Game characters – POE Wiki Sat, 24 Sep 2022 14:15:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Game characters – POE Wiki 32 32 Automata Anime PV features the game’s characters in a spirited look Sat, 24 Sep 2022 14:15:00 +0000 JAPAN: Nier: Automata has been the most talked about title among anime fans since its announcement. After the anime news surfaced, no new updates were shared with the fans, but now that the Aniplex Online Fest is happening, the series has received two new promo videos and a release date. . Along with the release […]]]>

JAPAN: Nier: Automata has been the most talked about title among anime fans since its announcement. After the anime news surfaced, no new updates were shared with the fans, but now that the Aniplex Online Fest is happening, the series has received two new promo videos and a release date. .

Along with the release date and promo clips, the event also revealed the cast members joining the team and new key visuals for the upcoming anime series. Considering the massive updates, fans were eagerly awaiting the series.

Nier: Automata anime received key visuals, promo clips and voice cast details

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Nier: Automata is a popular PlayStation 4 and Windows video game from 2017 that follows the action RPG (role-playing game) genre. The game was developed under the Platinum Games banner, while Square Enix published the title. Serving as a sequel to Nier (2010), the game allows the player to experience the post-apocalyptic world overflowing with machines. The game’s hack and slash style of play and story premise won praise from gamers.

In February 2022, Nier: Automata received an anime announcement which brought together game and anime enthusiasts. Now, the makers have revealed new details at Aniplex Online Fest 2022 regarding the upcoming series. The anime is officially titled “NieR: Automata Ver1. 1a” and is set to debut in January 2023.

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The anime also bagged two new character promo videos featuring 2B and 9S. Both characters also received key visuals. The creators also dropped the voice actors update. Yui Ishikawa will join the team as 2B. Natsuki Hanae will voice 9S. Hiroki Yasumoto and Kaoru Akiyama will complete the cast as Pod 042 and Pod 153.

Ryouji Masuyama will add his directorial vision to the Nier: Automata anime. A-1 Pictures, known for Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, and The Seven Deadly Sins, handled the animation. Monaca will score the music, and Jun Nakai has joined the team as animation director.

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In addition to the Nier: Automata anime, Aniplex Online Fest has unveiled the teaser for Mashle: Magic and Muscles, the theatrical anime film Eisen Flugel, and many more updates.

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Kingdomverse Introduces New MMORPG Game Characters, GensoKishi Online Thu, 15 Sep 2022 21:27:11 +0000 Hong Kong SAR, September 15, 2022, Kingdomverse announces an exciting partnership with GensoKishi Online. GensoKishi Online is a GameFi and metaverse incarnation of the award-winning Nintendo Switch game “Elemental Knights”. GensoKishi will launch 3 game characters in the first Kingdomverse mobile game “Defend the Kingdom” (“DTK”) this year. This collaboration is the first of its […]]]>

Hong Kong SAR, September 15, 2022, Kingdomverse announces an exciting partnership with GensoKishi Online. GensoKishi Online is a GameFi and metaverse incarnation of the award-winning Nintendo Switch game “Elemental Knights”. GensoKishi will launch 3 game characters in the first Kingdomverse mobile game “Defend the Kingdom” (“DTK”) this year. This collaboration is the first of its kind in Web 3 games, as characters from GensoKishi Online will be fully playable in DTK. Kingdomverse was designed to be interoperable and welcoming to all gaming and NFT communities, where these characters will form kingdoms to ally or conquer kingdoms.

The official partnership will be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2022 on September 15. The Kingdomverse CEO and GensoKishi team will talk about this exciting collaboration on stage. Kingdomverse will be showcasing game development from their metaverse and DTK at their exhibition booth located in the YGG Japan area. A playable version for DTK, the premier mobile title in the Kingdomverse ecosystem, will be available to showcase exciting new features of the mobile title.

DTK is a casual PvP tower defense mobile game launched by Kingdomverse. Players can either battle against others or team up to take down waves of monsters. The main thing is to deploy the best combination of heroes, the “Legends”, to protect your tower from the waves of monsters. There is a wide range of legends with different rarity, each with different abilities and attacks ranging from basic, rare, and epic to legendary. Epic and Legendary Legends have special abilities to increase damage dealt to opponents and boost Legend evolutions on the battlefield.

An image containing text, tree Description automatically generated

This is the first time that GensoKishi and Kingdomverse have swapped characters with other GameFi projects. Both Metaverses promote interoperability in space with promises of playable characters and game objects across multiple Metaverses. The partnership will begin with the addition of 3 GensoKishi characters as Legendary Legends in DTK. Each character will have unique abilities and special powers. Players are able to determine which of the new characters should they deploy in their base team and will get the best result in PvP or Co-Op mode. Players can expect the new characters to be playable in DTK’s Open Alpha later this year.

Kingdomverse is the first metaverse project to bring GensoKishi characters into their world. The two projects are also in discussions on a future collaboration in their cross-metaverse partnership. The GensoKishi team also prepared a 3D chibi version of the Kingdomverse monkeys to be playable inside the Genso metaverse. Details regarding how these characters will be available to players will be disclosed in a later press release.

About Kingdomverse

Kingdomverse is a dynamic open-world metaverse that allows players to form communities, build their worlds, and conquer lands. The metaverse offers a cross-platform experience with casual mobile games, providing a complete ecosystem in a 3D virtual world. Fun and dynamic, the Kingdomverse is a strategy game with a defense and conquest mechanic where players can build empires and form alliances. The world is dynamic, users can plan to upgrade their kingdoms, attack for resources and capture areas. Users can choose their NFT avatars or even create new avatars. Players have complete freedom to choose how to experience the Kingdomverse.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

About GensoKishi Online

GensoKishi Online combines the complex 3D MMORPG world of “Elemental Knights” with NFTs and token utility. “Elemental Knights” is a famous cross-device MMORPG with a user base of 500,000. In the early 2010s, it won the “Game Star Award of Taiwan” and achieved a total of 8 million downloads. GensoKishi online is taking all that success and bringing it to the blockchain.

For more details, visit:

Media Contact

Organization: Kingdomverse

Contact person:Josh Kovac

E-mail: [email protected]


Country: Hong Kong SAR

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Top 10 Most Iconic Video Game Characters Wed, 14 Sep 2022 16:55:23 +0000 Video games have evolved enormously as a medium since their beginnings. They merge gameplay with storytelling in a way other types of medium can’t even begin to grasp. RELATED: Sega Confirms Sonic 3 Soundtrack Is Missing From Upcoming Sonic Origins For this reason, video games are inherently prone to creating iconic and memorable characters. Stories […]]]>

Video games have evolved enormously as a medium since their beginnings. They merge gameplay with storytelling in a way other types of medium can’t even begin to grasp.

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For this reason, video games are inherently prone to creating iconic and memorable characters. Stories like movies and TV shows need to find a way for audiences to connect with their main characters. Video games, however, are able to seamlessly blend these incredible characters with the audience itself simply because the audience has to play with them.

10) Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Source: Metal Gear Solid 2, Konami

Like most video game characters that debuted on older consoles, Solid Snake had to wait until it evolved into better graphics to stand out on its own. When it did, however, it came to define a generation of stealth games that still dominates its class.

