7 Most Iconic Blind Video Game Characters


Throughout video game history, there have been a relatively small number of characters with physical disabilities who aren’t minor or just horribly written NPCs, and nearly all of them are beloved. Characters like Joker in Mass Effect, Bentley of the Sly Cooper franchise, or even Huey Emmerich of the metal gear franchise (although he’s not exactly “beloved”).

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It’s always great to turn off representation of any type in games, especially when the characters are well-written and aren’t constantly trying to “fix” their disability or are entirely defined by it. So let’s review some iconic video game characters who are specifically blind to show how these characters can be designed, written, and personified.


7/7 Kenshi Takahashi: Mortal Kombat Franchise

There is no world where this list does not include Kenshi Takahashi. Kenshi is not only one of the coolest video game characters in history, but also one of the best mortal combat characters too. Deprived of sight after being tricked by Shang Tsung (this happens to a lot of characters), Kenshi trained all of his other senses to extremes, including his sixth sense in the form of telekinesis and his ability to sense energy. or the “souls” of those around him.

Kenshi is an extremely accomplished warrior, a well-developed character, who boasts some of the most brutal Fatalities in the franchise, and is quite possibly the character that immediately pops into everyone’s head when you think of the game’s blind reps. video.

6/7 Hawkeye Gough: Dark Souls

This next one is a bit of an odd inclusion, as it’s never been confirmed if this character is literally blind or just “blinded” because the slits in his helmet are filled with tree sap. Hawkeye Gough was one of the four Knights of Gwyn who dwelt in Anor Londo alongside Artorias the Abysswalker, Lord’s Blade Ciaran, and Dragonslayer Ornstein, and one of the greatest archers of his age.

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Additionally, Gough was also a giant, and as such the people of Oolacile, hating giants, packed his helmet with tree sap, which would have ended up blinding him. Either way, Gough is the fan-favorite NPC from the first. dark souls game, not only because he is a lover, but also because he manages to knock one of the most difficult bosses in the game, Black Dragon Kalameet, out of the sky with a single blow.

5/7 TK Baha: Borderlands

TK Baha is one of the first NPCs players encounter in the original Borderlands game, and he’s a real character. By the way, he’s not “just” blind, but he’s also missing a leg, both of which were the result of a confrontation with a particularly nasty Skag named Scar. Plus, TK Baha isn’t just one of the most beloved NPCs in Borderlands history, aside from Handsome Jack, of course, he’s also one of the most tragic.

The guy had most of his creations stolen by Hyperion, had assassins sent after him and had to escape to Pandora, lost his wife to a Skag, lost his leg and the seen to benefit the same Skag, but he is also tragically killed by Psychos. Fortunately, he reappears as a zombie in the Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island DLC where he seems to be enjoying his new… unlife, but still, what a soldier.

4/7 Zato-One: Guilty Gear Franchise

Zato-One is part of the incredibly wide range Guilty Equipment repertoire of characters, and he is one of the most popular among fans. Zato-One, in life, was just an orphan who was brought into the Assassin’s Guild. There he eventually became disgusted with his own helplessness and turned to dark magic in order to grow stronger, sacrificing his eyesight in exchange for his body being host to a powerful “Anti-Gear” Forbidden Beast named Eddie.

With Eddie, Zato-One could now fight and do all sorts of things using his shadow, and he quickly rose to the position of leader of the Assassin’s Guild. All in all, not only does Zato-One have one of the most interesting stories for a Guilty Equipment character, but his moveset and combo potential has also always been a joy to see in every match.

3/7 Voldo: Soul Calibur Franchise

Moving on to a certainly iconic and well-known, but not really loved character, Voldo from the SoulCalibur fighting game franchise. Voldo is one of the weirdest fighting game characters of all time, if not the weirdest. For one thing, he’s covered head to toe in a sadomasochistic fetish-like outfit.

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Second, he fights with his whole body in those horrible ways that always seem to twist his limbs. And three, he’s canonically blind and insane after spending years guarding an underground tomb that his former boss, an Italian arms dealer called the “Death Merchant,” ordered him to guard. It’s a shame that such an eccentric character is cast for indiscriminate portrayal in video games, but he has a certain “charm” to him and he’s definitely a very powerful fighter.

2/7 Jedi Master Kreia AKA Darth Traya: Knights of the Old Republic 2

Kreia, otherwise known as Darth Traya, is one of the best written star wars characters of all time (from one of the best Star Wars games of all time) and is someone who cannot be accurately summed up in a short paragraph. Therefore, just know that she was a blind Jedi master who constantly questioned the world around her, including Jedi ways. His teachings were eventually challenged when his student Revan fell to the dark side and took many of his students with him.

From there, Kreia was exiled, fell to the dark side, formed a new Sith triumvirate, was betrayed by her partners, and ultimately went on to destroy the Sith and Jedi. She’s absolutely a character with a lot of nuance, and even when she was talking about plans to murder entire groups of people, her arguments were always compelling and relatively convincing.

1/7 Godot aka Diego Armando: Ace Attorney series

Godot, otherwise known as Diego Armando, is one of the most iconic ace lawyer characters of all time, thanks in part to his shiny white hair and futuristic visor. And, while it’s unclear whether he’s completely blind or partially blind, it’s this visor that allows Godot to see, although it doesn’t seem to restore his sight 100%.

Godot is one of the most compelling prosecutors in this visual novel franchise, as his calm and poised (sometimes smug) speaking manner did a lot for his character. And, his bond with Phoenix, the explanation for his blindness, and his reason for being so antagonistic towards Wright is also fantastic.

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