How popular are gaming apps on the smartphone?


Mobile gaming apps are the games that are played on smartphones, tablets, phones, etc. The first known mobile game is Tetrix, which debuted in 1994. Since then, different variants coupled with other mobile applications have been developed. Some of these games include Snake and other forms of gaming app.

One thing about these games is that they are not downloadable. However, over time people started to download game apps from different app stores. However, downloadable games are marketed with other content such as downloadable ringtones, wallpapers, etc.

With the development of technology, some gaming applications are now free to download. Apart from that, there has been an increase in the number of online applications. Thus, a smartphone is able to download applications from application stores like Google Play Store or Apple App store and other websites like that of Casino of Bétat.

Downloadable smartphones and games

Prior to 2000, the games were not downloadable. It was the “Games” portal that changed the market and made games downloadable. At that time, mobile operators became game distributors. Later, the number of downloadable games became more and more for mobile operators to manage. The problem has come. There has been no more management effect and the workers are becoming very inefficient.

Apple, after studying the market, decided to radicalize it by changing the way people download their games. Also, it gave them the ability to download their games from the App Store.

Income growth and newcomers

The early developers of mobile applications faced many challenges and saw the first successes in the industry. In the early days of the industry, when the competition was not that tough, developers developed several mobile games be downloaded by people. Every downloaded app added up to make developers billionaires. This early success triggered the entry of several individuals into the industry. Some of these individuals intended to make a quick buck while others are passionate about the industry. The result of this participation is the expansion of the market and the increase of noticeable innovations in the industry.


2016 was a turning point for most mobile game companies as there was an increase in investments made by people. Apart from that, multi-billion dollar deals have been signed by companies like Tencent, Billzard, among others. It was at this time that the game in augmented reality was born.

The trend continues until 2017, when mobile games not only generated a lot of attraction but generated income. Different companies then come up with more innovative applications to ensure that they are at the top of the app stores. Mobile casinos, 3D games and other applications are becoming more than popular and accessible.

Mobile game – Augmented reality

Augmented reality games seem to be consistently winning the race as it is one of the best mobile games in 2017. Lots of new users are registered every month. Earlier, some companies introduced the role-playing game (RPG) genres to delight users and increase the number of users to 14 million users. However, one of the most successful AR game providers is Pokémon Go.

Versatile games

The rise of smartphones has led to the popularity of versatile games. Many games have been developed with the aim of improving health and for educational purposes. Rehabilitation of children and other similar games have been put in place to serve for entertainment purposes and also for some other purpose.

Multiplayer game in sight

With support for local Bluetooth and other similar technologies, mobile gaming has become something that can be played by different players on mobile phones using live synchronous tournaments and other devices.

Over time, some gaming centers have started to associate people to play a game. Facebook, Google+, Nextpeer among others are not left out as they introduce ideas through which two or more players connect in order to play a particular game.

Mobile game application developers

The amount of billions garnered by the mobile application has led to the increase in the number of developers. Many of them are in the industry just for the money while others are there for the coin or the passion. Many mobile game development startups have sprung up in different countries around the world, including third world countries like Nigeria.

What does the future hold?

With the increase in the number of smartphone users and the increase in revenue made in the industry, the popularity of mobile gaming applications grew geometrically. In fact, there is a probability that with a smartphone, a person is more likely to play a game at least once a week.

Nowadays, many games like Candy Crush Saga and Flappy Bird have taken over among smartphone owners. It has become more and more so popular that they now offer paid advertising services.

By looking at all the trends and events, one can easily ensure that the popularity of mobile gaming will increase tenfold in the years to come.

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