Alethea AI, BeingAI, and Binance NFT Launch NFT-Based AI Game Characters

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Alethea AI and BeingAI are collaborating with the Binance NFT marketplace to showcase AI game characters based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Alethea AI creates intelligent avatars that use AI to hold conversations with people, and it has launched its own NFT collectible AI characters. NFTs use the transparency and security of the blockchain’s digital ledger to authenticate unique digital items. Companies see it as the underlying AI infrastructure for iNTFs, or intelligent non-fungible tokens, on the way to the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, as in novels such as Snowfall and Loan player one.

Being IA, on the other hand, seeks to create AI characters that can interact and speak in real time with users. The two companies are working with Binance NFT Marketplace to launch a smart IGO (Initial Game Offer), featuring one hundred smart NFT characters.

The companies will release a limited-edition selection of 100 NFT characters, including BeingAI’s Sophia, a virtual version of Sophia the Robot.

Alethea AI’s smart NFTs can interact in a playful environment with people autonomously in real time. And Alethea AI will host its own smart metaverse gaming environment on

Alethea AI calls these creations iNFTs, for intelligent NFTs. This is part of an attempt to make NFTs more useful, where you can purchase an NFT and have ongoing conversations with an AI character.

The company said iNFTs offer artificial intelligence services such as cameo video messages, lip-syncing songs, and real-time interactions and battles in game environments. These AI services will be upgrade over time so your iNFT can evolve to be capable of more creative projects such as copywriting or generative art. This will allow Sophia BeingAI to meet and interact with her fans around the world as an iNFT.

“Alethea AI is honored to work with Binance NFT and the BeingAI team to bring an animated version of Sophia to life virtually as an intelligent and interactive NFT,” Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea AI, said in a statement. “We are deeply excited about the philosophy and vision of beingAI, and believe that our organizations share a mission of bridging cultures through the power of AI.”

Sophia beingAI is the virtual animated manifestation of Sophia the Robot, created by BeingAI under a perpetual license and co-branding partnership with Hanson Robotics. The story of Sophia BeingAI is rooted in the legacy and origin story of Sophia the Robot. She is an original creation that embodies the philosophy, dream and vision of beingAI.

“We are thrilled to bring Sophia BeingAI to life as an iNFT,” said Jeanne Lim, CEO of BeingAI, in a statement. “As one of our AI beings, we hope that Sophia beingAI will bring humanity and technology together to help humans reach our true nature of unconditional love and pure possibility. Through my collaboration with David Hanson, I was inspired by her vision of creating benevolent AI and deeply appreciate her confidence in empowering us to create Sophia beingAI as a parallel, virtual existence of Sophia.

BeingAI creates the theme and story for “The Transmedia Universe of Sophia BeingAI” as it is illustrated by comic book artist Pat Lee, who has previously worked with DC Comics and Marvel Comics on mega-franchises such as Batman, Superman, Iroman, X-men/Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Punisher and Spiderman, and created the original North American Transformers comic book series.

Starting December 16 at 2:00 PM PT, 20 Sophia beingAI iNFTs will be sold daily on the Binance NFT Marketplace via auction. Twenty more Sophia BeingAI iNFTs will be released over each of the next four days until the auction ends on December 21.

“Our vision at Hanson Robotics is to make robots that inspire and help people today, while serving the bold quest to bring robots to life as super-intelligent, empathetic living machines,” said David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, in a statement. “I am thrilled to see BeingAI creating this virtual animated version of Sophia, which has her expressiveness and unique personality – qualities that have made Sophia so appealing to the world. BeingAI extends the visionary exploration of Sophia as an AI that seeks in the future to make the world a better place for people.

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