Unlike many fantasy games that have surreal and bizarre characters, Solid Snake excelled at simply being a soldier. However, the world of Solid metal gear was rife with fantasy and the supernatural, so the fact that this simple soldier was able to not only survive but thrive in such a wild and crazy setting means he’s a video gamer’s dream come true.

9) The Master Chief (Halo)

head master in "Halo 4" - 343 studios

Source: Halo 4, 343 Industries

Similar to Solid Snake, Master Chief is also a soldier. However, he exists in a completely sci-fi universe that allows him to be the badass he is. From the start, fans of Halo were all smitten with how Master Chief took on an entire alien force and was the sole survivor of the original game.

Complete this experience with how much Halo has grown over the years, and it’s no surprise that Master Chief’s simple yet iconic design resonates so much. It also helped that Halo was born at the birth of online gaming and esports. All of this combined created a perfect storm that allowed Master Chief to become immensely popular.

8) Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

Source: MKX, Midway

When first created, mortal combat caused a stir in pop culture. Few have seen such a violent game before, and the franchise’s main ninjas, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, we front the series.

It is certainly debatable which of the two came to represent mortal combat more, but Scorpion outstrips its icy counterpart by a slight margin. His white eyes and iconic “come hither” line have resonated with fans for decades, making him one of the franchise’s most popular characters to date.

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7) Doom Guy / The Killer (Doom)

Source: Doom Eternal, ID Software

Loss was another game that revolutionized the gaming industry. What’s even more impressive is that it did so with a largely silent protagonist who had no personality except for his unearthly knack for ripping and tearing the hordes of Hell to shreds.

LossThe iconic cover art did a lot to promote the image of a stoic and strong soldier fighting demons on another planet. Loss as a franchise has grown, changed and expanded over the years, but the image of its main character battling a horde of monsters has not.

6) Mega Man

A shot from Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 3 (2011), Udon Entertainment

Very few games have stuck to a winning formula as seriously as mega man. Even today, the series still thrives on embracing classic graphics, levels, and boss fights, not to mention some of the most notorious difficulty curves in gaming history.

Add that to the fact that Mega Man as a character has branched out into other media as well. There have been mega man comics and cartoon shows that expanded the character far beyond the world of video games so even non-gamers could recognize him.

5) Pacman

Source: Pac-Man, Bandai Namco

Besides being a very early arcade game that became immensely popular, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man found success for two main reasons. First, their extremely basic design made them appealing, but there’s also a gameplay reason for their popularity.

Pac man the games were simply simple to understand and play. They were yellow circles that ate dots and ran away from ghosts. In a world where video games tend to be overly complicated, simplifying things so they could resonate with adults and kids alike was a winning formula.

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4) Link (The Legend of Zelda)

Source: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo

By all accounts, The Legend of Zelda the franchise shouldn’t be as successful as it is. The games are long and quest-driven which can tend to be quite tedious, and yet Link’s image as a video game character has stood the test of time.

This is probably because many video game enthusiasts are also fantasy fans. The Legend of Zelda taps into that and has done an amazing job of refreshing it with every installment. As a character, Link’s name hasn’t resonated with mainstream audiences as much as his image, which is probably why it’s so funny when he’s often confused with the show’s namesake.

3) Pikachu (Pokemon)

Detective Pikachu (2019), Legendary Pictures, The Pokémon Company

Pikachu’s status as the face of the Pokemon The franchise has a lot more to do with the cartoon than with the game itself. At this point, however, the two have merged so well that they are one brand that has become an unstoppable force.

In a world with time-traveling aliens and gigantic bird gods, it’s strange that a cute electric mouse is the main and most popular figure. Again, the fact that Pokemon has been as successful as it has been not only in games, but in all media, shows the sympathy of Pikachu.

2) Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Origins (2022), Sega

At the start of the console wars, there were two characters that stood out among all. A certain plumber represented Nintendo, while a speedy hedgehog became the face of Sega. It’s indisputable who ended up winning this battle, but that doesn’t mean Sonic deserves less than second place.

Lake Mario and other characters, Sonic’s appeal goes beyond the games he’s featured in. He has been involved in several successful cartoons, as well as a movie franchise that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Plus, with new games popping up all the time, it doesn’t look like Sonic’s best years are behind him.

1) Mario (Super Mario Bros.)

Official character art of

Official Nintendo “Super Mario Bros. 3” Character Art

You don’t have to be a fan of video games to know who is number one in this regard. Mario’s evolution from an unnamed character in donkey kong to the icon of an entire industry is extremely interesting.

What’s even more impressive is that its supporting cast alone is enough to fill an entire roster. Apart from the games that Mario is a star in, it has also spawned a range of sports games, board games, and everything in between. It’s unclear how much life Mario left him, but if Nintendo is successful, he’ll be here forever.

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16 Popular Fat Video Game Characters Tue, 06 Sep 2022 07:00:00 +0000 Have you ever thought about those big video game characters? I mean, their obese weight and somewhat sluggish gameplay may excite some and annoy others. But overall, these characters have a comedic nature meant to entertain players of their respective games. This list contains big characters from popular video games such as Grand Theft Auto, […]]]>

Have you ever thought about those big video game characters? I mean, their obese weight and somewhat sluggish gameplay may excite some and annoy others.

But overall, these characters have a comedic nature meant to entertain players of their respective games. This list contains big characters from popular video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, etc.

In this article, I have selected some popular video games with their famous fat characters for your reading pleasure.

Let’s find out about them individually, shall we?

King Hippo (Mike Tyson Punch-Out!!)

First on this list of big video game characters is King Hippo. In Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! King Hippo is the most outstanding person in the World Video Boxing Association, being the main person who does not have a paddle exchange.

His protection is invulnerable until he opens his mouth. Hippo discovers his only flaw when his mouth is touched: his excessively massive trunks start to collapse and he has to keep pulling them up while trying to fight off Little Mac’s body punches.

Remarkably, King Hippo has no potential star chance and in that sense needs to be hit with regular punches. Anyway, when Little Mac lands on King Hippo, he doesn’t get up.

CJ (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Second, on this list of big video game characters is CJ. To add to the “authenticity” of GTA: San Andreas, eating unwanted measures of unhealthy foods caused the player character CJ to have the ability to increase his weight with episodes of eating significantly.

It can hamper gameplay, players’ running speed, climbing skills, and driving pace. Luckily, however, CJ can recover his build by consuming fewer calories and exercising.

Dr Salvador (Resident Evil 4)

Donning an empty potato sack and wielding a massive chainsaw, Dr. Salvador approaching you means death in no time. Assuming he has figured out how to approach you, your head will undoubtedly come into quick contact with the ground.

Lazy but versatile, it takes a few shotgun blasts to take him down. Due to his large size, Dr. Salvador is one of the big characters in video games.

Fat Chocobo (Final Fantasy III)

One of the repetitive characters in the Final Fantasy series, the fat Chocobo, is an important ally. Presenting himself as a regular Chocobo aside from his colossal size, he stored players’ belongings by eating them.

In Final Fantasy IX, he figured out how to have it crafted, becoming the leader of all the Chocobo. Congratulations. For being a heavy and useful storage gadget and massive obliteration weapon, the Fat Chocobo earns a spot on this list of big video game characters.

