8 Video Game Characters You Love Or Hate


There are thousands of video games today, each featuring characters with different backgrounds and personalities. Whether they play a main or secondary role, each of them was created to serve a purpose in their respective games. And with all of these unique characters, players are bound to meet a couple they either end up loving or hating.

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Everyone has their preferences and opinions about certain characters in the game, which often leads to heated discussions and debates over who is right. What do you think? Do you think these game characters deserve the love or hate they receive? Spoilers ahead!


8 Magikarp (Pokémon series)

Magikarp, the bland floppy fish, is known to be one of the weakest and most useless Pokémon. Taking Magikarp to the next level is definitely a struggle with its horrible moveset. However, some players love that Magikarp is so terrible and useless.

They say we all started out as weak and pathetic as Magikarp, and if you’re patient enough, something good awaits, like evolving into a mighty Gyarados. Do you think Magikarp is worth supporting or not?

seven Frank Tenpenny (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Frank Tenpenny is a corrupt, ruthless, and manipulative law enforcement officer who uses his authority to his advantage – everything that makes up a perfect antagonist. With players forced to consider everything Frank belittled, humiliated, and manipulated CJ, it’s pretty obvious that players would end up hating Frank’s guts.

However, what makes others love Frank is his dull, funny humor. Although he talks a lot of bullshit, he certainly knows how to deliver his sarcastic remarks in a comedic way, making players laugh despite being pissed off. At the end of the day, we all love a funny guy.

6 Princess Peach (Super Mario Series)

The famous damsel in distress, Princess Peach, has been kidnapped repeatedly for decades. While Mario is ready to save the love of his life countless times, some players just don’t feel the same way. How does she always manage to get caught? Can’t Princess Peach just use her fighting abilities like in other Mario games to defend herself? Players are sure to be sick of saving her.

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However, despite the endless quest to save Princess Peach, without her we wouldn’t have one of the greatest games of all time. Over the years of playing Super Mario, many gamers have come to love the idea of ​​rescuing their damsel in distress, Princess Peach, who has become one of the most popular game characters for this very reason. While some may find it boring, others find it part of Princess Peach’s charm.

5 Eddy Gordo (Tekken)

When Tekken started, Eddy was everyone’s go-to character. His fighting style, Capoeira – a combination of Brazilian martial arts and elements of dance kicks, chops and music, allowed beginning players to easily crush their opponents simply by mashing random buttons, or the iconic X and ô technique. What if players were Eddy experts? Eddy’s moves make him really boring to play. He’s that character that we banned our friends from using.

However, Eddy’s annoying gimmicks are also what made him a favorite of many players. Ultimately, he is indeed a fun character to play. Especially when you win a perfect round by spamming Eddy’s break dance moves, frustrating your opponents. Although many new characters with equally impressive moves are now being introduced in later Tekken games, Eddy will always hold a special place in our hearts.

4 Nero (Devil May Cry)

For a very long time, Devil May Cry revolved around the legendary Devil Hunter, Dante. However, in Devil May Cry Four, a new playable character, Nero, was introduced to players, and not everyone was too keen on the idea. Some would say that Nero is just a whiny child and a Dante rip-off. For them, no one can replace the real Dante.

On the other hand, some players were excited to have a new addition to Devil May Cry. Throughout Devil May Cry Four and Five, we learn more about Nero and learn to love the guy. Nero has proven himself to be an awesome addition countless times, especially when we’ve all witnessed Nero’s madness when he used his evil trigger form. Do you think Nero deserves the limelight just like Dante?

3 Grim Reaper (The Sims)

The Sims is a life simulation game where players create virtual people and manage their daily lives. However, just like in real life, Sims must face the inevitable: death. Sims can die in many ways, and sometimes there’s just no way of knowing when it would happen. Having the Grim Reaper appear out of nowhere, do its spooky chant, and take your Sims’ lives away is definitely not a fun thing to see. While you can try begging the Grim Reaper to spare a Sim’s life, it doesn’t always work. After a long tiring day, sometimes all we want is to relax and play Sims in peace, but unfortunately the Grim Reaper has other plans in mind. He can surely piss you off.

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However, the Grim Reaper is not always scary and disruptive, we can also have fun interacting with the Grim Raper the same way we do with other Sims. You can joke, tell crazy stories or even flirt with the Grim Reaper. The fact that he’s a Grim Reaper is what makes him more exciting. Some players even willingly sacrifice their Sims just for the Grim Reaper to appear. Things really get out of hand in The Sims.

2 Triss (the witcher)

The love triangle between Triss, Geralt and Yennefer has resulted in a huge sea war. In the first two games of The Witcher, Triss was Geralt’s romantic interest. Although we all knew that Geralt was hooked on a so-called witch, Yennefer. However, with her memory loss and the disappearance of Yennefer, Triss has filled that void.

What made things more controversial for fans was the fact that Yennefer and Triss were friends. Some would say Triss was a bad friend for being behind Yennefer’s back, while others would say Triss was the better option anyway because she knew how to treat Geralt properly. What do you think? Does Geralt deserve a fresh start with Triss? Or is staying with Geralt’s old flame, Yennefer, the best choice?

1 Abby (The Last of Us Part Two)

Abby has become one of the most controversial characters to date. Well, how could she not be? After murdering Joel, one of the most beloved characters in gaming history, and she even did it in one of the most brutal and savage ways – repeatedly smashing Joel in the head with a golf club. Like, come on, how could they do this to our beloved Joel? Abby was just meant to be hated from the start.

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Later in the game, we take on the role of Abby to learn more about her character and uncover the truth behind her motives. Apparently, back in part one of TLOU, the doctor Joel killed to save Ellie from being sacrificed to create a vaccine turned out to be Abby’s father, Jerry. Abby did what she did to get revenge on her father, the same way Ellie wants revenge on Joel. Although Abby’s actions seem justifiable, others find it hard to sympathize with Abby, since we didn’t really know Abby’s father, or have any attachment to him like we do with Joel.

The discovery of Abby’s true motives sparked a huge debate, leaving fans divided with differing opinions. In the end, it’s all about perspective. If the tables were turned, do you think Ellie would have been hated or loved the same way Abby was?

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