Coins become cute NFT game characters in the form of DogeBabies


Sacramento, Calif .– (November 5, 2021) – On November 11, the mint opens for DogeBabies, which are NFT game avatars inspired by popular coins: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, CateCoin, and Catge Coin. A DogeBaby will live in a metaverse where players will use it to roam, make friends, form packs of puppies, and fight to make them stronger. The game is described as “Zelda Meets Pokemon” taking place in a virtual world, a metaverse, where players can live and earn money with their Doge avatars.

There will be a first drop of 60 unique handmade DogeBaby NFTs, and the rest will be programmatically generated based on handcrafted pixel art. Players will start by creating / purchasing their character (s) before playing the game. Once purchased, each DogeBaby will live on the blockchain and be permanently owned by the player / owner until they decide to sell it. , like any other NFT. As the Pinkie World game is played and the characters progress, the value will increase. Pinkie the Artist plans to limit to a total of 40,000 game avatars so that each retains its value.

“I created DogeBabies and the next Pinkie game. world to celebrate and advance the Modern Crypto Art movement, “says Pinkie the artist, creator of DogeBabies and the game Pinkie World where DogeBabies will be playable,” DogeBabies are cute and will be ready for battle once the game is launched.

Besides the DogeBaby characters, there will be other AI creatures besides avatars from other players to interact with and fight for gems and gear. Players will also be able to chat and form teams. Battles will be fought on a card system via an offensive round and a defensive round.

Players will be able to earn money through a feature called Play2Earn where they can earn Pinkie Coins while playing the game and can convert the winnings from battles in the form of Gems into Pinkie Coin. Once a game avatar is built and strengthened, it can be sold on platforms such as OpenSea. Gear and battle cards will also be purchased and sold separately on platforms such as OpenSea.

About DogeBabies:

DOGEBABIES is a CryptoArt project with super cute DogeBabies living forever on the Ethereum Blockchain. 11,111 Unique collectible PUPs with proof of ownership and authentication can be claimed and redeemed as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). No two are exactly alike. More information on

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