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If there’s one thing most three-year-olds love, it’s the intrigue of your computer or tablet screen. And if there’s one other thing they love, it’s the ability to play any type of game. Your living room might be full of board games and toys, but that certainly can’t. It doesn’t hurt to find fun and educational online games for your little one. (This will make self-quarantine much easier for both of you.) And you’re not the only one looking for them, either. According to the latest research data available, free online games for toddlers are searched for more than 3,300 times per month.

Here are some enjoyable online games for your curious toddler. They’ll have so much fun with characters like Boris the Magician that they won’t even notice they’re learning valuable new skills.

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1. Boris the Magician

If your three-year-old needs to learn how to click keys on the keyboard, there’s no better way to learn than by watching a magic show performed by the adorable Boris the Magician. Your child must click to continue the show and see the next trick Boris has up his sleeve.

2. BINGO Alphabet

You worked on the alphabet with your toddler, and a fun game like Alphabet BINGO will definitely make the process more enjoyable for both of you. Children listen to animated characters as they say a letter and click on the corresponding letter in the grid.

3. Balls and boxes

Balls and boxes teaches your child the basics of concentration and coordination. The balls jump out of the boxes, and it’s the player’s job to get them back to where they belong. When they succeed, they will receive points and advance; if they are wrong, the game will restart.

4. Create mosaics

Create mosaics teaches logical skills and will help your toddler finish learning their colors. At the bottom of the screen, there is a complete grid made up of four to six different colors. It’s your child’s job to manage the big blank grid in the center of the screen, filling it with the right colors so that it matches the original image. A check button will let your little one know they’ve successfully completed the mosaic.

5. Pizza Party Count

In Counting Pizza Partyyour three-year-old can make his own pizza and work on their counting skills when they play this game. They decide what kind of pizza they want to make, then they select the toppings from a range of traditional and wacky options. When customers make their requests, it’s up to your child to make sure they get the right amount of toppings on their pie. (You’re getting hungry just thinking about it.)

6. Learn shapes

Animated shape characters inhabit this game to aid your child in their first foray into geometry. In learn shapes, the characters will feature basic shapes including a square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, heart, and star. The game offers two types of exercises for each shape: a recognition lesson that tests recall ability, and a coloring exercise that teaches the same lesson in a more hands-on (and colorful) way.

7. Animals and their babies

For the three-year-old who loves animals, Animals and their babies is the perfect game to help them learn the names of their favorite creatures and offspring. Your child is tasked with reuniting the animals with their babies, which they will achieve by following clues from the sun and clouds.

8. Scribbles and Ink

You can always trust PBS to deliver this sweet, sweet educational content that’s also super cute and fun. Based on Ethan Long’s series of children’s books, scribbles and ink is an interactive game that integrates children’s drawings directly into the scenario. REAL CONVERSATION: It’s also fun for adults.

9. Mr. Nose-all

For parents of children with food allergies, it is important to help children understand the importance of understanding what an allergen is from an early age. This is why the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology created a Mr. Nose-It-All character to help children understand and identify their allergy and symptoms through play.

10. Disney Coloring World

A coloring app might not seem educational, but it might be if you’re trying to teach your toddler to color inside the lines. The Disney coloring world The app has additional features that teach toddlers how to stay within the lines and their colors while engaging them with their favorite characters.

11. Elmo loves ABCs

With a seemingly endless array of coloring pages, letter and number recognition, and touch and trace games, plus the option of in-app purchases for special holiday content, Elmo loves the ABC keeps preschoolers busy and learning all at the same time. And who doesn’t love appearances from their favorite Sesame Street monster?

12. Nick Jr. Games

From Paw Patrol to Bubble Guppies and everything in between, your kids’ favorite characters will guide them through Nick Jr’s free e-learning games. for preschoolers. Are you having fun with Peppa? You bet. Race to the rescue with Blaze and the Monster Machines? Yes please!

13. Ramogames

Ramogames brings together parents, children and teachers. This game has fun educational programs that you can use to teach your little one or play on their own. Children can participate in hundreds of free math, English, geography, logic and puzzle games that they can play on the computer or iPhone.

14. Change Zoo

Is your child a little zoologist? If you are looking to develop their love for biology, Change zoo has everything there is to know about animals at a child’s level. Your child can create animals, play jungle games, build a biome, learn about different mammals, and listen to animal-themed music.

15. PBS Kids

Sometimes your little one doesn’t want to play a game. Sometimes they agree to watch a few episodes of Curious George or other programs suitable for children. PBS Kids has a great selection of series designed for kids that will keep them engaged.

16. Knee Bouncers

Is your child a musician? Do they like to dance and sing? knee chairs is filled with catchy and memorable songs that will even get stuck in your head. This free program offers educational games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. So you can stick to the same schedule even after your little one is past their terrible twos and threes.

17. Happy Clicks

Need more interactive online games for your little one? happy clicks is designed specifically for young children. The interface is bright, colorful and simple. It offers free interactive videos that your child will understand and learn. There are also games that parents can play with their children, so if you’re looking for fun bonding activities or a chance to spend some quality time with your baby, Happy Clicks is the way to go.

18. Owl Boo

Owl Boo takes your baby by the hand and introduces them to colors, shapes and numbers at nourishing speed. The games available are stimulating for young children without being competitive. Your child won’t have to worry about losing a game as each activity is geared toward teaching and challenging.

19. CBeebies

With kindergarten just around the corner, CBeebies is the perfect way to prepare your child for the next step. It’s packed with games, educational clips and songs that will boost your little one’s cognitive skills and development.

20. Disney L.O.L.

Got a Disney-obsessed kid? Join the club, mom! Fortunately, being the benevolent force of good that they are, Disney created an online portal full of fun Disney-based games your little one can play. You may need to help them get started by choosing a category, but they should be able to manage from there. For example, if you choose Disney Junior games, your little one can choose from favorites like Sofia’s Card Catch (sofia the first), Sparkling Ball Sports (Doc McStuffins), and Hook Yer Pirate Name (Jake and the Neverland Pirates).

21. Make Me Awesome

Every child is a genius in their own right, and make me awesome helps children develop their intellectual talents. Using videos, this site dives into complex topics like photosynthesis, electricity, and even the nervous system. Make Me Genius may take learning a step further, but it presents information in a kid-friendly way that keeps kids both engaged and excited to learn.

22. Bimi Boo

Bimi Bou can be just as cute as your little one. It is filled with interactive videos, games, problems and questions for your child to solve. The app is super easy to use and filled with fun and cute characters that your child will fall in love with. Bimi Boo accelerates your children’s learning and provides academic support as their minds develop and grow.

23. Sesame Street

You can never go wrong with sesame street. So if your child is already a big fan of Elmo or Big Bird, continue the puppet palooza with this site. Sesame Street is packed with tons of games focused on reading, critical thinking, music, animal recognition, and more. This site also has a simple, fun and easy-to-use interface for little kids.

Written by Caitlin Flynn.

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