Bo Rai Cho (Mortal Kombat: Mortal Alliance)

He’s the drunk master we first met in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. He taught Liu Kang everything he knew.

Bo Rai Cho can pull off some really great moves, such as throwing the objects in his alcohol-extended belly at his rivals, delivering deadly farts to his enemies, and crushing opponents with his weight.

Due to his slightly obese stature, Bo Rai Cho earns a spot on this list of fat video game characters.

Kirby (Kirby’s Dream Land)

This video game hero, whose body is so round it encompasses a perfect circle, will eat just about anything that isn’t secure. He truly gains his unique powers by consuming his rivals. For having a hunger that must be attributed to a dark opening in his stomach, Kirby is one of the big characters in video games.

Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Being Sonic’s most despised enemy, the great specialist invested too much energy in the lab and didn’t have enough leisure. When it comes to getting anywhere, Robotnik seems to use his legs when fundamental.

He likes to use his robots to do most errands, such as getting the TV remote after it falls off the lounge chair.

After a few liposuction surgeries and eating less junk food, Robotnik figured out how to get the look he always wanted. Such unhealthy eating habits make him one of the big characters in video games.

Wario (Mega MicroGame$)

Wario is indeed one of the fattest characters in video games. First off, appearing as the main antagonist of Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins, this hulking, mannered, insatiable Wario has many characteristics that make him radically different from other video game heroes and are key to explaining why he is so important.

His hobbies include overeating desserts, cakes, and garlic, watching TV, resting, nose picking, and brainstorming plans to earn big bucks with the least amount of effort.

Instead of becoming a television network executive, he started his video game company, where he got his companions to create mini-games without pay.

Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

The big boss of the Legend of Zelda establishment, the mighty Ganondorf, holds one of the top positions on this list, which is inferred from the incredible awesomeness shown through his various appearances. In his underlying appearance, he is a remarkably robust person in his pig-like build.

Yet after multiple efforts to defeat Hyrule that ended in disappointment, Ganon stuck with his human frame, hit the exercise center, and transformed into the sorcerous, muscular boss we see him kill in the game. After the last confrontation, Ganondorf was locked up in the sacred domain.

Bearing in mind that it took many years, Ganondorf developed the type of beard usually associated with Scandinavian lumberjacks.

When he made his long-awaited return in the Wind Waker, the distinctions between human Ganondorf and his pig-like structure were considerably less clear.

His rippling muscles have been superseded by something different that deflects, and he’s taken to wearing huge loose robes to hide his figure.

However, Ganondorf had erased long periods of severe dieting and exercise routines, showing that he had lost none of his fighting ability. Ganondorf’s excellent fighting abilities and obese size make him one of the big characters in video games.

Chang Koehan (King of Fighters series)

This South Korean character is 7’5″ tall and usually weighs between 448 and 668 pounds. He is a serial criminal and a taekwondo student. He likes to use his iron ball to erase things. He hates centipedes and perilous drilling. He loves to eat fully roasted cows and play table tennis.

King Krool (Donkey Kong Series)

“Krudd”, Kommander K. Rool, Kaptain K. Rool, Doctor Baron K. Roolenstein, King Krusha K. Rool, K. Blockhead and King Scaleface, this male Kremling Kritter hails from Crocodile Isle.

He currently lives in Mobile Island Fortress. King K. Rool is the deranged antagonist of the Donkey Kong games.

He is the malevolent leader of the Kremling Race and the Kremling Krew, who continually threaten the Kongs, and he is also Donkey and Diddy Kong’s main rival. His tall stature makes him one of the fattest characters in video games.

Wong Who (final fight series)

Wong is a fat Asian character with a black hat haircut and a Fu Manchu mustache. He wears a casual white button-up shirt with suspenders and green jeans. He has a huge tiger tattoo on his back.

Born in the United States on March 8, he prefers Farage and sweet foods and hates nonsense. He weighs 471 pounds and is 6’3″ tall. He has black eyes and is blood type O. He is one of the big video game characters.

Bob (Tekken series)

Bob is a famous hand-to-hand combat marvel from the United States. A once handsome and slender competitor, Bob competed in various competitions and was adored by fans and the spotlight.

Bob’s only flaw with unlimited speed was his lack of strength, causing him to suffer tremendously when battling against bigger and bigger opponents than himself.

Not entirely determined to win, Bob decided to increase his weight by stuffing himself, ensuring he wouldn’t lose his speed all the time.

After effectively transforming, Bob unexpectedly returned to a new martial arts competition as the ideal blend of speed and weight.

The group, in any case, didn’t appreciate this and saw his continued appearance as a sorry excuse for his former self.

Not to be impacted by such gossip, Bob quickly entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to step back into the spotlight and demonstrate that his mix would be preeminent. He is one of the big video game characters.

Rufus (street fighter)

He is an overweight American kung fu warrior and a self-proclaimed opponent of Ken Masters, regardless of his opponent’s misunderstanding with him. He weighs 408 pounds and is 6’5″ tall. He has blue eyes and light hair.

He was born on July 30 and had blood type O. He loves bikes and his sweetheart Candy but can’t stand Ken. He fights with karate and kung fu. He is one of the big video game characters.

E.Honda (Street Fighter)

Edmond Honda is an extraordinarily heavy but powerful Japanese man, apparently in his late thirties to mid-forties. He has dark chonmage hair and just wears a white and light blue mawashi with a crimson fundoshi underneath.

This Japanese, born on November 3, 1960, has earth-colored eyes and black hair. He is blood type A, weighs 302 pounds and is 6’1″ tall. He fights using Japanese sumo wrestling.

He loves traditional Japanese soups, showers and sandwiches. He hates chocolate candies and rice vermicelli. He is a sumo grappler, cook, and nabe expert and is one of the big video game characters.

Pig Josh (Red Dead Revolver)

Pig Josh was a master of destruction during the Civil War. He was on Perry’s carnival train, astounding people with his ability to handle Dynamite.

In time, he became a criminal, using his expertise with TNT to annihilate and kill people instead of astounding them with tricky stunts and stunts.

Along these lines, a necessary banner of him has been hung inside Brimstone Jail for any man bold enough to approach Josh. Because of his strength, he deserves a place in this list of big video game characters.


These fat video game characters are some of the characters you’ve played with if you’re a fan of any of the games listed above. If you’ve never used one before, it would be fun to try them out, wouldn’t it?

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Video game characters who rely on their strength to win Sat, 03 Sep 2022 07:00:00 +0000 It’s been postulated (mostly in various martial arts movies) that strength doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the skills to back it up. This is why you always see lean martial arts master type people effortlessly lay out gigantic fighters with masterful strikes and flips. However, there is a bit of a limit to […]]]>

It’s been postulated (mostly in various martial arts movies) that strength doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the skills to back it up. This is why you always see lean martial arts master type people effortlessly lay out gigantic fighters with masterful strikes and flips. However, there is a bit of a limit to this.

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There is a certain strength threshold which, once exceeded, can effectively replace the skill, at least while that strength lasts. There are a lot of characters in games that don’t use any particular fighting style, they’re just so outrageously strong that they just kind of can throw orient themselves in the general direction of their opponents and let nature take its course. Of course, even in these situations skill often wins out.


