Best Soccer Games Apps For Windows 10


For other sports, I may have targeted a country or a few of them, but football remains an exception. The spirit of the game is celebrated around the world, with FIFA being the main tournament. Besides the national level tournaments, they also have top leagues.

Best Soccer Games Apps For Windows 10

While not everyone can play football on the pitch, most prefer to watch it, and many would just play it online. Here is a list of the 5 best football games for Windows:

1]Football Football League

One of the reasons I love the Football Soccer League game is its stunning graphics. Whenever we select a game from the Microsoft store, there is an assumption that it is a non-gaming PC. So we expect it to be light. If it has realistic graphics, that’s a huge plus for a free PC game. Football Soccer League allows users to choose their own FIFA characters to play with. It is available in the Microsoft store here.

2]Super Party Sports: Football

Super party sports: soccer

More of a cartoon game, Super Party Sports: Football is not your usual football app. The main player is located at different levels, having to aim for an objective. His opponents stand in the way and they can move around to hinder the shot. The soccer ball can be loaded, and if it is powerful enough, it may be able to take down its rival. Use every tact you can to score goals. Download the game from the Microsoft store here.

3]Cartoon soccer cup

Cartoon soccer cup

Revive your childhood memories by playing Cartoon Football Cup with all your favorite cartoon characters. Maybe there wouldn’t be a better game for the youngest. While remaining fun and playful, the player must select a character and form his team, then shoot goals while bypassing his opponents. Although the graphics are 2D, the game is light and fast. We could select national teams (of cartoon characters) and play accordingly. Get the game for free from the Microsoft store here.

4]Football Management Ultra-FMU

Football Management Ultra-FMU

Football Management Ultra-FMU is not exactly a football game, but all about managing football teams and leagues. One of a kind, the game is interesting and challenging. It involves building your football team and premier league, checking out the stadium, handling backstage staff, and more. Although we do not play football in this game, the training of the players and the choice of the facilities help decide the winner. The game is available from Microsoft shop.

5]Halloween Zombie Farting Football

Halloween Zombie Farting Soccer Ball

This list would have been incomplete if I hadn’t included Halloween Zombie Farting Football, the craziest soccer game on the market. The objective of the game is not to score goals but to hit and kill zombies. It’s really fun when you hit the walking dead. This amazing game is available on the Microsoft store here.

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