Game characters who wouldn’t reach the check after dinner

Everyone has their own favorite video game character and their own reasons why that character is their favorite. Maybe you love someone’s edgy blonde hair, or you appreciate their never say die attitude in the face of total annihilation.

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Personally, I love characters that I connect with on an emotional level. The ones I can really relate to through their dialogue and actions, the types of characters you’d like to sit, eat, and chat with. Despite this, I suspect that many of these characters would do just about anything in their power to avoid control.


ten Claptrap – Borderlands

We all know exactly what Claptrap from Borderlands would do on a night out. He would order the most expensive things on the menu even though he couldn’t eat anything, crack some of the worst jokes possible, and probably make most servers incredibly uncomfortable.

There’s no way this peppy little robot would ever set out to pick up a check of any kind. It would probably make the night miserable, and everyone would probably wonder why some strange robot keeps calling you his servant.

9 Luigi – Super Mario Bros.

I think we can all agree that if the check came in while having dinner with Mario, he’d slap his hand on that thing faster than you could scream WAHOO! but Luigi is another story. There would probably be this tense dance of who will be the one to reach for the check.

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Of course, Luigi has no intention of doing that, he just wants to look like he’s thinking about it. There was no way Luigi would pay, he intentionally left his wallet in his other overalls. After all, paying involves dealing with servers and the human connection is scary.

8 Revali – Breath of the Wild

I just guess Revali pretty much treats everyone the same way he treats Link during the events of Breath Of The Wild. It’s that very thing that tells me there’s no way he’ll make it to the check without a lot of extra hugs.

The only way for anyone to have a slim chance of making Revali pay would be to turn it into some sort of competition. Who can pay the most? Maybe then Revali would offer the rupees for supper, but even that is still a bit of a stretch since he seems to hate everyone.

seven Byleth – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Byleth might be an absolute problem solver, but that doesn’t mean they’d be likely to pick up the check. I admit I’m pretty easy to flatter, and we all know how fluid Byleth can be. I’d probably be too charmed not to cash that check before it even hit the table.

It’s all part of Byleth’s insidious plan to never pay for a meal. Be so charming that everyone around them will always be there to pay for them. Maybe that’s fair considering they solve just about every problem the people in their life are facing, but it’s still nice not having to pay sometimes.

6 Sora – Kingdom Hearts

I can’t begin to imagine what having dinner with Sora would be like. I was trying to talk about future plans and goals, and Sora was just responding with a little joke about the power of friendship. Throughout the meal, I would know where he was going with those comments.

True friends pay for other friends, right Sora? But in this case, I’m the real friend who has to pay. I’d probably go heartless before Sora reached for a check, just waiting with that goofy smile, knowing I’d eventually give in and pay.

To be fair, just having dinner with someone as interesting as any of Snake’s incarnations would be worth paying for on its own. Hearing about the global adventures of an amazing agent would be enough to make me forget about the check entirely.

Of course, that would happen eventually, and looking back at Snake, I would find that he was gone. In its place, there is nothing, but a few meters away is a suspicious box. He never intended to pay, Snake is far too clever to have to pay for dinner.

4 Ness – Earthbound

Ness may just be a kid, but anyone good at Earthbound knows they can rack up a pretty expensive tab. He wouldn’t reach for the check though, he’d probably just sit there staring at me, never saying a word.

His dark, shining eyes burned into my soul. He might not even want to blame me, but that would be enough. I would give in and look for that check. Ness was never going to, and if he wanted to, he could probably use a little power to make me pay anyway.

3 Sheikh – Ocarina of Time

A dinner with Sheik might be interesting. It would probably end up just filled with cryptic warnings, a few hints, and maybe even a little music, but it could still be fun. We all know exactly why Sheik wouldn’t reach for the check.

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Before that dreaded number even approached the table, Sheik would have blinded everyone in the restaurant with one of the brightest deku nuts possible. I would be stuck with the check and needing to explain what just happened to a crowd of confused people.

2 Yennefer – The Witcher 3

I don’t think Yennefer would end up paying for most things, and dinner is definitely one of those things. It would probably be hard enough to find a place that lived up to his standards, and even harder to make sure no one in the room got on his bad side.

In a way, it’s rather a good thing that she doesn’t reach the check. Paying can get someone to end up on the good side and maybe see the stuffed unicorn. It probably wouldn’t, but a man can dream!

1 Agent 47 – Hitman

Just having dinner with Agent 47 across from you would be a feat for anyone. If the food didn’t take you, being able to pay would almost be a price, but Agent 47 knows that, so he knows that while he’s packing, he’s not packing his wallet.

Why would Agent 47 look for the check when he could take everyone out in the restaurant and assume the identity of the owner? He could simply decide that the restaurant was his, and no one would be able to dispute that fact.

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