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Not being able to hang out with our friends in person is just one of the many new adjustments we’ve had to make while in quarantine due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). But there’s something to be said for the number of phone calls, FaceTime calls and Zoom gatherings that brought friends and family together even when we were apart. Just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be socially…distant. From simple games readily available on our phones to versions that we can download and play with a simple video call, there are many online games that we can play with our friends and have fun together.

Send an invitation to your friends for a fun and safe digital party and add one of these ideas to your weekend plans.

Best online games to play with friends during quarantine:

1Jack Box Games

If you’re looking for easy board games that you can play with a group of people, check out the options available to stream on Jack Box Games. From quizzes to drawing games, Jackbox’s options are humorous and easy to understand. A person can either purchase a single game for $9.99 – for example, a head-to-head challenge called Quiplash is one of the most popular – or one of six Jackbox party packs. Each of the Party Packs contains six games available for streaming. And although they usually cost between $25 and $30, party packs are currently on sale for $12 to $19.

Once the games are downloaded, you can video call with friends and share your screen. They will be able to play the game using their phones, by going to Jackbox.tv, and entering a room code to join the game.

2Online code names

Codenames is a fun team-based word association game where players must guess code words on a grid based on a singular “clue” word. You can play with friends using one of the these free online puzzles and share your screen during a Google Hangout or Zoom call. This online version also lets you copy the link to the board and send it to friends if you choose not to share your screen.

3Houseparty trivia

house party is a free video chat app that lets you easily play games with friends. Once everyone has created a profile on the app, a person can invite friends to join them in a video call. To start a game, all you have to do is tap the dice icon at the top of the screen and choose the one you want to play. The app features Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac (a word association game similar to Cards Against Humanity), and Quick Draw to play with your crew.

4Cards Against Humanity Online

Laugh at your boredom with an online version of Cards Against Humanity. You can still challenge players to come up with fun answers to a question in order to win tricks, but no card game is required. If you want to play online, go to a site called playing cards.io and select “Range Insensitivity”. It’s the exact same game as Cards Against Humanity, just with a different name. Once you click “Start Game”, other players can join you. Then dial a video call and start laughing with your friends.

5Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Fast scrolling in social media makes it look like almost everyone is playing the latest version of Animal Crossing as a way to pass the time during quarantine. Same Chrissy Teigen is a fan relaxed, slow-paced play. If your friends also have the video game on the Nintendo Switch Where Toggle Liteyou can visit each other’s islands, chat and give each other gifts.


There are several ways to play the classic game of Monopoly online. Pogo.com offers a free download on the computer, but you can also pay $3.99 to get an app version for android Where Apple iO devices where you can play with your friends. There is also a Monopoly game available on Nintendo Switch that you can play with up to six other people.

sevenvirtual escape room


Some of our HG editors have tried a free virtual escape room from a company called Escape the crate and had a blast on their digital midnight train excursion. The entire escape room is available online on the company’s website, and you can get your friends and family involved via video call or FaceTime. To navigate through the puzzles, all you need is a timer or clock to keep track of your time and a pencil and paper to jot down important notes and numbers.

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