Game characters who start out weak and then grow overpowered


Powers in video games are usually handed out like candy, which makes them less meaningful because they are all so easily accessible. However, some video games treat some of its most important characters like the spots of dirt that they are, forcing you to crawl to the top of the food chain in an existential climb to prove your worth.

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During the process of leveling up, skill assigning, and reshaping your character, those once weak Sacks of Meat would eventually become divine beings. Nothing demonstrates this kind of ascension better than guiding your chosen video game protagonist to divinity or similar status. So, it’s high time to take a long look back at these weaklings who have become heroes capable of breaking the rules of the game.

BOTW Raw Meat

Prior to Breath of the Wild, Link wouldn’t have been able to make this list as he is a highly trained and proficient warrior and bodyguard. Thanks to this groundbreaking Nintendo title, Link was dropped back almost naked to the cold, hard ground (thank you for amnesia!) And had to waddle through the mud to become Zelda-worthy again.

Link literally had to endure brittle weapons apparently made from Pringles crisps, slide off cliff walls thanks to the rain, and get beaten by goblins. All of this he had to face just to regain his maximum vitality and his best weapons and armor. Afterwards, the navigation went well since it will finally be able to a Ganondorf shot in the final boss fight.


Skyrim Dragonborn in Riverwood

Granted, most of The Elder Scrolls’ protagonists are treated poorly at the start of the game. The most common situation is being a slave or a prisoner. Skyrim increased the punishment by making the Dragonborn a scheduled execution. Thereby, The Dragonborn was at first a dregs powerless to kill for no apparent reason.

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Thanks to Alduin’s intervention and numerous tutors and training, the Dragonborn has become a walking chosen one capable of shouting dragons to death. Come the end of the match in Skyrim, he could commit any crime he wanted and kill all the guards who accused him of lollygagging.

Carl Johnson (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Carl Johnson Grand Theft Auto

No one expected a skinny Grove Street kid to become the most impressive crime lord in San Andreas, San Fierro and Las Venturas (three cities!) but Carl Johnson (CJ) did it brilliantly. This makes GTA: San Andreas one of the most endearing rags-to-riches stories in the series.

CJ had to polish himself by pumping iron (or cheating, shamefully), training with firearms, improving its driving skills, and killing those who opposed his brother’s gang. It was not easy and the the hardest part was probably following the damn train, but CJ made it big. Bigger than Big Smoke at the very least.

Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

Isaac Clarke Dead Space RIG Standard Suit

Isaac Clark from Dead Space did not become powerful out of free will. He had no choice but to do it in order to survive. At the start of the first Dead Space, he was just an engineer who accompanies with a rescue and rescue operation after a space mining facility went extinct.

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He didn’t know he was gone for the fight of his life against the necromorphs (mostly space zombies). All Isaac had in the beginning was a miserable plasma cutter that’s a tool, not a weapon. By the end of it, it was already outfitted with the nastiest military and elite gear in space. that he looked more like a Power Ranger than a repairman.

Jack (biochoc)


Like many weak video game characters or protagonists introduced early in the game, Bioshock’s Jack was one slap away from death. He was just a human being who barely knew how to shoot guns in Bioshock. With all my respect, he’s also just a civilian.

Thanks to Rapture Plasmids, however, Jack managed to level the playing field against the Splicers and eventually traded blows with the big bosses of the Sunken City. He emerged victoriously and was almost crowned the Ruler of Rapture.

Jonathan Reid (Vampyr)

vampire protagonist

Most vampire games generally make the transformation of the player’s character into a vampire a ceremonial process that almost every other vampire in the game will surely go through. Vampyr makes it clear that Jonathan Reid is a victim who was just forced to face his vampire powers.

He was helpless as a human in a plague-ridden London and as soon as he transformed into a vampire his life took a miserable spiral since he accidentally killed his sister. After, to become powerful is to kill the innocent or the guilty in order to unlock nifty vampire powers. The ending sees Jonathan as London’s most powerful vampire.

Eric Leblanc (The Forest)


You could argue that all player characters from survival games are welcome here, but they would overcrowd the list too much. So here is the most vulnerable at the start of his own game, The Forest. Eric Leblanc is the father whose son disappeared in a plane crash, presumably carried away by mutant cannibals.

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The problem is, Eric was about as defenseless as his son, if not, more. So he did what most of the fathers in human history do to advance civilization: build stuff. Over time, players like Eric could build fortresses and trap said mutant cannibals by the dozen. that they will eventually fear it.

Jason Brody (Far Cry 3)

jason brody away crying 3

Jason Brody would probably rack up the most votes if there was a poll for the most boring protagonist in the Far Cry franchise. Don’t like it or hate it, you must give Jason props to survive what most humans can’t in his crazy situation in Far Cry 3.

He went from a scared puppy to a walking predator taking on the pirates and mercenaries of the Rook Islands. All he had to do was steal a few guns and pick out some rad arm tattoos – maybe kill a few animals and skin them. It’s the warrior’s path and it turned some stupid boy material into a one man army like it or not.

Chosen Undead (Dark Souls)

giant daddy in dark souls

In hindsight, Dark Souls allows players to take on the role of a zombie. The chosen undead gain respawn powers and Eternal Powers as Fantastic Zombies, but they still are. not much different from Lordran’s wandering hollows.

Thanks to the perseverance of the players, these traveling dried meats gradually became god killers able to dance around dragons, escape their fury, or ward off attacks from an immortal king. Disrespecting the bosses of the game soon becomes the norm as a reward for their previous transgressions against the player character.

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