10/10 Rodin – Bayonette Series

Before becoming a fallen angel, Rodin was undoubtedly one of the most powerful beings in all of Paradiso. No other angels, not even members of the Auditio, could touch him. Even after she lost her celestial abilities and embraced her demonic side, that still more or less holds true.

Rodin’s very presence has so much heavenly/hellish power behind it that all he really has to do is swing his arm in a straight line to send an opponent flying. Even when he decides to get serious, there is no particular rhythm to his techniques. It flies quickly, stomping and pounding the ground; it is its latent force that makes this scourge potentially the end of the world.

9/10 Asura – Asura’s Wrath

Asura’s entire existence, at least as far as the history of Asura’s Wrath is concerned, is defined by his inexhaustible source of rage and hatred. Whenever he’s up against an opponent he can’t just knock down, he doesn’t work at all to hone his style, he just beats them. Stronger.

Asura’s fighting style, such as it is, can be summed up in the following flowchart: Is he still standing? Hit him. Is he still standing? Hit harder. Is he still standing? Hit harder with more fists. Etc., etc. He really is so angry that this approach works for pretty much the whole game.

8/10 Urizen – Devil May Cry 5

When Vergil uses the power of the Yamato to separate his human and demonic halves from each other, the resulting demon, Urizen, is an unfettered mass of demonic power. He’s made up of all the best genetics Vergil has ever inherited from Sparda, from overwhelming strength to natural resilience.

However, there is a small problem here: Vergil’s greatest asset is his swordsmanship, and this has been passed down to V. As such, Urizen does not fight with any established style, merely swinging your body and let the physics do the work. . He is undoubtedly strong, but against Dante’s freewheeling fighting style, he just couldn’t keep up.

7/10 Godrick the Transplant – Elden Ring

Godrick has always had a small inferiority complex, comparing himself to the more powerful members of his godly family. He’s not particularly good with weapons or magic compared to Radahn or Rennala, so to make up for the difference, he opted for mace instead. Godrick grafts on powerful warriors and creatures to increase his size and muscle, which certainly allows him to field regular soldiers with little difficulty.

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Sadly, not all the transplants in the world can make up for his general lack of fighting savvy. Its swings are powerful enough to cause whirlwinds and its jumps are heavy enough to split the earth, but that’s all it really has in its playbook. Even grafting a dragon’s entire head onto its arm won’t doesn’t change the fact that, despite his immense strength, he just doesn’t know how to use it.

6/10 Zant – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

When he first appears in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zant is portrayed as a calm, calculating individual with unknown depths in his dark abilities. Indeed, with his powerful Twili magic, he can conjure up all sorts of caustic attacks, not to mention subject those around him to powerful and unpleasant metamorphoses.

Later, however, we learn that all of this power came primarily from Ganondorf. On his own, Zant isn’t exactly an impressive fighter. His magic is powerful and gives him some flexibility in a fight, allowing him to change size and create illusions. When exhausted and forced to rely on swordsmanship, his style can be compared to a child throwing a tantrum rather than true skill.

As a U.S. Navy soldier in his younger years, Armstrong likely received basic combat training, though he never actually saw an active deployment during his time there. This is probably why when it comes time to fight Raiden, he relies almost exclusively on his nanomachine-enhanced body rather than something like army combat.

With his nanomachines’ ability to harden in response to trauma, as well as his ability to draw kinetic energy from his surroundings, Armstrong is a devastatingly strong individual. Granted, without help from Jetstream Sam’s Murasama, Raiden can’t even scratch it. However, Armstrong’s fighting style is more like football tackling than actual fighting. Tackles are not a fighting style, which is why Raiden finally managed to beat him. Even before that, he was nearly beaten by Sam, only winning at the last minute with a lucky shot.

4/10 Jason Vorhees – Mortal Kombat X

Anyone with even a passing interest in classic horror movies knows Jason Vorhees’ unstoppable nature. It’s kind of his whole shtick. In his many films and his appearance in Mortal Kombat X, Jason does not operate based on any particular type of skill. He’s a directionless ghost, after all; the guy probably can’t spell ‘fighting style”, let alone use one.

Jason’s undead physiology allows him to not effortlessly sell attacks that would hurt or knock down typical fighters. If a normal person tried to fight like Jason does, they would get hurt, but because he can not being injured, he can simply fly through a knuckle sandwich as if it were a light breeze.

3/10 Infinite – Sonic Forces

Using the power of the mysterious Phantom Ruby, Infinite is a borderline divine individual. He can conjure large-scale illusions, create frighteningly accurate duplicates of any living thing, and can easily ignore any feeble attempt to resist him.

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Infinite’s power, however, comes with a big asterisk: the Phantom Ruby is the source of all his powers. This means that if the Ruby is inhibited in any way or otherwise removed from possession, he becomes a downright average guy. He has no combat skills, no enhanced strength, and he’s not even that smart. Without the Phantom Ruby, Infinite is pretty finished.

2/10 Taiga Saejima – Yakuza Series

All playable characters in the Yakuza series are some degree of a skull and crossbones, capable of performing fantastic feats of strength and violence. Even compared to Kiryu and Majima, however, Taiga Saejima stands out due to just How? ‘Or’ What he is strong. For one thing, he’s able to rip street signs straight out of concrete, a feat even Kiryu has never pulled off.

Due to this incredible strength, Saejima’s fighting style mainly involves lunging at enemies, taking fairly basic grappling holds, and the classic hay punch. It’s the same kind of style any generic yakuza thug would use, but thanks to Saejima’s strength, he’s grown into a class of his own.

1/10 Taokaka – BlazBlue Series

As a member of the Kaka Clan and a genetic descendant of Jubei, Taokaka possesses naturally keen fighting instincts and great strength to boot. Despite his relatively small frame, he punches and kicks with immense power, and his natural affinity for magic allows him to conjure up mystifying abilities like summoned blades and duplication.

However, all of these abilities are exclusively instinctive. Tao has no idea what she’s doing, her body just knows how to fight and use magic. That’s why his fighting style is so fast and animalistic; in direct combat with a skilled opponent, she would likely lose.

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10 Video Game Characters I’d Love To Work For Mon, 29 Aug 2022 07:00:00 +0000 Sometimes we all see a video game character and think, “it would be an absolute pleasure to work for him”. There could be many reasons for this, maybe you like the idea of ​​working alongside an amazing hero, or maybe you’re a bit more twisted and like the idea of ​​conquering the world with a […]]]>

Sometimes we all see a video game character and think, “it would be an absolute pleasure to work for him”. There could be many reasons for this, maybe you like the idea of ​​working alongside an amazing hero, or maybe you’re a bit more twisted and like the idea of ​​conquering the world with a big bad guy.

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I’m definitely not for total world domination, that’s just not my style, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few amazing villains I would totally work with. I think I’d get along with heroes more often than not, but it’s also entirely possible this could turn into a “never met your hero” type deal where I’m stuck with grooming duties for the whole an adventure.


10/10 Commander Shepard – Mass Effect

For some, this might be seen more as working alongside Shepard, but the Mass Effect hero is definitely the kind of person I would work for. No matter how hard work I would do. Getting space cafes, fighting aliens, or traveling to different planets in space sounds amazing. Did I mention space?

Who wouldn’t want to go on an exhilarating expedition through the cosmos? Sure, Shepard can end up hogging all the romance, but it’s cool, I know some of these options can end in less than wonderful ways for those who aren’t careful enough.

