Best Video Game Characters With Psionic Abilities

There are many characters in video games that house many kinds of cool and interesting superpowers. The powers of rewinding time, changing shape and lifting heavy objects are all present in various games such as life is strange and Kirby’s epic thread.

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Arguably the coolest (and most flexible) type of superpower to have in a video game is psychic abilities. Whether seeing into the future, telekinesis, telepathy, or psionic abilities are still cool and fun to play with. Many video games have changed what it means to have a character with psionic abilities, mixing unique gifts and elements of lore to develop these psionic characters.


ten Alex Chen (Life is Strange: True Colors)

Alex’s abilities in Life is Strange: True Colors are not those of your classic psionic character. Telepathy is often grouped with the number of skills a character with psionic abilities has. Alex certainly displays a form of telepathy in his ability to read strong emotions, see the memories attached to them, and in some cases even inherit those emotions.

While not a traditional depiction of psionic abilities, Alex’s abilities are still an interesting take on the power of telepathy that focuses on empathy and reading emotions rather than thoughts. .

9 Jodie Holmes (Beyond: Two Souls)

Another unusual depiction of psionic abilities in a video game is Jodie. Typically, these types of psychic powers come directly from the character using them. For Jodie, this is not the case. Although she can somewhat control the psionic entity attached to her, Aiden, these psychic abilities are not hers.

That said, she is able to perform a number of psionic abilities in the game with the help of Aiden. Like moving objects, possessing other humans, reading the souls of recently deceased people, and healing Jodie.

8 Mewtwo (Pokemon)

When it comes to psychic characters, one of the first that comes to mind is the pokemon, Mewtwo. Not only is this humanoid creature a psychic type in the games, but it is also depicted as harboring many psionic abilities in the film and television adaptations of Pokemon.

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One of the best known examples is Pokemon: The First Movie. Mewtwo is the notable antagonist of this film and is depicted as having psychic abilities beyond the use of his attacks. Mewtwo displays powerful use of telekinesis and can also speak to others, including humans, using telepathy.

seven Daniel Diaz (Life is Strange 2)

The life is strange The franchise is known for its strong main characters who display a variety of superpowers in each installment of the series. Daniel houses the most classic depiction of psionic abilities when it comes to his superpower.

It is shown during life is strange 2 honing and enhancing his telekinetic abilities, going from the ability to perform powerful maneuvers only under the influence of strong emotions to the ability to levitate and manipulate inanimate and living beings at will. Although many players who have played through life is strange 2 found Daniel to be a pretty annoying deuteragonist, it’s hard not to admit that his powers are pretty cool.

Psycho Mantis’ psionic abilities make it a very interesting and inventive fight in Solid metal gear. In-game, her psychic powers can vibrate the player’s controller and even have the ability to read their memory card. He displays a strong understanding of his powerful telepathic abilities, making him a formidable and cunning opponent.

Psycho Mantis is an interesting character to fight, as well as an intriguing character in the game’s story. His story is reminiscent of the first mind he leaned into, that of his father. He was overwhelmed with the hatred and disgust of his father’s resentment for him, as his mother died during childbirth giving birth to him, in a fit of rage he set the whole village on fire, killing his father in the process.

5 M. Bison (Street Fighter)

M. Bison is an antagonist in the street fighter series. His first appearance comes from Street Fighter II, where he was a non-playable boss for players. However, he became a playable character in the game update, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. He is portrayed as a power-hungry individual seeking world domination as his ultimate goal.

He is the most notable user of what is called “Psycho Power” in the street fighter series. It is considered a dark, psychic energy that is the opposite of “Soul Power”. This psychic power feeds on the negative emotions of others, such as anger, hatred, and fear, to make it more effective.

4 Raz (Psychonauts)

Psychonauts is a critically acclaimed cult hit, although it did not sell well after its initial release. Taking place at a summer camp for those with psychic abilities, Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, Raz begins to hone his power to read minds and develop other psionic abilities, such as clairvoyance, telekinesis, and levitation.

Psychonauts also has a variety of psionic characters aside from the protagonist, Raz, such as Lili Zanotto and Dogen Boole. All of this will help the protagonist in his mission to stop Dr. Loboto and his plan to remove the camper’s brain.

3 Ness (grounded)

Although Ness is handy with a baseball bat, an iconic part of his character design, he also houses a psychic ability known as PSI. This power allows him to battle the evil Gigyas, and throughout the game he sets off alongside his friends Paula, Jeff, and Poo to find all eight shrines.

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The power of Ness in Earthbound allows him to modify cosmic events, but in Super Smash Bros. he is a popular player choice due to his powerful psychic projectiles and combos.

2 Sabrina (Pokemon)

Sabrina is one of the most memorable Gym Leaders of the Original Eight that appear in Generation I. She wields a strong Psychic-type team that can easily overwhelm opponents with their high-speed, confusing attacks. However, it’s not just her Pokemon who exhibits psychic abilities, as Sabrina shares many of her team’s telekinetic gifts.

She has been shown to be able to bend spoons with her mind and see into the future. It is even said that she has the ability to communicate with her Pokemon without ever speaking, suggesting that she is also telepathic.

1 Silver The Hedgehog (Sonic)

Silver is one of the few characters with psionic abilities in the sonic the hedgehog franchise. His psychic powers allow him to telekinetically levitate and move objects with his mind, making him arguably one of the most powerful characters in the world. sonic the hedgehog series.

Silver is a hedgehog who comes from two hundred years in the future, so his futuristic psionic abilities match his character’s backstory. His role is to prevent many catastrophic events that ruined the future he was born into using his psionic abilities.

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