7 Video Game Characters Who Could Beat Tarnish In A Fight


The Ternished did a lot in Elden Ring. They’ve slaughtered mindless slaves, heinous grafts, gods, and even a flowery empyrean who continues to claim he’s never lost a fight, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Needless to say they are quite powerful.

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The thing is, the extended game universe is a big place, filled with equally powerful characters. Heck, some characters make The Ternished and their accomplishments seem trivial. These are just a few of the legendary fighters who could give The Ternished their money’s worth.


seven Asura – Asura’s Wrath

Asura is easily one of the most powerful characters ever made. In his only video game appearance, this guy used nothing but his pure, unfiltered rage to destroy just about everything in his path – and we mean everything. People? Dead. Countries? Dust. Planets? Faded away. Gods? Vaporized.

The Terni may be strong, but when Asura can effortlessly destroy the planet they stand on, well, that’s instant dub for the madman. But what if The Ternished received a sneak attack while Asura wasn’t watching? We’re pretty sure Asura wouldn’t even notice. He’s a guy who was impaled on a planet and hardly noticed.

6 The Champion – Amidst Evil

We could have put countless FPS protagonists here. BJ from Wolfenstein, Ranger from Quake or Doomguy from, well, DOOM. The thing is, that would be unfair. These guys use guns, and just popping a cap in The Ternished doesn’t sound very sporty. Amid Evil’s champion is a lot fairer…sort of.

The champion has access to a myriad of mythical items that harness the power of the elements to tear their foes apart. Best case scenario? The Terni is torn apart by the Champion’s axe. Worst case? He is instantly turned to water and drowns on his own face. It doesn’t even mention the creatures he faced – such as the true cosmic horrors – not just the sent of said Horrors like The Ternished.

5 Joe – Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe’s Joe would applaud The Ternished in an instant and look very good doing it. Joe has all kinds of powers that make him practically invincible. He can slow down time, allowing him to easily dodge all attacks. He can speed up time to quickly slaughter anything in his path. He even has a giant robot he can summon to simply flatten The Ternished.

We mentioned that Joe is practically invincible. It’s not correct. Jo is functionally invincible thanks to his special technique, Ukemi. The Tarnished can moan on Joe all he wants, but Joe Ukemi will smash his way through anything thrown at him and finish The Tarnished with a Spicy Red Hot One Hundred punch. Henshin a Go-Go Baby!

4 The Prince – Katamari Series

Now we get into Spicy Warriors. The Prince could effortlessly topple The Ternished. That wouldn’t even be fair. It would be brutal. It would be painful to watch. What does the Prince do? He rolls things into balls and turns those balls into planets. Once you’re glued to his ball, chances are you won’t make it out. It’s game over for you mate.

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The Prince at full power is able to coil entire galaxies. What does The Ternished do in the face of a threat so incomprehensible that it is annihilated as its galaxy collides with countless other galaxies? Nothing. They do nothing. You don’t mess with the Prince.

3 Kirby – Kirby Series

Kirby is a beast when it comes to fighting just about anyone. Consider for a moment that Kirby has fought, since conception, in Super Smash Brothers. This pink puffball has taken on some of the most powerful warriors the game has ever produced – and won. In the last game, when everyone died, who survived? Kirby.

All that aside, Kirby is, according to canon, infinitely powerful. That alone ends this fight on the spot. But again, putting that nugget of evidence aside, let’s look at his exploits. Kirby killed a guy so strong he destroyed the universe. Not our universe of course, but a universe. We rest our case.

2 Ashley – Resident Evil 4

Ashley from Resident Evil 4 would be such an insurmountable enemy that no sane fighter would dare to face her. Of course, we’re talking about Ashley at full strength – so she has her armor equipped. This makes her invincible. If she can’t die, she can’t lose.

That doesn’t mean she can win. This is where his true strength shines through. Ashley is so painfully annoying – so irritating – that The Ternished will eventually give up. He might fall off a cliff in frustration. He could sever his connection with his world. No matter how – Ashley would win given enough time.

1 Princess Peach – Super Mario Series

Honestly, you could put a bunch of Mario characters there, and it would work. Peach, however, prevails as she is ridiculously powerful and more than capable of defeating The Ternished. First, Peach is a powerful magic user. She is one of the people who have the power to transmogrify an entire country by sheer force of will, as mentioned in the Super Mario Brothers guide. She could theoretically turn The Ternished into a bushel of basil and use them to top her bolognese.

Not only that, but she can control the elements with her emotions. If Peach gets angry, she will conjure fire to burn the earth. Not to mention that she is one of the seven Star Children. The power this gives him is immense. If all seven stars were to be combined, they would grant the wearer infinite power. Peach has one-seventh of this infinite power, which, according to mathematics, is always infinite.

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