9/10 The Boss – Saints Row

Any iteration of the Saints Row gang feels like where everyone should want to be. Unaware of the various illicit activities the crew engages in, the quality of the company and diversions is more than enough to make me want a job.

Obviously I don’t have any superpowers, nor the ability to jump through a plane in midair, heck, I can barely parallel park on the first try, but I feel like I’d have plenty to add to the crew. I’ll just try to stay away from the more sinister villains, and maybe get closer to the more technical side of things.

8/10 Bowser – Super Mario

Bowser may be Mario’s greatest enemy, but he’s not really that sinister. In fact, Bowser looks like he could be a lot of fun to work with. Imagine doing guard duty with a handful of nervous Koopa Troopas or a few silly Goombas.

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I’d have no problem acting as Princess Peach’s devoted guard as I’m sure she’s a great conversationalist, but the biggest draw would be Bowser’s temper tantrums. Seeing the mighty Bowser scream like a toddler who just found out he didn’t have a toy would never get old.

7/10 Andrew Ryan – BioShock

I’m not talking about working under Andrew Ryan in the midst of the events of BioShock, because honestly, he doesn’t sound like that chill of a guy I talk about during the rise of Rapture.

It’s true that Rapture is quickly becoming one of the most gruesome locations in gaming, but it was magnificent when it thrived, as seen in Bioshock Infinity’s excellent DLC. I could cope with hard work if it means I can experience life in a lavish city far below the depths of the ocean.

6/10 Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

While bad luck seems to follow her wherever she goes, it would be hard to say no to an expedition around the world with Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

I’m not the most outdoorsy guy, but I can start a fire in nature, so I have something to offer. It’s a great job, my bubbly personality and my ability to provide warmth, and in return I have a heartbreaking adventure that could end in my brutal death…wait a minute.

5/10 Professor Oak – Pokémon

At some point, the company will be ready to have the conversation about the various Pokémon professors enlisting children to help with scientific research. Till this day I will recognize how awesome this specific job would be at any age.

Give me a free starter and a Pokedex and I’ll never see you, Oak. I would always be making friends with all the Pokemon I can, except maybe some of the cutest. The only downside is that all of my favorites are some of the hardest creatures to get your hands on.

4/10 Raiden – Mortal Kombat

I recognize that I would be useless in any type of serious fight from the start. My main reason for wanting to work for Raiden is that I want to be front row to see his plans fail miserably.

Everything that has gone wrong with Raiden over the rebooted Mortal Kombat timeline is almost awe-inspiring. I could be there in the background, ready to hold his awesome hat while he smacks it. I would be every moment laughing at Raiden’s continued bad decisions secretly hoping things would turn around before I found myself on the wrong side of brutal doom.

3/10 The Merchant – Resident Evil 4

Come on, anyone who’s played the Resident Evil series loves this creepy but reliable little merchant. His lines are legendary, and that’s exactly what makes me want to work for him. Meeting Leon and Ashley is also a nice side benefit of the whole situation.

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His seemingly endless pockets and amazing ability to outrun a man rushing past him are also impressive. I want to know the Merchant’s secrets. What is he buying? What is he selling? Whose? Where? So many questions…

2/10 Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy 7

While I don’t necessarily agree with the route Barret took to protect the planet from Shinra in Final Fantasy 7, I would still want to work for him. Being part of his Avalanche crew feels like a blast in both the original and the remake.

I mean, obviously, I’d rather avoid getting a plate dropped or my ass bitten, but skydiving with friends and hanging out at the bar is my kind of night out. I know I’ll end up getting shot in the feet, but it’s just another day at Avalanche.

1/10 Lady Dimitrescu – Resident Evil 8

Who can deny how magnificent Lady Dimitrescu’s castle from Resident Evil 8 is? It’s a wonderful gothic place, overlooking an old village and it looks like there’s a lot of fresh air everywhere. This is the kind of place I would like to live.

Alright, alright, there’s this other elephant in the room. We all know what it is, don’t we? Everything was on the Internet! Lady Dimitrescu… she has a fantastic hat. With someone with taste in hats like that, I’m ready to be the best butler around. What? Did you think there was another reason?

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10 Cutest Video Game Characters Sun, 28 Aug 2022 07:00:00 +0000 The invention of cute characters in the game is one of the best things that could have happened to the world. He creates experiences that, even when full of violence and action, have moments of respite. Sometimes the aesthetic of an entire game is all about being cute, and then players get cuteness overload in […]]]>

The invention of cute characters in the game is one of the best things that could have happened to the world. He creates experiences that, even when full of violence and action, have moments of respite. Sometimes the aesthetic of an entire game is all about being cute, and then players get cuteness overload in the best possible way. Whatever the reason a cute character might appear in a game, players love them.

Here is a list of some of the cutest characters that have appeared in games. It’s not based on how good the game they appear in, but rather how adorable they are, based on a totally real adorable scale of adoration.


ten 10/10 Tom Nook

Tom Nook is Animal Crossing’s most underrated character. He never had his rightful place in Smash Bros despite being a staple in Animal Crossing since its inception. Yes, he is the owner of the game and has a store, but he is also reasonable in his prices. Besides that, he is an adorable little raccoon dog.

It’s canon that he’s just a misunderstood man and not some evil capitalist trying to ruin everyone’s day. Perhaps through this, players will see his calmer benevolent nature like in newer titles.

9 9/10 The Lamb

The Lamb works as such a great contrast to the hyper-demonic Cult of the Lamb game. The contrast in the visuals of the game is what sets it apart. Watching the main protagonist of the game being a cute little lamb committing heinous acts adds something special to the game that simply cannot be explained unless experienced.

Players will want to see all of the different ritual acts the Lamb can perform. The lamb also looks adorable slicing through cultists with the various weapons introduced by the game.

8 8/10 Paolomu

Monster Hunter: World monsters won’t make players think twice about killing them. It’s all the monsters except the adorable Paolumu. The Paolumu is a cute bat-like creature that has a coat of white fur that covers part of its body.

The best thing about the Paolumu is that when it inhales air, it turns its throat and face into a big bubble of fury. The art style is unique. It’s so cute that players will feel a little bad trying to attack it from the sky.

seven 7/10 Toad

Toad has been adorable since his first appearance in 1985. As the Mario franchise has grown, so has Toad’s appearance. He even made his own game called Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The Treasure Stalking Toad variation is probably one of Toad’s cutest iterations because its big, bright light looks so comfortable on its big head.

Toad will likely continue to have many appearances over time. Hopefully players will continue to see a slew of games that feature it.

6 6/10 Honey

Honey in the Katamari series is one of the cutest Little Prince cousins ​​players can find. She has a super interesting design with a face that looks out of this world. Although the proportions are weird and distorted, everything that goes into its design makes it enjoyable to play.

The pastel pink variation it has is probably one of its best iterations as the color palette the artists used to create it is gorgeous.

5 5/10 Kirby

Kirby is one of the greatest creations in video games. That’s because he’s an adorable pink orb with feet way too big for the rest of his proportions. His ability to win parts of other characters’ appearances has also always been well done. That’s a lot of different cute Kirby combos.

Few other protagonists look so adorable digesting and stealing the powers of their enemies. Kirby deserves some sort of reward for pulling that one off.

