Hey Pandas, what are the most interesting game characters you’ve ever discovered?


In the world of games, there are very interesting characters. For me, it was not an individual, but rather a race of characters. In the Mass Effect series, you encounter a race known as the Krogan. According to game lore, these creatures evolved on a planet called Tuchanka, a planet so hostile that krogan evolved to have 270° vision, and have a huge bony plate protecting the back of their necks and heads. , basically the 90° they can’t see. .

They have secondary and even tertiary redundant body systems, such as the cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems. These systems allow them to survive attacks from which most creatures will die.

But the most impressive part: the males have 4 testicles.

It actually becomes a running joke throughout the game, culminating when you step into a shower where a drunk Krogan by the name of Grunt says to you: I told you, four. Now pay…

So, who is your most interesting character?

I’m so sorry for the length of this post, but I nerd a lot about this game. My 4th favorite wall, Flowey the Flower. At this point, the 4th wall has just collapsed. If you don’t want to hear the whole story or be spoiled by the game’s crucial lore, just skip it. Humans and monsters lived peacefully on the surface, but over time humans grew suspicious of monsters and what they might do if they harvested a human soul. Human souls are very strong and it would take the entire monster race to constitute the power of a single soul. So, as you do, war broke out. The humans won and sealed the monsters underground with a magic barrier. Years later, the underground royal family had a child. His name was Asriel. As a child, he met a human named Chara who fell into his house. Asriel ran into this human, Chara, and they were as close as siblings. The king and queen have adopted the human. To save the basement so the monsters could finally see the surface, (Tw: Suicide) Chara took her own life to sacrifice her soul to break the magical barrier that keeps them underground. But things didn’t go as planned. Chara’s dying wish was to see the golden flowers of their hometown, and when Asriel brought their bodies to the surface, the humans thought he had killed the child and ruthlessly murdered the poor prince. He never fought back and retreated to the subway where he was ground to dust as he died in his father’s garden of golden flowers. The king was livid and made a law that any humans who fell into the basement would be killed. The queen was disgusted and fled to the ruins of the underground. Before I continue, the souls of the monsters are weak. They are unable to persist after death. When Chara and Asriel were still alive, the Royal Scientist, WD Gaster, disappeared and Alphys was hired as the new Royal Scientist. She was tasked with experimenting with a soul energy called DT, or Determination, to break down the barrier, but again, things didn’t go as planned. Alphys asked for nearly dead monsters in the basement and she injected them with DT, hoping to revive them. But it was too much for their bodies and they melted and formed together to create the horrifying monsters (they have a good heart though), the Amalgams. Alphys also experimented on flowers, as they had no souls. One of these flowers woke up in the king’s garden in full consciousness. This flower was blooming. The prince. He was scared. He called his parents and his father came to water his garden. He discovered the flower, confused at first, but after Flowey told him he was Asriel, the king was so happy his son was alive. Flowey should have felt happy too but he didn’t. He couldn’t feel the love. He thought that if anyone could make him happy, it would be his mother. So he fled and found his mother. But that was no use either. (Tw again, suicide attempt.) Flowey saw no reason to live if he couldn’t feel compassion or love and tried to kill himself by falling into hot land lava. But since he was falling, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. And he woke up again in his father’s garden. He learned the power of save and reset, crucial mechanics for an RPG. With this newfound power, he remained anonymous to his parents and decided to be friendly with the underground people. But after a while, he got bored. Everything has become too predictable. At this time, Sans, a skeleton monster, remembers every timeline, every reset by Flowey. (Tw again, mass murder.) Flowey was bored, so he did a series of genocidal murders over and over. Sans, knowing it happened over and over again, couldn’t bear to see his friends and his own brother die over and over to the leaves of a plant, so he tried to kill Flowey. But there was no point, he would just reset, making Sans depressed. But then you, the player, fall into the subway. So yeah, Flowey is awesome.


Hmm. A lot, really. I’m going to hint but I’m not going to name names because it’s boring and I want to see if anyone can guess. So anyway, those are three characters based on The Little Mermaid, I swear they’re pretty damn crazy. (+ one of them is a bit adhd coded so that’s nice)


little mac. in his own game, he refused to give up on his dream of being a boxer despite his short stature and no one wanting to give him a chance and telling him to give up. the only person who believed in him was a failed retired boxer who trained him. his determination led him to be the champion


Micheal Afton from the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. I’m a FNAF freak/addict!


Ok that’s kinda weird, but when I’m in Minecraft and I kill one or two of the many animals in a field, I’m always looked at, like “wtf”, so I’m like “You didn’t see anything “and this animal ALWAYS I SWEAR he nods and walks away, it’s SO WEIRD


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