Activists disguised as ‘Squid Game’ characters target Samsung president for coal investments at COP26


Netflix’s “Squid Game” puts the characters in life and death situations. And protesters say climate change is a life and death situation.

“The world is on fire,” says Joo-Jin Kim of Solutions For Our Climate. “The world is definitely on fire. We must complete coal-fired electricity by 2030.”

A protest on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland saw protesters from South Korea dressed as guards from the Netflix hit “Squid Game.”

The protester pretended to beat a person dressed in a tracksuit similar to a “Squid Game” player. They did so by wearing a mask to look like Jae-Yong Lee, vice president of South Korean electronics company Samsung.

“Samsung has invested heavily in coal projects across the world,” Kim added. “Although it can, it has not yet made a commitment to produce its products with renewable energy as many world leaders have done. We ask Samsung to commit to producing its products with 100% renewable energy. “

COP26, the United Nations climate change conference, has been taking place in Scotland since October 31. World leaders and climate activists converged on Glasgow to discuss solutions to the climate crisis.

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