8 hated video game characters who just wouldn’t die


Video games bring some of the best friendships imaginable to life.

Whether it’s forging yourself in the fires of competitive gameplay, rubbing shoulders with your friends on a weathered couch, or just chatting into the early hours with people online about obscure titles ( big thanks to my team Billy Hatcher), video games are a fabric bond that binds us to a greater being of support and community.

It’s also hilarious when this unity comes from the fact that everyone collectively agrees how much we totally hate certain video game characters.

Spitting venom with friends about a certain boss, NPC, or companion who just doesn’t want to read the play can produce some of the most cathartic and hilarious moments in the business, and while it’s never enjoyable. to denigrate someone or wish another physical harm, these digital cock heads really do test our patience.

So let’s take a look at some video game characters who just couldn’t read the writing on the wall even when said letters were ten feet tall and read “f ** k off”.

Now here’s the thing. My utter hatred for Big The Cat from the Sonic franchise is very well documented, in fact I’m pretty sure I have a portfolio that would allow me to run as the head of the “Look at that! * $% Furry idiot” company. , win and then assert myself as a Putin figure who will never leave.

Yet you know what? Maybe my anger is actually somewhat misplaced, because as I step back and look at that giant ham head, maybe Big isn’t the one who should be catching our anger.

As after all, he is only motivated in his full inclusion! * $% In Sonic Adventure because of his company idiot Froggy. Thanks to Froggy munching on a Chaos Emerald, we have to endure Sonic Adventure’s total slump fishing experience, and his repeated escapes mean we have to sit down level after level wanting to frustrate the little bastard from munching on our fishing rod.

Without Froggy, as Sonic Heroes shows, Big The Cat can be … well not good from afar but infinitely more tolerable, but when you have to spear the little grass over and over, it stinks so much that even the dumps refuse it entry. .

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