Free game download site My Real Games ends 2012 on a high note with App Store approval




Dirty Devils, released in partnership with Nuclear Games, is a stunning mobile game available for iPad tablets, iPhones and Android phones. Gamers online have been gripped by the need to tame the troubles of Dirty Devils by slipping them into vats of hot oil.

Nikolai Veselov of said, “The popularity of Dirty Devils shows just how addicting action games are. Many of our most downloaded free PC games are in the action genre, which consistently makes them one of the most visited parts of the website. The fact that Dirty Devils has just been approved for the Apple App Store, which means we expect an even bigger increase in popularity. “

The AppStore crowns an incredibly successful year for the My Real Games team. Over the summer, it announced that it had captured a huge share of the online gaming market with a 47% increase in player numbers for the period January – June 2012 compared to 2011. The site also saw a substantial increase in the number of recurring visitors. Studies show that 66% will come back every month.

In addition to Dirty Devils, the site has seen an increased demand for hidden object games and has adapted its library of new additions accordingly. The PC download, Three Musketeers Secrets: Constance’s Mission is one of many new titles to meet this demand. It is a hidden object quest based on the famous book of Alexandre Dumas. Players must search for clues, locate items, and bring to justice those plotting against the crown.

Also new is Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills, a hidden object game based on Celtic mythology. Players solve clues and follow leads to save a kidnapped brother. In The World`s Legends: Kashchey the Immortal, players must defeat the evil wizard to bring the kidnapped Tsaritsa back to his homeland.

Racing and action fans can satisfy their need for speed with Dead Paradise, a sports and action hybrid, or play the tropic simulator Katy and Bob: Way Back Home.

To see all the games available for download and for more information, visit app -approval-store /.


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