Automata Anime PV features the game’s characters in a spirited look


JAPAN: Nier: Automata has been the most talked about title among anime fans since its announcement. After the anime news surfaced, no new updates were shared with the fans, but now that the Aniplex Online Fest is happening, the series has received two new promo videos and a release date. .

Along with the release date and promo clips, the event also revealed the cast members joining the team and new key visuals for the upcoming anime series. Considering the massive updates, fans were eagerly awaiting the series.

Nier: Automata anime received key visuals, promo clips and voice cast details

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Nier: Automata is a popular PlayStation 4 and Windows video game from 2017 that follows the action RPG (role-playing game) genre. The game was developed under the Platinum Games banner, while Square Enix published the title. Serving as a sequel to Nier (2010), the game allows the player to experience the post-apocalyptic world overflowing with machines. The game’s hack and slash style of play and story premise won praise from gamers.

In February 2022, Nier: Automata received an anime announcement which brought together game and anime enthusiasts. Now, the makers have revealed new details at Aniplex Online Fest 2022 regarding the upcoming series. The anime is officially titled “NieR: Automata Ver1. 1a” and is set to debut in January 2023.

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The anime also bagged two new character promo videos featuring 2B and 9S. Both characters also received key visuals. The creators also dropped the voice actors update. Yui Ishikawa will join the team as 2B. Natsuki Hanae will voice 9S. Hiroki Yasumoto and Kaoru Akiyama will complete the cast as Pod 042 and Pod 153.

Ryouji Masuyama will add his directorial vision to the Nier: Automata anime. A-1 Pictures, known for Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, and The Seven Deadly Sins, handled the animation. Monaca will score the music, and Jun Nakai has joined the team as animation director.

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In addition to the Nier: Automata anime, Aniplex Online Fest has unveiled the teaser for Mashle: Magic and Muscles, the theatrical anime film Eisen Flugel, and many more updates.

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