5 Video Game Characters Who Would Make Great Wizards (And 5 Who Belong In The Wild Hunt)


When monsters need to be killed, you hire a witcher to deal with them. None are more capable of taking on the world’s fiercest monsters than wizards, but it’s also a job description that many characters from other video games could fit into with no problem.

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On the other hand, there are also quite a few video game characters that would be a better fit for Wild Hunt, the main antagonists of The Witcher 3. Here are five video game characters who would make great witchers, as well as five who should be in the Wild Hunt.

ten Wild Hunt: The Illusionary Man

The Illusive Man kicks off this list as a character who would likely do well as a member of the Wild Hunt. This enigmatic villain Mass Effect the series might be from a sci-fi future, but its plans wouldn’t have to change all that much in the medieval fantasy world of the witcher.

The Illusionary Man and Eredin, the leader of the Wild Hunt, share the belief that their race is superior to all others and seek to breed their race to prove it.


9 Witcher: Doom Slayer

LossDoom Slayer may not talk much, if at all, but he knows how to get the job done. Just seeing him scares even his allies, but when it comes to knowing which side he would be on in the Witcher universe, it’s going to be the witchers.

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Hunting and slaying demons is what Doom Slayer does with deadly efficiency, so hunting monsters from the witcher wouldn’t even phase it. Plus, taking on the Wild Hunt seems right up her alley.

8 Wild Hunt: Albert Wesker

Albert Wester of resident Evil fame is a recurring antagonist in the franchise. He’s devilishly evil, but so is the Wild Hunt (running around in skull armor seems a bit of a stretch), so Wesker would probably be a good fit.

Where the Wild Hunt seems determined to annihilate the Witcher world with the White Frost, in resident Evil, sunglasses lover Wesker wants to wipe out humanity with viruses. Although their motives differ, Wesker and the Wild Hunt would probably get along.

The Legend of Zelda‘s Link might as well already be a witcher. He’s no stranger to battling monstrous creatures or getting tangled up in earth-shattering prophecies. He’s basically Nintendo’s Geralt, but lighter.

Link may have the pointy ears of an elf, but there’s no way he’s siding with the Wild Hunt, who are elves themselves. The Wild Hunt is essentially the equivalent of Ganon in many ways, so Link would probably make a good witcher.

6 Wild Hunt: Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VIIThe long-haired, leather-clad villain would be perfect for the Wild Hunt. Sephiroth has a chip on his shoulder against the world and would like to see it destroyed. Being part of the Wild Hunt would give him carte blanche to do just that.

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Even though the Wild Hunt’s motivations don’t quite match Sephiroth’s, there’s just something about Sephiroth’s aloof coldness and vicious approach that makes him a perfect member of the Wild Hunt.

5 Witcher: 2B

2b Kinematics

An expert swordsman, fights for humanity even though he is not human himself, and pent up emotions strive to burst to the surface; these are all traits that seem like they could apply to Geralt, but it also applies to NieR: Automatathe protagonist 2B.

Even though they come from two very different worlds, 2B looks like a witcher. Plus, just because women (or in this case female androids) aren’t usually turned into witchers, there’s absolutely no reason why she can’t.

4 Wild Hunt: 9S

The 9S at the start of NieR: Automata is a very different person to the endgame 9S, and it’s the endgame 9S that could be in the Wild Hunt.

After becoming corrupt and descending into madness, 9S becomes somewhat of the villain of the story and as tragic as he is, this version of him would probably do just fine in Wild Hunt.

3 Witcher: Dante

The recurring too-cool-for-school protagonist of the the devil may cry series, Dante is yet another character who is basically a witcher as he is. Dante hunts demons for money before getting caught up in something grander, which sounds a lot like the story of Geralt’s life.

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Like wizards, Dante is not exactly human. Dante is half-demon, born to a human mother and a demon father, while wizards are not considered human due to the mutations they go through.

2 Wild Hunt: Ganondorf

If Link is basically already a witcher, then Ganondorf is basically Eredin, the leader of the Wild Hunt. Like Eredin, Ganondorf craves power and world conquest before their games’ respective heroes put a stop to their plans.

Ganondorf and Eredin’s motivations are also quite similar. Ganondorf was gifted with powerful magic and seeks the power of the Triforce, much like Eredin seeks the power of the Old Blood, to enhance his magic and conquer the world. Needless to say, no one would flinch if Ganondorf led the Wild Hunt.

1 Witcher: Cloud

Sword strapped to his back; our brooding protagonist comes to town to earn some extra money before getting sucked into something much bigger than them. Sound familiar?

Geralt and Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII, have similar character traits, but they also share some physical traits. Both have been upgraded to be stronger fighters, and these mutations can be seen in their eyes. With the remake still on everyone’s mind, it’s easy to see Cloud as a witcher.

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