Diamond Lobby reinvents video game characters with female protagonists to “promote diversity in gaming”


Diamond Lobby, a video game entertainment website, recently featured a number of video game characters that they redesigned as female in order to “promote diversity in gaming”.

The redesigns were envisioned by Brittney Lin and created by artist Hossein Kalantari. They include Captain Price from Call of Duty, Michael De Santa from Grand Theft Auto V, Alex Hunter from FIFA 17, Master Chief from Halo, Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed, Sergeant Marcus Michael Fenix ​​from Gears of War and Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077.

Source: Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection

Lin specifically noted that she came up with the redesigns to fix what she sees as a problem between the number of male and female characters as protagonists despite citing data that 23% of main characters in games were female. men and 18% were women in 2020.

She writes: “Despite the diminishing disparity between men and women in the game, it’s clear that male characters still get preferential treatment. When you watch the biggest games in the world, female characters are often part of the gang rather than having the main role – the protagonist.

Source: Halo Infinite

Lin also wanted the designs to not just be attractive, as she believes that “while male characters in games can often look rough and rugged, female characters are almost exclusively used as eye candy to please. to a predominantly male audience.

“We wanted to show that female characters can be beautiful without being over-sexualized, and that’s no better demonstrated than with our redesign of Master Chief – who we’ve dubbed ‘Madame Chief’ – who almost looks like her male counterpart. “, added Lin. .

Source: Gears 5

Diamond Lobby Founder Luke Roberts also said, “While this content is relatively light and easy to digest, it also highlights deep-rooted issues in gaming (and technology in general) and aims to encourage a greater diversity both directly and unconsciously as the industry moves forward into the future.

Along with the redesigns, Lin gave each of the new female characters their own story.

Captain Price

Source: Diamond Lobby

Lin describes Price: “Captain Price is the main protagonist of the modern warfare line of Call of Duty games.

She adds: “She is a sniper in Britain’s Special Forces and has held the rank of Captain, leading her SAS Bravo Team across Russia and Azerbaijan (and back again).”

michelle de santa

Source: Diamond Lobby

Next is Michelle De Santa. Here’s how Lin describes her: “Michelle is a career criminal who moved to Los Santos to retire in peace in GTA V.

She adds: “Unfortunately, she quickly reverted to her old ways, haunted by demons from her past and memories of times when she made questionable moral errors.”

Alex Hunter

Source: Diamond Lobby

Lin describes Hunter, “Alex debuted in FIFA 17 and was last featured in FIFA 20, with FIFA 21 on the decline. The trip game mode a few years ago. Despite this, she’s still one of the most instantly recognizable faces in FIFA’s single-player modes – which is exceptional considering she’s a fictional character in a world of real, famous superstar players.

madam chief

Source: Diamond Lobby

“A mainstay of Halo FPS games, Madam Chief is the mascot for the entire Halo brand – and even the Xbox brand as well. He’s a Spartan super-soldier tasked with protecting Cortana (their ship’s artificial intelligence) and only wears a slightly smaller bodysuit than its male counterpart,” Lin writes.

She adds, “Can’t you see the difference between Master Chief and Madame Chief? What do you want us to do, stick a bikini on her? Everyone looks alike inside full armor.

Eva of Firenze

Source: Diamond Lobby

Lin describes Eva, “A Florentine noble during the Renaissance, Eva Auditore da Firenze was a master assassin throughout the Assassin’s Creed franchise.”

“She liberated Rome, prevented the rise of the cult of Hermes, and even helped secure future voyages for Christopher Columbus,” she concluded.

Marcia Fenix

Source: Diamond Lobby

Lin writes, “Sergeant Fenix ​​is ​​a legendary war hero, earning COG’s highest military honor for her actions in the Battle of Aspho Fields. She’s also a doomed coward for her actions in a different battle, but we’ll forget about all that.

“She features as a protagonist in every edition of the Gears of War franchise,” she adds.

Jenny Silverhand

Source: Diamond Lobby

Lin says, “Born as Bobbie Linder, Jennifer Silverhand is a military veteran and an influential rocker. She was the most prominent figure in the fight against corrupt government and corporations, but was known for her manipulative and impulsive behavior.

“She’s a protagonist of the Cyberpunk series,” she concludes.

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