4 4/10 Moogs

Moogles are always small and cute, no matter how powerful. They serve so many different purposes in the Final Fantasy series as well as Kingdom Hearts. Whenever a player encounters one, it’s a treat to see because there’s nothing in the game quite like it.

Their peculiar appearances always attract players’ attention. It’s probably not possible to find a single one that isn’t adorable in any of the games it appears in.

3 3/10 Pipelup

Piplup is one of the cutest starter Pokémon ever introduced. This water-type Pokemon looks a lot like a baby penguin. The cutest thing about Piplup is that the developers somehow created a baby penguin-type Pokémon that is cuter than a real baby penguin.

Having Piplup on the team is always nice, and it’s a Pokemon that I’m sure many players chose never to evolve because of their love for its design.

2 2/10 Le Chao Cheese

In a game full of fast-paced action and killer robots, Cheese the Chao comes out of nowhere to throw in some adorable flair. He’s not the only character in the Sonic franchise who is lovable. However, this character is the cutest of all its other contestants.

Cheese the Chao is small, cuddly, and often a deadly weapon. Part of what makes him so adorable is that his tiny body is usually used as a weapon by his best friend Cream the Rabbit in Sonic.

1 1/10 Sackboy

Sackboy has so much history behind it that it’s hard not to give it the top spot. The LittleBigPlanet game it belongs to helped Sony and created a new way to play platforms by creating a community game. This is all great and all, but what makes Sackboy even better is the player’s ability to make him express different emotions.

Players can make it sad, angry or overjoyed and every emotion is hyper-expressed making it a joy to behold. Players can also adorably smack each other in the most nonchalant and aggressively cute way. Overall, the design and what players can do with it is wonderful.

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“Good” Video Game Characters Turned Out To Be Bad From The Start Sat, 27 Aug 2022 07:00:00 +0000 Video games often present the player caught in a complex conflict involving opposing ideologies and ways of thinking. Sometimes it’s simple good versus evil conflicts, while others are more nuanced. For this reason, the main character must often recruit allies and develop friendships. Related: Best twists in Nintendo games That’s why it’s heartbreaking when the […]]]>

Video games often present the player caught in a complex conflict involving opposing ideologies and ways of thinking. Sometimes it’s simple good versus evil conflicts, while others are more nuanced. For this reason, the main character must often recruit allies and develop friendships.

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That’s why it’s heartbreaking when the characters players think are on their side suddenly turn around and reveal that their intentions lie with the bad guys after all. This is usually a major twist that adds additional emotional stakes to the story and this betrayal can cause the player to be even more determined to defeat the villain. Due to the nature of these reveals, all of these examples are spoilers for their respective games.


ten Kor (Jac 2)

After Jak and Daxter break out of prison early in James II, an old man named Kor approaches the duo. He encourages them to join the underground resistance movement against the ruler of Haven City, Baron Praxis, kicking off the events of the match. The duo continue to interact with this wise old man throughout the game, working with him on behalf of the underground.

However, his true identity is the leader of the Metal Heads, an antagonistic alien race that constantly attacks the city. He had manipulated Jak into disrupting the fragile truce between the Baron and the Metal Heads and obtaining a powerful ancient artifact. The duo finally took him down in a final boss encounter, ending his reign once and for all.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds extends A link to the pastturning it into a parallel Hyrule, a shadow realm known as Lorule. Hilda is the princess of Lorule, the ghost equivalent of Zelda. When Link first arrives in Lorule, she informs him that her kingdom is in danger and needs a hero. Naturally, Link steps in to help.

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Hilda’s motives aren’t as pure as they might seem, however, as she ultimately hopes to use Link to steal the Triforce of Hyrule, replacing the destroyed Triforce of Lorule, a move that would prove disastrous for both kingdoms. Luckily, after a battle, she learns the error of her ways and sets things right.

8 Kazuya Mishima (Tekken series)

Fighting games often feature protagonists with lofty goals, wanting to stop someone dangerous or simply testing themselves by challenging the best of the best. First, tekkenKazuya Mishima’s is similar to characters like Ryu or Akira Yuki, especially with his beginner-friendly moveset. Even her goal of revenge could be considered as noble as her target, her father Heihachi, is portrayed as a corrupt villain.

tekken 2 reveals that Kazuya possesses the Devil Gene, which allows him to transform into a powerful demonic entity. His reason for defeating Heihachi was to seize his power for his goal of world domination. Since then, he’s been a major villain on the show, with Tekken 7 seeing him face to face with Heihachi one last time, but not before causing a significant amount of death and destruction along the way.

seven Kendra Daniels (dead space)

At the beginning of dead spaceIsaac Clarke heads to USG Ishimura with a small rescue team, and while some of that crew were chosen early in the game, two others – Zach Hammond and Kendra Daniels – work with Isaac as an effective team. to figure out what happened on the doomed spacecraft.

However, Kendra is not honest in her intentions, as she secretly works for the Earth government in an effort to secure the Marker, the source of the necromorph outbreak, for nefarious purposes. She betrays Isaac and flees before suffering a karmic death from the tentacles of the Necromorph Hive Mind her actions helped free. It will be interesting to see how this betrayal is handled with a more talkative Isaac in the next one. dead space remake.

6 Mary (Silent Hill 2)

There aren’t many friendly faces waiting for James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2. One of the few is a charming woman named Maria, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his late wife. James and Maria keep each other company in the dark and foggy town, and James does his best to keep Maria safe as the horrors pursue her.

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However, after witnessing her being repeatedly killed by the town’s monsters, it becomes apparent that something is wrong with Maria. At the end of the game, we learn that it is not real and was built by the town to torment him with his guilt over his wife’s death. A horribly mutated version of Maria is the game’s final boss.

5 Lucy Stillman (Assassin’s Creed)

The Assassin’s Creed revolves around the age-old struggle between Assassins and Templars. In the first game, Desmond Miles, a descendant of the Assassins, finds himself captured by Abstergo, a Templar corporation. However, he soon finds a friend in Lucy Stillman, who turns out to be an assassin spy who breaks him out and inducts him into the Order.

However, skip to the end of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Desmond finds himself possessed to kill Lucy. That’s because what she told Desmond wasn’t quite true – she is, in fact, a Templar spy hiding among the Assassins. It’s a rare instance where she was taken down before her true purposes could be implemented, but it’s still a revelation that has gamers shocked.

4 Captain Qwark (Ratchet & Clank)

In the Ratchet & Clank series, Captain Qwark has been introduced as the famous big hero of the galaxy. However, throughout the first game, it quickly became apparent that he was nothing more than a washed-up celebrity willing to sell his appearance to the highest bidder, happily working as the villain’s PR manager. of this game, President Drek.

He would later be revealed to be the main villain behind the events of Ratchet & Clank 2, unhappy that the titular duo have effectively ended their careers. He’s gotten less villainous over the series, even making an appearance in the latest PS5 game, Flaw apartbut his image as a heroic character remains tarnished.

3 Atlas (BioShock)

When the player first arrives in Rapture in BioShock, they find themselves staring at a Splicer in a malfunctioning Bathysphere. A call from a mysterious figure named Atlas, however, changes their fortunes, and this friendly Irishman becomes a valuable ally, guiding the player through the dangers of the underwater city.

