Best game characters to dress like Halloween


Halloween is more than a chance to dust off some cosplay hanging in the closet. This time of year offers the opportunity to take a favorite video game character you care about into the real world. But, which characters make a perfect costume for the audience?

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As with many outfits, the devil is often in the details. After all, a few crucial touches can separate your intention to dress as Ryu from that of being a generic martial artist. After reading this article today, you will be well on your way to having what you need to be the party life.

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi Midjump

Dressing up as Mario and Luigi is a centuries-old tradition that dates back to 1985. Costumes are simple to put together, and you can be the life of the party with a friend or significant other.

As a bonus, Mario and Luigi are so well known that no explanation is needed on your costume. If you dress like one of these characters with someone else, both gamers and non-gamers will have a smile on their face.


Agent 47

Hitman 2 Agent 47

One of video game‘s most famous assassins doesn’t require a lot of work to emulate, either. Unless, of course, you decide to go with one of the many costumes he wore on his missions to blend in with the crowd.

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While the bald people among us only need a suit and tie, others may need to get comfortable with a bald cap. For safety’s sake, consider leaving the fake gun at home, or purchase one that is clearly a fake.

Legend of Zelda child and adult link

Link arguably follows just behind Mario in terms of popularity and recognition in the Nintendo character world. Plus, there are relatively simple costume possibilities for kids and adults alike – some of which may be inspired by one of her best transformations as well.

There are plenty of pre-made outfits available online, but it can also be fun to get creative with your version. Whether you’re going with a young Link or an adult, there are ways to delight everyone at a party with this choice.

Nathan Drake

Unexplored Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake may be a combination of Indiana Jones and James Bond, but he also has an iconic style. While a Nathan Drake costume isn’t difficult to put together, having a few specific pieces will help the uninitiated recognize your outfit.

You’ll need a shoulder strap, dual pistol holster, and a blue scarf to grab the attention of fellow Uncharted fans. And don’t forget to take a Henly shirt and a ring with a necklace to add that extra authentic touch.


Ryu Street Fighter Houduken

Dressing as Ryu for Halloween has been another popular option since the late 1980s. And since then, many fun varieties of the character have been chosen for an outfit.

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Whatever Street Fighter era you choose, the iconic red gloves and headband can be an instant hit. If you manage to craft a prop for throwing Hadoukens, you might just be the nostalgic hit of the party (or the unknown and enigmatic winner of a Street Fighter V tournament).

Princess peach

Princess Peach Waves Hello

A Princess Peach costume can come in many varieties, but it’s still easy to recognize. A pink dress and a crown are the only requirements to start.

There are also some fun accessories to choose from that will add to the fun of Halloween. For example, you could arrive with his umbrella from Super Smash Brothers or a blue shell from Mario Kart.

Lara croft

Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013

Like other long-lived video game characters, there are several versions of Lara Croft to emulate. You can go for the blocky version of 1996 or the more modern versions of the Tomb Raider title.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to create your Lara Croft costume and let everyone know who you are for Halloween. Just pack some cargo shorts, a tank top, and a few other accessories for the evening (especially since the next Tomb Raider movie isn’t coming anytime soon).


Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2

Arguably the most crucial part of making a Yuna costume is her skirt and staff. If you master both of these aspects of his character, you’ll have a lot to talk about with Final Fantasy 10 fans on Halloween.

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On the other hand, you can always go for the Final Fantasy X-2 version of Yuna. If you don’t buy a version of her sleek skirt in this set, you might want to find someone to help you create the set.


Chell in Portal 2

Among the silent protagonists in video game history, Chell is one of the most beloved and recognizable. If a Portal 2 fan attends your Halloween rally, they’ll definitely recognize everyone’s favorite Aperture Science test subject.

Among the more popular video game character options, appearing as Chell can be one of the easiest to achieve. And if you bring a portal gun, you’ll have a convenient way to escape boring or uncomfortable conversations.

Commander Shepard

Commander Shepard Male and Female

Commander Shepard is a beloved video game character that anyone can have fun with on Halloween. However, if you are not shopping for a costume online, you may need to do some significant customization work.

A Commander Shepard outfit usually comes in two versions. You can choose to go with a crewman outfit or the classic look of the N7 armor. Just like in Mass Effect, the choice you make can change how the rest of the night unfolds.

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