AI program makes GTA 5, Mass Effect and other game characters look real


A new AI program that turns media images into hyperrealistic faces has been used on Trevor from GTA5 and the Shepherd from Mass Effect.

There is a new AI program that has made game characters such as Grand Theft Auto 5, God of the war, and Mass Effect incredibly (and often quite unsettling) realistic. Video games have come a long way, with many characters becoming much more realistic than their original models. However, it is clearly still possible that this technology will continue even further, as interesting changes have been made to several of the most famous fictional faces in video games thanks to this AI tool.

Face swap apps aren’t new. Many people can spend hours seeing what they would look like as a senior, baby, or even what they would look like with additional features like dog ears. However, since video game characters are, well, video game characters, there is often no way to see them other than the way their developers wanted them to without the use of mods.


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However, a new AI program named StyleCLIP allows its user to transform snapshots of video games, movies, and other forms of media into lifelike images. This tool has been fully demonstrated by IGN, and the results are both impressive and a lot of fun. IGN’s article features famous faces from video games such as Grave robberis Lara Croft, Mass EffectCommander Shephard, Jak de Jacques and Dexter, Trevor Philips from GTA 5, and Joël and Ellie from The Last of Us, to name a few. Most shocking of all video game faces to present, however, is the transformation that has taken place. God of the war‘s Kratos, with the towering demigod losing his iconic and spooky red facial tattoo once StyleCLIP’s job is done. Next to these famous faces from the video game world, IGN has also taken the liberty of creating cartoon characters such as Sponge Bob SquarePants’ Beautiful squid and The Muppet‘s Miss Piggy in lifelike humanoid faces too.

Video games are arguably still a far cry from the hyperrealistic imagery seen in this IGN article, but the next-gen Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 consoles significantly improve facial expressions and character models over the last one. generation. The recently released Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cup was able to use the power of the PS5 to enhance the original PS4 experience, providing Japanese lip sync not available on PS4 using the PS5’s faster SSD.

While this AI tool clearly doesn’t change a character from their favorite game or show in their original media source, it’s certainly fun to see what some of the most cherished (or maybe even) characters might look like. be hated) from fans in real life. Mass EffectCommander Shephard would not look out of place going down a runway in Paris or Milan. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Trevor, who still seems to need a good rest and a coffee, even with the general refreshment provided by the AI ​​program. However, as technology continues to grow, these images just might offer a little glimpse of what games might look like in the future – for better or for worse.

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Source: IGN, IGN / Twitter

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