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BioShockThe big twist reveals that the player has been manipulated the entire time, and Atlas is Ryan’s political rival, Frank Fontaine, a con man who wants to take over the city and extend his influence to the surface, a task that the player eventually puts an end to.

2 Tohru Adachi (Persona 4)

The plot of Persona 4 revolves around a series of murders with supernatural connections. As the protagonist and his friends investigate the supernatural angle in the shadow world, his police detective uncle Ryotaro Dojima investigates the murders in the real world with his partner, Tohru Adachi.

Adachi exhibits poor investigative skills and leaks sensitive information to anyone within earshot, but this proves to be a facade for his true motives. Adachi is behind it all, his nihilism driving him to destroy the world by pushing unsuspecting victims into the shadow world. This leads to a confrontation with the group near the end of the game which ultimately decides the fate of everyone in Inaba.

1 The Gambler (Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic)

In Knights of the Old Republic, the main character is an amnesiac Jedi who joins the Galactic Republic fighting against the attacks of the Sith Lord, Darth Malak. Forming a group, the player travels the galaxy in search of information on Malak and his military resources, to bring peace to the galaxy.

Unlike other examples on this list, the reveal here is that the player himself is the villain, and the identity he forgot was another deadly Sith Lord, Darth Revan. This naturally doesn’t lead to a grand confrontation, rather the player is offered the direct choice – do they redeem themselves and continue with their new identity or return to the dark side?

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10 game characters trapped in armor Sat, 27 Aug 2022 07:00:00 +0000 The purpose of armor, of course, is to protect your body. You strap a large piece of metal to your chest, so nothing can stab or shoot you. But what happens when you want to remove the armor and the armor…is not okay? RELATED: The Best Armor Sets In Games A good number of characters […]]]>

The purpose of armor, of course, is to protect your body. You strap a large piece of metal to your chest, so nothing can stab or shoot you. But what happens when you want to remove the armor and the armor…is not okay?

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A good number of characters in the game, temporarily or permanently, have found themselves trapped in some form of armor or suit. They may still be mobile, but their bodies – or even their souls – are completely constrained to these metal shells. Generally speaking, it’s not a very pleasant way to live. We feel for these examples.


ten Ghost People – Fallout: New Vegas

Prior to the Great War of the Fallout universe, workers at the Sierra Madre Casino and Resort were accidentally exposed to a gas leak that would eventually form the corrosive red cloud that covers the area. To protect them, they were given specially designed hazmat suits and masks, but their shoddy construction would relegate them to a fate worse than death.

When the Cloud descended on the Sierra Madre, its corrosive chemicals caused the clasps of the hazmat suits to rust, while fragments of it crawled into the suits through the gaskets and mask. This resulted in the Ghost People, a race of mysterious, immortal mutants who were hermetically sealed in their suits. Forcing the suit open, such as by dismemberment, releases pockets of pressurized gas, killing them instantly.

9 Big Daddies – BioShock Series

Originally, the “Big Daddies” of BioShock were just regular members of Rapture’s maintenance staff. Because Rapture was at the bottom of the ocean, maintenance crews needed heavy wetsuits to re-rive Rapture’s windows or drill through ocean rock. When the Little Sister program was launched, these costumes were repurposed to create their loyal lifelong protectors.

A protective-grade Big Daddy is created through a combination of harsh splicing and invasive surgical procedures, all to physically graft the skin and organs of a suit’s occupant onto the suit’s interior liners. It’s unclear why they chose to make this a permanent process, but we can make an educated guess – since most of the Big Daddies were convicts, their creators probably didn’t want them to talk to anyone of their origin.

8 Quarians – Mass Effect Series

Technically speaking, the Quarian race from the Mass Effect series aren’t “trapped” in their environmental suits, at least not in the literal sense. They can take off their costume whenever they want. It’s just that due to their species’ naturally weak immune system, it would almost immediately lead to debilitating illness, followed by death.

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Quarians can never remove their costumes unless it is for a very a good reason, such as a medical procedure. Even then, they must undergo a long trial of vaccines and antibiotics just to offset the risk of sudden viral death. Sooner or later, however, the suit must always return, even on a Quarian-owned ship. The proliferation of microorganisms in space is just too thorough.

seven Hakumen – BlazBlue Series

As the leader of the Six Heroes, Hakumen is a public icon – recognized, respected and feared just about everywhere in the world. However, no one has ever seen Hakumen’s face beneath the steel-white sheen of his armor. It turned out that it was because he didn’t have a face under there.

Hakumen’s armor is an ancient artifact known as the Susanoo unit. To wear the Susanoo unit, you must let go of your physical body and bind your soul directly to it. Only a supernatural entity like Yuuki Terumi can come and go from the armor at will. A human soul like Hakumen’s is stuck there for life; the only way out is death.

6 Springtrap – Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

In the tradition of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, inventor-turned-serial-killer William Afton murdered five children at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and hid their bodies inside the pizzeria’s animatronics. Several years later, after numerous run-ins with the animatronics, possessed by the children’s vengeful spirits, Afton returned to the pizzeria and attempted to dismantle them.

However, Afton was cornered by the spirits and attempted to hide in the old Springlock Bonnie costume. It worked for a while, but when the springs came loose he was crushed into the suit. Many years later, Afton’s corpse, still crushed in the suit, was recovered and used in the Fazbear Fright attraction, where he came to life with malevolent intent as Springtrap.

5 Goofy Egret – Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner

Zone of the enders the 2nd runner jehuti

When Goof discovers the Jehuty abandoned during a mining expedition, he has no choice but to requisition it to defend himself from the BAHRAM army. After several long encounters, he is forced into a conflict with Nohman and Anubis, which he ultimately loses.

After being shot several times in the back, Dingo was transported back to Jehuty, where his body was integrated into the orbital frame’s life support systems. At this point, Goofy can no longer leave Jehuty or remove his pilot suit, as his systems are literally the only thing keeping him alive. Nor can he go against the orders of UNSF spy Ken Marinaris, lest she cut off his life support remotely.

4 Y-17 Trauma Harness – Fallout: New Vegas

If we had a nickel for every instance of armor-based body horror in Fallout: New Vegas, we’d have two nickels. Not many, but it’s weird that it happened twice. Of course, unlike the Ghost People and others, the Y-17 Trauma Override harnesses that litter the Big MT facility work as they’re supposed to.

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The idea behind these special suits is that if a fighter wearing one were seriously injured, the suit would take over their motor functions and bring them back to base for medical attention. Unfortunately, someone forgot to Position a base in the suits’ programming, causing them to wander aimlessly and shoot people while their occupants slowly died. That’s why Big MT is full of skeletons wearing space suits.

3 The Enduring Will – Kingdom Hearts Series

In the climax of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Terra confronts Master Xehanort atop the tallest mountain in the Keyblade Graveyard. Blind with rage at Xehanort’s deceptions, Terra lets darkness flood her heart, giving Xehanort the perfect opportunity to send her own heart into Terra’s body to commandeer it.

It seems to work perfectly at first, with Xehanort having complete control over Terra’s heart and body. However, there was one part missing: Terra’s spirit. With his last ounce of spirit, Terra’s will animates his abandoned Keyblade Armor to oppose Xehanort, though sadly, he would ultimately fail to reclaim his body. The armor remained in the graveyard for many years afterward, quietly awaiting a chance for revenge.

