Draw anime, comic book and video game characters like a pro with this top-notch art training


Whether you like cartoons, comics, or just doodling in your spare time, drawing is a great creative outlet to have. In fact, as a hobby, it can relieve stress, improve your memory and motor skills (which will also increase your gaming skills, for your reference).

But where to start ? An online art school can show you exactly how to hone your artistic skills – and right now we’ve found The 2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle on sale for just $ 29.99 (regular price $ 1,400). With a huge selection of seven different courses included in this bundle, it comes down to less than $ 4.30 per course.

Think of this as your comprehensive arts education, with 94 hours of top-notch drawing, painting and coloring training all taught by acclaimed artist, Scott Harris.

This mega pack includes the 4.5 / 5 rated course, Character Art Academy: Complete Character Drawing Course, which will teach you all the basics you need to know to start drawing characters and then develop your skills to make yourself draw like a pro. , no no matter what skill level you enter the course with.

If you’re a manga fan, you’ll especially like the Manga Art Academy: Anime and Manga Character Drawing Course, rated 4.5 / 5, which will walk you through common stylistic rules, before you dive into the different variations of manga art to develop your own. artistic style that is unique, yet authentic to the Japanese principles of the medium.

Each course in this set is taught by Scott Harris, Artistic Director of DAS: School of Art & Design, who scored an extremely high 4.5 / 5 for his former student instructors. And that’s a particularly impressive score considering that the illustrator, painter and art teacher has taught over 270,000 budding artists around the world to develop their artistic skills, learn to draw characters, etc.

Become an artist today with the Full Set of Character Art Academy 2021 Drawings, on sale now at 97% off, for $ 29.99 (regular price $ 1,400).

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