9 Video Game Characters Who Look Like Jon Snow

Jon Snow is one of the most iconic and downright heroic characters in The iron Throne. A major character throughout and never a blur, Jon spends most of The iron Throne central to some of his most important storylines, especially once he leaves the Night’s Watch.

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Jon is by no means a generic character. However, as one of the less subversive characters in The iron Throne with a simpler story role and character arc, similar characters can be found in other media. This includes video games, where many protagonists and even supporting characters are very reminiscent of Jon Snow.

9 Lightning is withdrawn but loves her family

Lightning Farron as she appears in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the most notable things about Jon, especially in earlier seasons, is his withdrawn and solemn nature. In comparison with many The iron ThroneColorful and larger-than-life protagonists, Jon is calm and even moody. He prefers to be left alone and finds it hard to get close to others – although he does grow very close to those he befriends.

This echoes Lightning Farron, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII. All along Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning is thrifty with his words. She is often unduly harsh or grumpy towards members of her party and keeps to herself. Although, much like Jon, she is gradually warming up. In another similarity, both are devoted to their families (especially their younger sisters), doing everything to protect them.

8 Bastila Shan struggles with her oaths and her romance

Bastila Shan from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Swearing to himself from Night’s Watch in Season 1, a large part of Jon’s oaths involve never marrying or having children with a woman and a de facto ban on any relationship. Although Jon initially doesn’t care about this part of his oaths, he struggles after meeting Ygritte.

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Instantly attracted to her, Jon struggles with his feelings before eventually starting a relationship with Ygritte. This reflects companion Bastila Shan from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Bastila and Revan can fall in love, but she hesitates because of her Jedi teachings which forbid loving another person this way. In both cases, the couples reunite and end tragically.

7 A2 Faults For Good Reason And Kills A Loved One

A2 in his first boss fight in the game Nier: Automata

One thing that sets Jon Snow apart from many others in The iron Throne is that he is willing to do the right thing, above other concerns like appearance, reputation and his own wishes. This is particularly remarkable in The iron Throne’ second and eighth seasons, when Jon openly claims to be a traitor to Night’s Watch, and later when he kills Daenerys to spare the world his conquest.

These actions and the reasoning behind them are both seen in the A2 android of NieR: Automata. A2 leaves YoRHa, knowing that she will be branded a traitor because of the truth she has uncovered. When 2B is infected with a logic virus, A2 ends it. Either way, the characters are driven by what’s right rather than what’s easy, but are haunted by their choices.

6 Elincia is a secret royal who struggles with leadership

Queen Elincia of Crimea from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Although he joined Night’s Watch as a low-ranking steward, leadership opportunities are falling on Jon Snow no matter how much he protests them. First he is made Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, then he is crowned King in the North, then he is pushed as a potential ruler for all of the Seven Kingdoms.

In all of this, Jon struggles with his responsibilities, especially doing the right thing while placating his subjects. This exact situation happens to Elincia in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Hidden daughter of the former Crimean king, Elincia faces a rebellion among the nobility after several unpopular but necessary choices as queen, and repeatedly expresses a lack of knowledge about what to do.

5 Ash is a solemn guardian

Ash, Marona's ghost guardian in the game Phantom Brave

In the game brave ghost, Ash is permanently bonded to the protagonist Marona, having been placed between life and death to guard her after her first death. Only able to be seen or heard by Marona, Ash spends much of brave ghost grumpy, solemn and aloof – much like Jon Snow.

Additionally, it is revealed that much of Ash’s dour temper is the result of hidden insecurities and fear that he won’t be able to do what he needs to. This reflects Jon’s insecurity over his bastard status and his worries about protecting the living from the White Walkers.

4 Connor Kenway is reserved and naive

Connor Kenway in a battle in Assassin's Creed 3

A brooding hero isn’t exactly uncommon, with many video games having brooding characters similar to Jon Snow. Connor Kenway, also known as Ratonhnhaké:ton, from Assassin’s Creed III more closely matches Jon by pairing his brooding nature with a naivety about the world.

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Having spent most of his life in a small, isolated village, Connor is confused by much of America when he ventures out. In particular, he doesn’t understand the racial biases of the United States, the politics of the American Revolution, or why people wouldn’t believe him against Templar propaganda. Likewise, Jon was raised as one of the most privileged people in Westeros. As such, he experiences severe culture shock when he reaches Castle Black.

3 Ignis Scientia is both sneaky and caring

Ignis Scientia as it appears in Final Fantasy XV

Sarcasm is not uncommon in The iron Throne, but Jon Snow is notable as one of its most prolific users. Rather than loud denunciations or loud insults, Jon prefers to bring people down with short, sharp insults. He even directs them to his friends in a show of affection.

In this he is very much like Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV. Of the four protagonists of Final Fantasy XV, Ignis is the quietest. But, everything that comes out of his mouth is a volley of snark. Like Jon, Ignis uses it to show his friendship for others and to manage his leadership role in the group.

2 Kaidan Alenko is distant but deserves to be known

Kaidan Alenko saluting in Mass Effect

It is minimized in the Mass Effect trilogy, but there are suggestions that human biotics face some level of mistreatment from others. Kaidan Alenko mentions his struggles growing up as the first human biotic – especially the brutal training he receives – and keeps it to himself as a result.

It’s this distance that makes Kaidan harder to connect with than some other teammates, with him often shutting down conversations. Likewise, Jon’s bastard status can make him hostile and defensive. The two, however, are worth knowing, being fierce and dedicated friends.

1 Aloy earns respect despite the shame of her birth

Version Aloy Horizon D&D 5e

Much of Jon’s identity comes from his false belief that he’s a bastard and how the rest of Westeros looks down on him as a result. Although the situation is not exactly the same, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn faces a similar lower status because he was created rather than born. As such, Aloy is considered an outcast by the Noras, who value motherhood.

Despite the shame Jon and Aloy receive for the circumstances of their birth, they grow up to be well-meaning people with immense skill. Additionally, they both earn status and respect from their peers through their actions, overcoming the stigma against them.

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