2 Pawl – Pawl: dead end

In Ratchet: Deadlocked, Ratchet, Clank and their friend Al are kidnapped by Gleeman Vox to participate in the illegal gladiator game show, DreadZone. When Ratchet wakes up in his containment block, he is already fully clad in a set of DreadZone armor, including the program’s signature explosive obedience collar.

If Ratchet is able to remove his DreadZone armor independent of his explosive collar, he never does. More than likely, aside from the helmet, the armor is an integral part of the necklace – meaning it was meant to stay until Ratchet could defeat Vox and escape the show.

1 “Simon Jarett” – SOMA

In SOMA, modern-day man Simon Jarett undergoes an experimental brain scan to search for potential help with a medical problem. The scan is going well, and he’s presumably going on with his life. Many, many years later, however, this scan of his mind comes to life as an entity in its own right, with a huge void in his memory.

Due to a computer glitch, Simon’s old scan was uploaded into an AI-enabled scuba diving suit, giving him control as if it were his own body. The costumed body isn’t even his; a woman died there and her automated systems synchronized her program with her brain. Technically, Simon can leave this costume by copying himself into another costume, but it’s up to chance if he’s the one perceiving this change or just staying where he is.

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Video game characters who have been flanderized Sat, 27 Aug 2022 07:00:00 +0000 The flanderization trope it’s when a character with a wide range of traits sees one of those traits become exaggerated to the point that it becomes their whole character. He is named after Ned Flanders of The simpsonswho first appeared as a gentle Christian neighbor to the family, and is now portrayed as an obsessively […]]]>

The flanderization trope it’s when a character with a wide range of traits sees one of those traits become exaggerated to the point that it becomes their whole character. He is named after Ned Flanders of The simpsonswho first appeared as a gentle Christian neighbor to the family, and is now portrayed as an obsessively religious evangelist.

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Video games aren’t immune to the trope, as there are multiple characters across all genres that have come to be defined by a single obvious trait, especially in long-running franchises. That’s not always a bad thing, however, as some of these examples show, but sometimes it can be disappointing to see a complex character become much less complex.


8/8 Dante (Devil May Cry)

In the original version the devil may cryDante was definitely an arrogant character who didn’t take things too seriously, but there was also a dark and serious side due to his conflicting feelings about his heritage, and that mix of silly and serious made him an interesting character.

More recent games have decided to limit him to the class clown role, however, with The devil may cry 5 even going to the extreme of giving him a cowboy hat “weapon” which he reveals with a full dance routine, and seemingly unable to take anything particularly serious. It’s still fun, and arguably more enjoyable than its original incarnation at times.

7/8 Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)

resident EvilChris Redfield is strong. Trained in the Air Force before joining the Raccoon City Police Department as a member of the STARS Special Unit. He is known as a skilled marksman and exactly the kind of man you want by your side in a fight. Over the years, however, Capcom has become more and more determined to show off its strength in increasingly bizarre ways.

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His appearance in Resident Evil: Code Veronica features him climbing a steep cliff without any equipment, but the peak of that has happened resident evil 5. Not only has he significantly increased his muscle mass, but the climax of the game sees him knocking a massive boulder out of his way. Somehow, even with all the retcons in the resident Evil series, which remains canon according to Resident Evil Village.

In the metal gear series, Solid Snake is a complex character with a difficult past. He is a man revered by the public for his military accomplishments, while feeling guilty for being so good at killing. His character is meant to critique the military and the effects it has on those who serve, based on the notable anti-war political views of Hideo Kojima.

As the metal gear The series continued, however, some more bizarre aspects of Snake’s personality seemed to take over. The most ridiculous of these quirks is his love of cardboard boxes. While a fun stealth item in the original Solid metal gearover the course of the series, Snake has acquired an almost obsessive relationship with them, his identity being revealed in Solid Metal Gear 2 because he saw him move in one, to a deep and meaningful talk about how safes make him feel in Game 3. Weird.

5/8 Luigi (Super Mario)

The Super Mario the franchise isn’t known for complex characters at the best of times, so this is an unusual case of a character gaining a single defining trait when he simply didn’t have one before . Luigi was originally introduced as a Mario paddle swap for the Mario Bros arcade game, a role he would continue for many mainline games thereafter, usually as the second player’s sprite.

When the Gamecube was launched, Luigi acquired his own game and, with it, his own unique personality. However, this personality was mostly cowardice, with his ride through haunted mansions showing him as a reluctant hero who would rather go home. It’s come to define who Luigi is in the entire franchise ever since.

4/8 sonic the hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog was always meant to be a mascot with an attitude, designed to make Sega stand out alongside Nintendo and Mario. However, there were always other aspects of her character that led to a devoted fan base that persists today. Deep down, he’s a laid-back character who cares about his friends and wants to do the right thing, even if he’s not afraid to throw sarcastic remarks here and there.

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As the series has progressed, Sonic’s snark has been amplified to such a degree that it’s nearly impossible to find a line in Sonic colors it’s not a sarcastic joke, as if expecting a studio audience to react at some point. Sometimes it’s fun, but other times it can be shocking, and it all comes at the expense of Sonic’s other traits.

3/8 Cloud (Final Fantasy 7)

Cloud Strife is an interesting character. He spends a lot of time Final Fantasy VII being a gruff, stoic mercenary, emotionally distant from those around him and only interested in his grumbling work. Except that’s not entirely true, as history repeatedly shows it to be a front hiding someone much more precarious, traumatized by events from his past. Cloud’s story is one that sees him grow beyond this tragedy and learn to be himself and not hide behind an emotionally distant facade.

Not that you know from seeing him in spin-offs like Dissidia Where Kingdom Heartsor the rest of the movie Advent children, where Cloud is often reduced to being moody and selfless with a few redeeming traits to balance that out. It’s a bizarre choice that undermines his entire character arc and makes it much less interesting.

2/8 Kratos (god of war)

The first one God of the war game is a Greek tragedy in video game form. It features Kratos, a Spartan soldier who becomes involved in a Faustian pact with Ares, the god of war, to give him the strength to lead the troops to victory in war. This leads to him being forced to kill his own family, and the grief and betrayal it inflicts on him leads him to violently seek revenge against Ares.

Sequels and spinoffs continued this violent rampage, as Kratos devastated much of the Greek pantheon, but this time he appears less like a tragic Greek mythical figure and more like a ball of pure rage for which the player could feel less sympathetic. He gets a rare example of reverse Flanders in 2018 God of the warhowever, where he is again a complex and interesting character, which is great for everyone.

1/8 Captain Qwark (Ratchet & Clank)

Captain Qwark is introduced as the great hero of the galaxy in the first Ratchet & Clank, to be revealed as a selfish celebrity willing to sell his image to anyone willing to buy, including the bad guys. It represented the concept of never meeting your heroes because they might not be as nice as you would like.

Starting with the third game, however, Qwark underwent a massive change. Insomniac began to take his vanity and cowardice and exaggerated them to the point where his more sinister side disappeared. In newer Ratchet & Clank games, you’re more likely to see Qwark as little more than a vain, clumsy coward than a stealthy villain.

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