9 Video Game Characters You Probably Didn’t Know Were Nonbinary


As the gaming world becomes more inclusive than ever, there has been an increase in the number of non-binary video game characters taking center stage and we couldn’t be happier.

Let’s be honest, the amount of queer representation in games isn’t good enough, but it’s improving. From The Last of Us Part II at CyberPunk 2077, as of late, the gaming industry has been making sure that if anything is right, it’s inclusion and proper representation of the LGBT+ community.

From trans characters to same-sex relationships to gender fluidity, the gaming industry itself is starting to realize that being inclusive can improve sales.

Whether or not they make changes for the benefit of all their users or for profit, it’s a change we like to see. Over the past 10 years, a number of non-binary characters have been featured in multiple games across all platforms. From Bloodhound to FL4K, here are nine non-binary video game characters you never knew existed.

Ash, wandersong

Greg Lobanov, Humble Bundle

On wandersong released in 2018, one of its most popular characters, Ash, has become a non-binary icon. Referred to with them/them in-game pronouns, later game creator Greg Lobanov confirmed via Twitter that they were meant to be a non-binary representation of the LGBT+ community.

He also discussed in an interview with dual shockers: “With Ash, it’s not very explicit. We’ve never included stuff like that to say “Hey, that person isn’t binary!” We want to make a game that’s very inclusive and brings all kinds of people together and I think the game really reflects the kind of people I know in my life.

“I know a lot of non-binary people and honestly, it felt really natural to include them in the world of this game. Not even because, oh, well, I have to check out this brand. It felt really normal. This particular character , just the way they were designed – yeah, they were just a non-binary person. It’s not the most important thing in their life. It’s just a fact about them.

Alex Cyprin, Astoria: Destiny’s Kiss

Alex Cyprin - Astoria: Destiny's Kiss
voltage inc.

Released in 2015, Astoria: Destiny’s Kiss became a fan favorite in the Japanese gaming market. One of its characters, known as Alex Cyprin, is not only the first and only non-binary video game character in mainstream romance visual novels, but he is also one of the only canonically non-binary characters in the entire game world.

Using the pronouns they/them in the singular, Alex Crypin has become one of Astoria: Destiny’s Kiss‘ most loved and adored characters to date.

Bloodhound, Apex Legends

Respawn, EA

In the popular first-person shooter Battle Royale Apex Legends, original legend and tech tracker Bloodhound is referred to as non-binary and uses singular they/them pronouns.

For a while, users around the world have been speculating about Bloodhound’s gender, especially considering how their story has unfolded in the Stories for the Outlands series that follows each gaming legend, revealing the background story that led them to be characters. Respawn Game Developers Later confirmed via Twitter that Bloodhound is indeed non-binary. Things we like to see.

Lock, Crypt of the NecroDancer

Get ready games

Crypt of the NecroDancer is a fearless roguelike game that involves the player controlling one of a selection of characters to explore multiple levels of an underground dungeon that are procedurally generated.

Their standout character, Bolt, is genderqueer, and according to Ted Martens, the artist behind the video game, “Bolt doesn’t identify as completely as male or female,” he said on Twitter.

Primordial Chaos, underworld

Supergiant Games

underworld, the roguelike action role-playing game, has been winning over fans since 2018. His character in the game Primordial Chaos is referred to by the pronouns they/them. This was confirmed when the official Chaos update from Supergiant Games’ Twitter revealed that Primordial Chaos should be mentioned with the correct pronouns.

fang, Goodbye Volcano High

Fang - Goodbye Volcano High

Goodbye Volcano High is the next cinematic narrative game about the end of an era and the beginning of a love story coming to PS4, PS5 and PC this year.

Set in a world of anthropomorphic dinosaur characters, the game centers on the members of the VVorm Drama group as they venture through the ups and downs of their final year as senior Volcano High. Its main protagonist Fang is non-binary and uses singular they/them pronouns.

FL4K, Borderlands 3

FL4K - Borderlands 3
FLK4 in Borderlands 3 is another canonically non-binary video game character, Gearbox Software

Voiced by SungWon Cho, the character FL4K was confirmed to be non-binary prior to the game’s release. As an emerging AI who has recently become self-aware and is on a journey of self-discovery, FL4K is referred to by pronouns they/them singular in-game. They also wear a non-binary Pride flag pin.

Floofty Fizzlebean, Bugnax

9 Video Game Characters You Probably Didn't Know Were Nonbinary
Young Horses

When Young Horses came out Bugnax last year they presented their first major non-binary performance with gastroentomologist and Snaxburg resident Floofty Fizzlebean. Referred to by the pronouns they/them and by other characters in the games a “their brother”, Bugsnax developer Sage Coffey confirmed via Twitter that they are intended to be a non-binary representation.

To frisk, Subtitle

9 Video Game Characters You Probably Didn't Know Were Nonbinary
Toby Fox

As the main protagonist of Subtitle, Frisk is the game’s first and only non-binary character. In a 2015 interview, Toby Fox confirmed that Frisk is non-binary and is even mentioned exclusively with the them/them pronouns in the game’s dialogue. .

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