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Video games are the biggest entertainment medium in the world, and from AAA hit titles to small indie games that capture the hearts of fans, there has never been a time when so many amazing gaming experiences were accessible. That being said, representation and accessibility remain two key areas where the industry can benefit from improvements.

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Female protagonists and better accessibility settings for gamers of all backgrounds, it’s important that publishers and developers focus on creating a gaming space for everyone. Those who are Deaf or hard of hearing aren’t often in lead roles or lead characters, and in video games there are far fewer characters in that role compared to the number of people playing games who are hard of hearing or deaf.


seven Quill (Foam)

The main character of the hit PlayStation VR title Mousse is called Quill. Although this little creature has never been confirmed to be canonically deaf, it primarily uses American Sign Language to communicate.

This not only allows normal ASL use for a whole new audience of gamers, but it adds a layer of accessibility for the deaf or hard of hearing that is appreciated. Quill may not be deaf, but the developers at Moss went out of their way to make sure the deaf community was seen and understood.

6 Sumio Kodai (silver case)

This entry contains spoilers for The silver case, so be warned. Sumio Kodai is a character in the visual novel The silver case, a game from popular game developer Goichi Suda/Suda51. It’s a crime tale set in a fictional town called the 24 Districts. Kodai is a detective who works in the Heinous Crimes Unit hiding a secret.

As a child, he was beaten to the point where his eardrums ruptured and he was left deaf, an attack that resulted from him and his friends trying to save a girl from a terrible assault. He hides his deafness to protect his identity as his primary goal is ultimately to capture and exact revenge on the men responsible for both his disability and the attack on the young girl.

5 Shizune Hakamichi (Shoujo Kajawa)

In 2012, Four Leaf Studios released an interesting visual novel titled Kajawa Shojo which focused on the stories of six people and the disabilities they lived with. The six main characters were made up of one male and five females, each with a unique disability. Shizune Hakamichi was an 18 year old girl who was deaf.

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Alongside the character signing into the game to communicate, her friend Misha also translated. Hakamichi is an excellent student who is hard-working and very task-oriented, which goes to show that people with deafness are just as capable, if not more capable, than those without disabilities.

4 Dane (The Quiet Man)

Despite The quiet man being the subject of internet memes thanks to the perceived quality of the game as a whole, it was found to feature a deaf protagonist named Dane. The game focuses on how the trauma Dane endures as a child drives him to create a set of drawings featuring a character he names “The Quiet Man”.

The game is listed as an action-adventure beat ’em up and was released in 2018 for PC and PS4. The game ultimately received poor reviews, with most outlets considering the combat and story to be critical weak points in the overall experience.

3 Man-Bat (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Man-Bat isn’t exactly an A-List villain in the world of Batman, but the villainous beast has made an appearance or two throughout the batman arkham game series from developer Rocksteady. He was once a scientist who worked to find a solution to his chronic deafness, a rather rare condition. His experimentation led him to become a human/bat hybrid.

Using his ability to use echolocation, he overcame his chronic deafness but found himself with a new reality in which he was a living nightmare. Luckily, Batman can eventually heal the scientist and return him to his human form. Just be prepared for the surprisingly viral jump scare moment that the developers have put into the game as a way to introduce Man-Bat to the player.

2 Hawkeye (Marvel’s Avengers)

Hawkeye may not be the most popular member of Marvel’s Avengers, but there are many people who consider the sniper to be a true hero. Clint Barton, known as Hawkeye, goes through a lot in his story, and one of the big moments is when he goes deaf.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe recently adapted this beat-up story on the Disney+ show titled Hawk Eye, where it was explained that he had lost his hearing as a result of all the conflicts he had fought in alongside superhumans. Marvel’s Avengers added a full story-based expansion to the base game focusing on Hawkeye and time travel, where Clint is also canonically deaf. Players must help him save the future by overcoming a hyper-intelligent, power-hungry version of the Hulk, named Maestro.

1 Hailey Cooper (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

Millions of people were delighted when Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was first announced as it became the first video game to feature the new era hero. Sure, it delivered on its promise to deliver an engaging and captivating Miles Morales video game experience, but it also happened to feature the first deaf black character in a AAA video game release.

The character’s name is Hailey Cooper and she’s a street artist that players meet in the game who does Spider-Man murals of Miles Morales. She is played by actress Natasha Ofili, who is also deaf, and the developers of Insomniac Games have expressed their desire to display more inclusive characters in their video games.

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