg and Sophia Ali. But it’s likely that Holland will prove to be the right choice to portray Nathan Drake on the big screen.

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