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Tara Strong is a true talent, having voiced many iconic characters and lent her talents to a wide variety of media properties. Its portfolio of characters ranges from movies to TV shows to video games. His voice is one that players might instantly recognize, or be pleasantly surprised to fund while reading the credits.

Of Loki‘s Miss Minutes to Batman‘s Harley Quinn, Tara Strong certainly has the credits to back up her talent. As the central voice of Harley Quinn, many might wonder if she will appear as a character in more video games. For now, it’s time to celebrate a few of his many accomplishments.

ten Batgirl—Batman: Revenge

Batman: Revenge is a highly nostalgic game for fans who grew up with Batman: The Animated Series. The game itself is a continuation that fits right into the Batman series and has a high caliber of thieves and Batman heroes in this story. Barbara Gordon is set to debut in Gotham Knightswhich is due out this year.

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Tara Strong embodies Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl with both earnestness and charm. Although Batgirl does not have much to do in this game, players do not forget her presence. She has a big level where Batman has to rescue her on a high-speed train, and the longer the player takes, the more her health depletes.

9 Ben Tennyson — Ben 10: Protector of the Earth

One of Tara Strong’s most iconic vocal performances is Ben Tennyson, the titular character of the iconic Ben 10. Leading numerous animated shows and games, Strong has established herself as the ultimate Ben 10with her talent bringing the cocky, cocky ten-year-old girl to life.

Ben 10 appeared in many games over the years, but most fans prefer Ben 10: Earth Protector as one of the best for its story that captivates players with the similarities and feel of the original anime show. Tara Strong once again delivers a great performance for the character.

8 Keira – Jak X: Fight Race

Tara Strong took over as the voice of Keira in the Jack and Daxter franchise, starting with James 3. The character had appeared in a bigger role in previous entries, but the spotlight had returned to him somewhat with James Xand I hope that the character and the series will soon have a future.

Strong keeps Keira’s voice vaguely similar to the original voice, but puts her own twist on it. Keira’s story in James X frustrates her with her father, as she wants to prove to him that she can be a great runner and does not need to be protected as a child. Her frustrations and her desire for more than she’s stuck with are well portrayed by Strong in this game franchise.

seven Talwyn Apogee — Ratchet And Clank

Talywn is a major supporting character who appears in a multitude of Ratchet and Clank Games. She absolutely fits the role on the show, being a very close ally and girlfriend to Ratchet. He’s a character that fans hope to see again in the franchise.

Tara Strong plays her with confidence, a character who knows who she is and what she does. The character is also described as tough, loyal, and ready to fight. These are all attributes that Strong manages to translate from his voice into the character we see in the game.

6 Raven — Injustice: Gods Among Us

Tara Strong played Raven for many years in a variety of video games and animated shows, establishing herself as the main voice for the character. She appears in many animated shows, from 2003 Teen Titans to 2013 The Teen Titans Go!

Raven loudly in Injustice: Gods Among Usbut the character did not appear in the sequel, Injustice 2. Raven is serious and always controlling her emotions to the point of being fed up with the people around her. What makes Strong’s performance so great is that it seems more grown up and powerful than in his younger cartoon. Strong translates this well for Raven while keeping audiences engaged and interested in her character.

As the English voice of Paz in the famous Solid metal gear series, Tara Strong’s Paz Ortega has quite a role in Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker and durable in both Ground zeros and Phantom pain. Strong shows her ability to switch accents when playing Paz.

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Strong’s performance as Paz translates well for the character. She seems innocent and young, with a love for peace. Strong’s voice work for Paz makes both the player and Big Boss care about her, to the point that when the story takes a dramatic turn for Paz’s character, players feel the effects.

4 Rachel—Ninja Gaiden

A prominent character and the main female character in a few of the games in the franchise, Rachel is someone no one would want to star in. Gaiden ninja. It makes its reappearance in the new Master Collection. She’s ruthless, strong, and won’t let anything get in her way when it comes to getting what she wants.

Tara Strong plays Rachel with confidence and enthusiasm, while tapping into a vulnerable, sensitive, and emotional side when it comes to her story and what makes her a tragic heroine. Rachel’s character develops throughout these games, and she eventually leaves behind the hotheaded persona for a more caring character.

3 Rikku—Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy XRikku is optimistic, positive and not afraid to speak her mind. This is another character voiced by Tara Strong, this time in the popular Square Enix series.

Strong brings a positive and energetic performance to this Final Fantasy title and gives the game a softer tone with his appearances. Final Fantasyisn’t the only game Rikku has made an appearance in, and Strong has returned to voice him in kingdom hearts 2.

2 Juliet Starling — Lollipop Chainsaw

This hack-and-slash zombie hunter adventure was a collaboration between game designer Suda51, famous for more heroesand filmmaker James Gunn, known for Marvel Studios guardians of the galaxy. It starred Tara Strong as the protagonist, Juliet Starling, a chainsaw-wielding cheerleader from a California high school.

The game is full of wacky jokes and characters, and Strong complements them well with the enthusiasm and naivety of the wacky world around him. She tries to fit in like a normal teenager in a normal family and keep her boyfriend calm.

1 Harley Quinn—Batman: Arkham City

After Harley Quinn’s original voice, Arleen Sorkin, Tara Strong has since played the psychiatrist-turned-jester for many years, in many roles from animated shows to video games. This includes the delayed Rocksteady title Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Debut in Batman: Arkham City, Strong gives Harley a big voice, tapping into the character’s Brooklyn roots, bubbly personality and arrogance. She has great range with Harley, expressing her frustration, anger, and sadness, as well as a knack for her cheek and jokes.

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